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It’s Different at the Vacation Exchange Network! Opting for house exchange rather than regular hotel accommodation for your vacation sounds simple and fun. All you have to do is find someone in your preferred location who is willing to holiday where you stay or have a second home. The dates of the vacation have to coincide as well and you are all set for a perfect yet affordable holiday! But finding a perfect home swap match is not as easy as it sounds. You may be living in a condo in New York and wish to house exchange with a serene and secluded chalet in Barbados to escape the severe American winter. But the villa owner may not be completely amenable with your proposed arrangements. He may wish to visit New York in the more comfortable summer or hanker for a more spacious villa to accommodate his family. On the other hand, he may decline New York in favor of a vacation in Netherlands. Alas, you found the ideal house in your dream destination but your plans are at the mercy of the whims and vagaries of the potential exchange partner. The Vacation Exchange Network emerges as a boon for the haggard home swap aspirants! It offers a non-simultaneous and novel non-mutual house exchange program where exchange partners neither have to switch homes at the same time, nor do they even have to necessarily swap homes with each other only. It’s like an open market where you choose to stay in any home whenever and wherever you wish, depending on the owner’s approval obviously. The house exchange partner is not bound to stay in your home at all. He can choose to get an Exchange Credit instead which can be used to fund a home swap of his own personal preference! This unique arrangement is possible as The Vacation Exchange Network expressly limits its membership to second and vacation homes only. There is Direct Exchange where you house exchange with a willing partner and he has a choice to use your vacation house on the same dates or even at any other time of his choice. There is a unique Indirect Exchange offering as well where you can choose to stay in someone’s house even if they don’t wish to stay in yours. The accommodating home swap partner gains an Exchange Credit instead which can be cashed in for his own holiday house exchange arrangements. Again, finding the perfect home swap cannot get easier than at The Vacation Exchange Network. You are not burdened with the overwhelming task of browsing the numerous property listings on the website and zeroing in on a suitable property. Professional home swap specialists are always at hand and ready to help you. Just tell them where and when you wish to vacation and they will do all of the initial homework for your house exchange by contacting members who have secondary or vacation homes in the specified area. Upon finding willing exchange partners in the requested period, they will send

you an email with all the exchange options that including members’ contact information and their preference for a direct or indirect exchange. Subsequently, you can contact them directly to negotiate the specifics of the house exchange. It can’t get any simpler, can it!

It’s different at the vacation exchange network  

Our Home Swap Program offers the Easiest & Most Flexible Way to Arrange a Holiday exchange. We have more than 1500 holiday exchange home...