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E�it��i�� up.

3 post match magazines we’ve done now and we’ve had 3 losses. A loss next week may be our last one There was the odd positive, the second half was far superior to the first which was so predictable there was no point even watching it. Ki looks the business and we look a better side with Leon in it which we alreay knew.

But we are at 7 goals without reply at the moment and in the very dangerous position of both leaking goals at the back and failing to net them the other side. I don;t really have too much worry about us going forward even if it has been over 300 minutes without us finding a league goal but at the back I can’t see us keeping aclean sheet. We can’t deal with a high ball and we can’t deal with pace. Chico is far from convinceing and Ash isn’t the player he was last year. Is Ben Davies up to the Premiership? and there is no cover at the back at all. I’m getting increasingly worried but I’m not the only one. At the start of the season I thought it was hard to pick 3 team to go down. Now I feel like its hard to pick 17 teams to stay

QPR, Southampton, Reading, Norwich all look poor and we are entering that bracket I hate to say. I don’t want to get too gloomy. Stoke away was always going to be a hard game BUT last season I got frustrated with the lack of credit we got for stopping teams playing. It seemed every week we played a team who had a poor game. The last three games we’ve had we’ve played teams ‘on form’ and I feel weve let them find their form. We wern’t given credi for stopping sides last year but sides have been given criedit for us letting them play this year. Hard times. HUGE game next

E�j�� Ja�� Sw��

St��� 2 - 0 Sw�n�e� By Matthew Jacob Let's stop the rot Should we be worried? Not yet, should we be a little concerned? Possibly. Once again Swansea City were the architects of their own downfall as another dismal first half defensive display allowed Stoke City to grab the initiative at the Britannia, and in the end wrap up a fully deserved 2-0 win. Peter Crouch got both goals, the first a simple header after evading Chico and planting a header beyond Vorm from the back post; the second, a simple tap in after Vorm had parried his first effort after some woeful defending from the Swans. As supporters we all know there are no easy games at this level, but especially away, and against an opponent like Stoke, gifting two goals to the opposition is the definition of football suicide. Though much improved in the second half, our pedestrian defending in the first left us with a mountain to climb, and for me, we got what we deserved. A third defeat in as many league games now leaves our home fixtures against strugglers Reading and Wigan Athletic already looking like ‘must win’ games if we wish to avoid the unpleasant feeling of looking over our shoulders at the drop zone, even at this very early stage of the season. This latest defeat leaves us with much to consider. Tony Pulis can be criticised for preaching a style of football that many find unpleasant on the eye, but with the

group of players he has assembled it is very, very effective. Tactically it was obvious that with the loss of Neil Taylor to a season long injury, we were weak at full back. Ben Davies has filled in superbly so far, but Pulis targeted this chink in the armour, and the young defender was horribly exposed, often left with two, sometimes three attackers to deal with as Pablo Hernandez made little effort to track back and assist. Stoke got in behind time and again early in the game and it was one such attack that led to the corner for the first goal. Following the Everton game, Phil Neville said that of all the players we lost from last season, Steven Caulker’s return to Spurs has left us with the biggest hole to fill, and I agree. Chico has quickly become a real fans favourite and rightly so, his performances (bar a rush of blood against Sunderland) have been great, and he had a decent game against Crouch and Walters. However, we still look a little suspect at the back, and Laudrup will have to work hard in training to eradicate the simple mistakes that are costing us dearly at the moment. There were some who suggested the more experienced Tiendalli would have been a better choice at left back ahead of Ben Davies for this fixture, but frankly, I too would have been reluctant to toss him in ‘at the deep end’ if you will against Stoke, given he is yet to feature in the Premier league for us. In that sense I can understand why Laudrup stuck with Davies, and the game will have provided good experience for him going into the rest of the season.

