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wney the Dog rode the mail trains where ever they would go. He was considered such a good luck charm by the postal workers that they awarded him medals on every journey.

n his trip to the National Postal Museum, Owney dropped some of medal’s. Can you go through the museum and find them for him?

SELF GUIDE MEET OWNEY Meet Owney, the Macot of the Railway Mail Service! Owneys jacket holds medals from many places and routes he visited. Why did postal clerks give tags to Owney?

BINDING THE NATION Climb into the stagecoach and head west! Listen to the stories of other passengers. Was this a fun way to travel? How did you travel to the museum today?

CUSTOMERS & COMMUNITIES Deliver mail in a big city. The mural on the wall shows all the ways mail got around in a city 100 years ago. Can you find all 17 Postal Workers in the Mural? Make sure to look in the painted backdrop and under the street.

Use this guide to the museum. locations of where you see

s d i K For



How talented are you at sorting the mail? Travel back in time to 1917 and try sorting packages as quickly and as accurately as possible!

STAMP GALLERY Investigate the Smithsonian’s historic collection. The index on the wall describes how the Gallery is organized. FInd a country that shares the first letter of your name and pull open its frame.


help you get around You can find the Owney’s medals on the map.

Listen to a “letter” in the words of a Vietnam War soldier who recorded it. Postcards, packages, letters, and audio tapes are just some of the ways people stay in touch through the mail. Imagine how it felt to recieve mail from someone far away from home.

Collect all of Owney’s Medals and place them in the right place.

Smithsonian National Postal Museum

The Adventures Of Owney The Dog  

Speculation childrens activity book for use in the Smithsonian National Postal Museum. All work done by Jackson Lynch.

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