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Jack Solomon

Dear Jack In last month’s issue of mix up advertised positions for a summer undergraduate research program that is to begin in June 1997. Would you please consider me for such a position with professionism in smoothie making? I am a junior in strawberries and apples and my emphasis is in fruit fluids (see enclosed résumé). In reading about your company Mix Up. I learned of the work you do in your division. Fruit squashing and fruit technology interests me greatly. While here at the University of Barking and Dagenham, I have taken a course in smoothie making. My project for that course the comparison of heat transfer fruits for a special thermal power smoothie. After completing my bachelor of smoothie making here at the University of Barking and Dagenham, I had the opportunity to work at Mix Up’s company i greatly enjoyed the work and atmosphere associated with fruit picking. Given that is the number one organic fruit farming operation in the country, I would love to visit your amazing comany ‘Mix Up’ as i relly enojed the experience and the thrill and its also my life ambition to become a smoothie maker so this is my life time day and would love to become a part of the mix up team.Thank you for your time love to hear back from you. Yours Sincerely

Jacob Barns

Corporate Identity MIX UP

The World’s Leading Smoothie Bar 25 Bennetts Castle Lane

RM10 C92

Tel:0208 576 345


The subject i choose for my corporate was a smoothie drink as soon i thought of it i knew it would be lots of fun as it open your mind to many ideas. Smoothie are very fruity and colour full which was great to work with so I choose the name ‘Mix-Up’ because of the fruits that get mixed up all together to create the smoothie. I wanted the logo to be loud and to attract the potential customer and I think I portrayed this vision and message very well across the stationery design also.

Advertising For my brief we could choose to design anything we wanted in any style or format. So as I loved advertising I choose to advertise a festival, which in this case was Reading festival. I choose to advertising different artist and experimenting with typography to get different styles with this one element. Also I created the tickets, Logo’s and wristbands all sticking to the same style all through out so they could be easily uniformed.



Illustration Illustration brief was to create a book based on a well-known nursery rhyme or fairly tale. I choose 3 blind mice, as this had been my favorite since I was little. As you see on this page I have my front and back page then my first inside page and then the double page spread and on the other page is the rest of the book.

The way I created this book, for the background I used a big dry brush with acrylic paint to get a textured painting college of different colours and then just sketch out the characters and applying them onto of the background to still get the background to come through and not to be completely hidden. To finish the whole thing of I placed them into Photoshop to shade.




CoastLine Water sports



Web Design I’ve currently been teaching my self about websites and coding languages. Ive been learning for about 3 months now and this is the result, I’ve created 3 dummy website (Home pages) and you can see my progression from my first website to my 2nd and 3rd! I’m currently designing a website for my uncle’s buisness.

Advertising The Brief for this project was to advertise a certain subject and I choose Bullying. For my posters I wanted to create a shocking image that will stand out and be quite touching to some people and also to touch the bullies to make them think also. I used different element to show anger and emotion LIKE 3D words, lines, tears, and just the pure emotion in the persons faces will communicate the message as a whole.

YouTube Graphic Design for me isn’t just a job its also my hobby as in my spare time I love to teach people and because I’ve learnt a lot of skills through Photoshop, I then teach my skills through video. I create tutorials for example the Kim kardashian picture I posted a video on how to create a burn effect on Photoshop. The other picture is of videos that are just like quick art and I take peoples faces and manipulate them into anything or anyone. I’ve created around 30 videos and it gives me great pride to teach other people.


oudy old style is an old style serif type face created by a man called Frederic w. Goudy and he made it for American type founders in 1915.Goudy old style is an old style classic type face and has a few eccentricities like its diamond shaped i and j and its upward curved ear on the g.the italic uppercase Q has an calligraphic quality about it. There are many more styles of Goudy version for example Goudy light ,Goudy roman ,Goudy open and so on.


rial is a sans serif typeface who was designed by robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders in 1982 and the type was created for monotype typography but monotype is now the new current owner of and holds copywriters for Arial. Arial has many other type faces in there family for example bold, italic, light, medium, narrow, monospace, condensed and rounded. Arial is a very versatile family of typefaces which can be used with a lot of thing for example text setting in reports, presentations, magazines and can be used for display in newspapers,advertising and promotions.




These are two-separate poster design the first one (left one) was my first live brief and it was for a competition for ‘Design against fur campaign’. The second poster was a typography brief and we got given two type fonts and we had to advertise them but what ever style we created our design we had to use the our choosen typeface and not images.



22nd JUNE 2098

Will Captain america finally get his revenge or will wolverine finally get what his destiny awaits!


With the prducer of Marvel - Jimmy Richards

SPIDER MAN 6 With new picture’s and a secret insight behind the scenes!

Captain America is the best fighter in marvel’

Magazine For my magazine I didn’t want to do the same old boring layout so I choose to create a marvel comic magazine using a complicated layout system. I used the style from the comic book and took them as a big influence through my brief on the magazine. I create the front page and a double page spread.


n a development that will shock few, Wolverine added another notch to his belt by handily defeating Spider-Man in the last Hero Showdown. We love ya, Spidey, but webs and snarky humor won’t save you when the Wolverine comes a’calling. Clearly, we need to step things up a notch if Wolverine is ever going to be dethroned. Now we’re bringing in the finest soldier the U.S. military has to offer.


If it was a straight up fight, “fair fight”, where Captain America had his shield and Wolverine his claws. Wolverine would eventually win. It might last for a long time since Lets start with the weapons: both men have super stamina (Wolverine Wolverines claws vs. Captain Americas Shield. with his animal aggression, physical prowess and Much like the super soldier serum that gave Captain America his mutant healing factor vs. Captain America’s fighting powers, nobody knows exactly how his shield came to be. What we do know spirit, American Pride and training, mixed with Super is that it is a vibranium and steel alloy mix, and that no earthly force can cut, Soldier Serum), but in the end Wolverine could take scratch, dent, or break it. (I say earthly because Thor dented it once, then everything Captain America could dish out, Captain repaired it.) But Wolverine has tried to cut Caps shield on several occasions, America would end up playing defense as Wolverine with no success. Even the Hulk has never been able to damage Caps shield, would attack again and again in an endless barrage although the Hulk has torn Wolverine in half... of furious strikes only growing more intense and Winner: Caps Shield Secondly, we have physique. Wolverines only angry as rage from not connecting with his superhuman powers are his healing factor. His speed, strength, and senses are attacks. Much like the super soldier serum hightened above the level of a normal man, but they do not surpass human that gave Captain America his powers, ability (i.e. they are not superhuman). nobody knows exactly how.

‘We both no each others tricks’


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