Going forward in midfield we have the chances, was aofmoment Going forward in midfield we have the chances, there was there a moment extremeof extr resources with the likes of Michu, Dyer controversy as Davies went resources with the likes of Michu, Dyer controversy as Davies went over in theover in th and Routledge to turn our possession into area penalty when he through was clean thro and Routledge to turn our possession into penalty whenarea he was clean goals. The stand out performer from and ratherand rather than award referee a penalty, refe goals. The stand out performer from than award a penalty, to beYeung, Ki Sungwho Yeung, Mosshim booked him for diving, I’d b SaturdaySaturday has to behas Ki Sung I who JonI Moss Jon booked for diving, I’d be hadgood a really good afternoon see that replay.we Althoug felt had felt a really afternoon and is and is interestedinterested to see thattoreplay. Although quickly getting a feel for the speed of have come away with nothing quickly getting a feel for the speed of have come away with nothing to show forto sho league with football with every game. our hard workthe towards Premier Premier league football every game. our hard work towards end ofthe the end of the LaudrupLaudrup opted toopted deploytothe Korean a game, signs are we possess deploy theinKorean in a thegame, thethere signsthat are there that we po deeper lying rolelying in midfield where hewhere he a lot of quality and there and is a threat deeper role in midfield a lot of quality there going is a threat g could drop to collect ball directly could drop tothe collect the ballfrom directlyforward. from forward. the defence much like Britton does, and the defence much like Britton does, and always looked bring to thebring widemen into Iinto think Danny Graham needs to get a to alwaysto looked the widemen I think Dannyreally Graham really needs the game. was classy in classy possession goal, and goal, fast. It’s become that there theHe game. He was in possession and fast. It’sclear become clear that throughout and did not nolittle competition for his shirt, throughout andneglect did nothis neglect his is little or is or no competition forand his shirt defensive duties; he also offered Davies by his own high standards he did not play defensive duties; he also offered Davies by his own high standards he did no more support at left back towards end thewell the movement was more support at left back the towards endat Stoke wellatatall, Stoke at all, the movement wa of the first half when it became clear we lacking and he seemed very sluggish, of the first half when it became clear we lacking and he seemed veryyet sluggish were struggling there andthere I wasand veryI was very we all know stillhe start were struggling wehe allwill know willagainst still start against impressed with him.with There was no place Reading. IReading. still believe he’s the man lead impressed him. There was no place I still believe he’stothe man to for De Guzman today, who I feel always the line for us, but perhaps bringing for De Guzman today, who I feel always the line for us, but perhaps bringing offers us an option at set pieces, but Ki did another front man into the fold will see a offers us an option at set pieces, but Ki did another front man into the fold will s a better job of protecting the back four bit more urgency from the big man; a better job of protecting the back four bit more urgency from the big man; with Britton than him, the Korean’s height however that’s something that will have to with Britton than him, the Korean’s height however that’s something that will h an obvious benefit when it came to wait, as it can only be addressed in the an obvious benefit when it came to wait, as it can only be addressed in th dealing with aerial bombardment we were January window, so we’ll see what dealing with aerial bombardment we were subjected to all game. happens. January window, so we’ll see what subjected to all game. happens.

Pablo Hernandez hasn’t made quite the I would still urge the Jack army to be Hernandez hasn’t quite the I would still urgeare the Jack army to be impact IPablo expected him to yet, butmade it is clear patient, our expectations still high impact I expected him to yet, but it is clear patient, our expectations are still hig to see that when he has the ball at his feet following last year and the start we made to see that when has the ball at hisatfeet following last season year and start we m he is a real threat and hadhe a much better the beginning of the hasthe only he is a real threat and had a much better at the beginning of the season has o second half than first has he drove into increased them. Let’s not forget that second half than first has he drove into increased them. Let’s not forget midfield areas looking to start attacks. He currently, we have around seven players that midfield areas looking to start attacks. He currently, we have was replaced by Routledge midway involved in the first team whoaround are seven play by Routledge involvedinto in the first team throughwas the replaced second period but I feel midway he currently settling their very firstwho are through second period but he intotake theirtime very first has much more tothe give and I believe we I feel season at currently this level, settling and it does much more to give and I believe we season thisgames level, and it does take t will starthas to see it soon. to adapt. The nextattwo will be will start to see it soon. The twoseason games will be crucial forto usadapt. though to next get our When we upped the tempo after half time back on track, it’sfor time stop the rot. Roll crucial us to though to get our seaso the moreWhen creative our after halfon Reading. we members upped theoftempo time back on track, it’s time to stop the ro midfieldthe sawmore morecreative of the ball, and weof our members on Reading. began tomidfield build pressure and create Until next time! saw more of the ball, and we began to build pressure and create Until next time!

Pl���� Ra��ng� � St��� Vorm: 7/10 At no fault for either goal and made a couple of decent saves. Stoke pressed him while he had the ball at his feet and he nearly got caught out in the first hald with the 17 foot Crouh getting one of his many lims to his clearence.

Davies: 6/10 This is the premier league. Steven Pieneer last week (or however you spell his name) and Knightly this week. He got beaten for pace a few times and looked out of is depth at times but recoverd well and made some good interveptions. Question over whether he should keep his place.

Rangel: 6/10 Hrrd to mark because I didn;t notice him either way. Very few attacks came from Stoke down his flank but he never really got the ball in an attackive position. Was there a quarter of the pitch missiing?

Williams: 6/10 His whole presence seemed better although he still was far from his best. The whole defence looks a lot less steady than last year and he, at the centre of it has taken his critits. Not joining in or defending him on this performance. Clean sheet v reading please.

Chico: 6/10 Lucky not to get another red carded high foot I suppose, leaving Williamson with a black eye. I’m far from convinced, no Caucher for me. He looks like a dodgy centre half with his Spanish presence and at the moment he’s not convincing me otherwise.

Ki: 7/10 The best outfield Swans player on the pitch once again. Looked a class above. I hope that its only a matter of time before a fellow Swan is on the same wave legnth as him and can convert one of the master passes he puts through. Top top player.

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Britton: 6/10 Looked so much better with him in the side even though he misplaced a couple of passes. Bizzarely I thought he played better in the first half when we were poor than he did in the second half but we miss him so much when not in the side. Great balance to the midfield with him at the heart and he releases Ki to make those pressing passes,

Michu: 6/10 Taken off with us chasing the game which says a lot about how Laudrup felt he did. He got onto a lose ball in the first half and sent it just wide but didn;t really get into the game. Some are not sure of him. I am, top player, really really top player.

Dyer: 7/10 The best performance I have seen from him while being kicked. He often goes into hi shell but today he took kick after kick and kept going back for more. Couldnt of asked for more form him today. I hope the 3 into 2 wingers might bring the best out of him.

Hernandez: 6/10 People seem to expect him to pick up the ball, take on 4 men and score every time he gets the ball. He hasn’t played all season, seriosuly lacking match fitness and has neer played in the Premier league. A couple of nice touches, looked better than last week but not at his very best. But thats not a surprise.

Graham: 5/10 This time last year I was defending him saying he was getting into the right positions even if missing them. This far, he’s not even getting chances to miss. I can’t really recall a decent chance in the last 3 games. Works hard but for me give Moore a go who has created chances in the 40 odd minutes he’s had in this time.


Routledge: Looked his usual energetic self and for me deserves to be ahead of Hernandez at the moment.

Moore: He makes things happen. Nearly made something with his first touch, had our best chance of the game and only had 20 minutes. Give him more!!!


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Fr�� ��� Sw�n�1�0 �r�����: The most famous clash between the two clubs, from the Swans’ point of view, was in 1964. On 15th February, Swansea Town met Stoke at the Victoria Ground in the FA Cup 5th Round. Despite Stanley Matthews opening the scoring, the game ended in a 2-2 draw. This was in fact the great Stan’s last ever goal before he retired. Matthews had also scored in an FA Cup game at the Vetch, nearly 30 years previously in 1935. In the replay, Swansea went through 2-0 with goals from Todd and McLaughlin, (and went on to beat Liverpool away in the quarter-final!). 100 years ago: The closest game to the next upcoming fixture 100 years ago was a home Welsh League game against Merthyr Town on 28th September 1912. The reserves were away at Milford Town on the same day. History against Stoke: Stoke and the Swans have played each other 58 times in competitive games. The overall record is P58, W19, D18, L21. Their first League match was on Christmas day 1925, which ended 1-1 at the Vetch. However, Swansea have played Stoke City 6 times in the FA Cup, and Stoke have never won. The only draw was in the famous 1964 Swansea run to the semi-final, and the Swans triumphed in the replay (see above). Stoke have won the two League Cup ties played between the clubs. Images (below and overleaf ): Programme covers from 1964 FA Cup games x 2; Programme cover from 1952; team selection from 1981


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Adrian Forbes will forever be fondly remembered by Swansea City supporters for a number of reasons. There are those who will remember him for his impact on the side following his move from Luton Town, bringing his experience and pace to Kenny Jackett’s side in that memorable campaign which was our last at the Vetch. Perhaps some will point to his honest, energetic, and hard-working performances every time he pulled on the white shirt. I think for many though he will be remembered for scoring two very important goals in the clubs history. The first coming in the final league game at the Vetch field to not only take the chase for promotion down to the final day that season, but gave the Vetch the best possible send off. The second goal stands out as my own everlasting memory of him in Swansea colours. It came on May 7th, Bury v Swansea City, and the final game of the 2005 season. I was lucky enough to be one of five thousand Jacks who made their way to Bury knowing that if we could win and third placed Southend United failed to take three points away at Grimsby, then it would be enough to snatch the final automatic promotion spot in League two that season. An incredible atmosphere began to build before kickoff, and it was not long before the travelling support had something to celebrate. After just 25 seconds, a long ball from the defence bounced in front of midfield dynamo Adrian Forbes , who controlled the ball brilliantly with his forehead before smashing an angled volley past Glyn Garner in the Bury goal; cue pandemonium, and the first of two pitch invasions that afternoon!. That goal was to be the winner, and when news came through that Southend had drawn at Grimsby, our promotion was confirmed. It could be argued that it was that sunny afternoon in May over seven years ago that marked the beginning of an incredible journey to the very top of the football pyramid, and Adrian Forbes played his part in that rise. The Greenford born midfielder played for a number of clubs during a playing career that spanned fourteen years. He began at Norwich City, where he spent six years and established himself as a first team regular. He then moved to Luton Town before spells at Swansea, Blackpool, Millwall and Grimsby. He spent a short time with non league Lowestoft town before retiring as a professional footballer in May 2012. During his time at Swansea he scored eleven goals in almost seventy appearances for the club and became a firm fans favourite. His release in 2006 following defeat to Barnsley in the league one playoff final was a disappointing end to what had otherwise been a great period for him and the club. This year Swansea City celebrates it’s 100th birthday, so I sought out the man affectionately known as ‘Forbsey’ by the Jack Army, to see what he made of our rise to the Premier League, his part in it all, and what he remembers from his days at the club. ESV: Hi Adrian! Following your departure from Luton Town in 2004, what persuaded you to move to South Wales? When I knew I had to leave Luton Town due to them having financial trouble I set about trying to find a new club. I had quite a bit of interest but narrowed it down to Yeovil town or Swansea. I went to

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Kantelew half 1 15/09/2011 20:03:20

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Yeovil first and had a good look around and had a good chat with Gary Johnson. Myself and my agent left Yeovil and drove straight to Swansea and from the moment I met Huw Jenkins and Kenny Jackett my mind was made up. Their characters and vision for what they wanted to do long and short term for the club made me realise quite quickly this was the place I wanted to be and I genuinely feel I made the right decision. ESV: What are you best memories of your time with Swansea? My best memories must be the atmosphere at the Vetch and of course scoring two rather important goals. The last league goal at the Vetch and the promotion clinching goal a week later. ESV: What do you make of the progress of the club in recent years? The progress the club has made in recent years is amazing but no real shock to me. As I said in my previous answer, I knew the vision the club had several years ago and to see them achieve it is superb and now the next vision must be to become an established premier league club for several years to come. ESV: Was there a feeling that Swansea could reach the top during your time there? I also felt the club was going places with the building of the Liberty stadium and just missing out to Barnsley at the Millennium stadium to stop back to back promotions, but you just knew the club was going to continue to rise and grow and I believe the rest of the squad felt that way as well. We weren’t wrong. ESV: You scored the last league goal at the Vetch (V Shrewsbury Town) and against future England goalkeeper Joe Hart. What are your memories of that day? I’ve got great memories of the day I scored the last league goal at the Vetch. It was a must win game for us to stay in contention for automatic promotion so the pressure was really on, that coupled with what was obviously going to be a very emotional day for everyone watching made for a truly amazing afternoon. To get a goal at a packed Vetch was always amazing but to score a goal like that past the future England number one and on such a special occasion was just magnificent ESV: Following promotion at Bury where you again stole the headlines with another winning goal, what was the mood like in the club at that time? A new stadium, promotion, the club must have been a great place to be at that time? After winning promotion up at Bury in front of 5000+ crazy jacks/ Willy getting arrested and what can only be described as the most amazing /hilarious trip back to Swansea just made life at the club amazing. We knew the club would be playing league one football in the beautiful Liberty stadium in front of 20000 people each week. The city as a whole was a superb place to be, as the success on the pitch seemed to lift everyone. Confidence and belief was certainly high going into that season. ESV: Many of the players you played alongside are still at the club, the likes of Gary Monk, Alan Tate, and Leon Britton. Did you ever imagine you’d see them lining up against the likes of Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool at the top of English football?

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To see Britts/Monks and Tatey playing in the premier league is brilliant. Would I have loved to still be alongside them?well yes of course. To see them playing against the best players in the world at some of the best grounds in the world is a pleasure and I couldn’t be happier for them. They are a credit to themselves and the club that they are still there from league two to the premier league. So serious dreams have come true there. ESV: Who was the best player you ever played alongside at Swansea? I was very fortunate to play alongside several superb players in my time at Swansea. Andy Robinson, Leon Britton, Sam Ricketts, Gary Monk, and Alan Tate to name but a few. I have to say Lee Trundle was superb. His ability on the ball was just outstanding and some of the things he could do with a football were just ridiculous. I’m sure many a defender went home and had sleepless nights after playing against Trunds! ESV: You scored around eleven goals for Swansea, two of which were very important. Is there one that sticks out in your memory in particular? And why? Obviously the goals against Shrewsbury and Bury speak for themselves and nothing gets close to those two for importance and timing, but a goal I scored against Nottingham Forest away is also very memorable. I was playing out on the right wing and made a run in field between their two centre backs. Roberto Martinez played a perfect pass over all the defenders I then jumped and met the ball in mid air to lob the keeper from just outside the area. The Jack army went mad. To score a goal like that at a ground like that was amazing. ESV: The 05-06 season was to be your last at the club, and it ended with playoff defeat to Barnsley. Following your release, you said at the time that it left ‘a bitter taste in the mouth’. What was the most disappointing aspect about not being kept on at the club, despite being a firm fans favourite? The most disappointment thing about leaving Swansea was purely the fact that I loved all aspects of my time there. The club was a great play to play and the fans were amazing and a joy to play in front of and I was never really given the chance to say a proper goodbye to them all. I also had my two young boys settled and going to school in Killay and we all loved living there. I was offered a new contract at the club and everything was agreed and it just needed to be signed, however every time I asked for it so I could sign it and different excuse was made ESV: Where do you think Swansea can realistically finish this season? What can the club achieve with a football legend in Michael Laudrup as manager? The start Swansea have made this season has been a dream but we are only a month into the season and there’s a lot of hard work ahead. The clubs first thought must be to retain Premier league status for next season. With a manager like Michael Laudrup in charge they will hopefully improve on last season’s finishing spot, which would be a superb achievement. ESV: Finally, what plans do you have for the future? I am currently coaching at Norwich City and loving being back where it all started for me. It’s the perfect start on the coaching ladder for me with superb facilities and other very good coaches for me to learn from. My long term plan is to become a coach in the premier league as I never had the chance to play there and I intend to work my socks off to hopefully someday achieve that. Could that happen at Swansea I wonder?? Well I would love the opportunity to one day be back at the Liberty in a coaching capacity and pick up where I left off, especially as I feel that I have unfinished business there. Time will tell whether I’m fortunate enough to have that dream come true. At the moment I’m very fortunate to be working with some superb players at a superb club. Adrian Forbes ensured his name will forever be remembered in the annuls of Swansea City with his contribution to this football club. He is a true Swansea legend in every sense of the word. And for those who were not fortunate enough to be at Bury seven years ago? Have a look at this…

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Well, despite 100 years of history, THE game against Reading will always be the Play-off Final at Wembley on 30th May 2011. This epic game led to the Swans’ triumphant return to the top flight after 29 years in the lower divisions. The Swans100 website has some great fans’ stories about this historic event: The incredible tale of how Steve Meredith and his son ended up with a 60-foot picture of themselves on the side of Wembley Stadium: And one person’s report on the game: Very little in the history of the club can compare with the roller-coaster ride of racing to a 3-0 lead, only to be pegged back to 3-2, and finally, finally coming through with that 4th goal and the promised land of the Premier League beyond.... 100 years ago: Nearest game 100 years ago was a Southern League fixture against Mid-Rhondda on 5th October (reserves away to Llanelly Reserves). Mid-Rhondda was a club based in Tonypandy, founded in 1912 after a delay caused by violent industrial unrest over the preceeding years, which culminated in the Tonypandy Riots of 1911. They were a very well-supported club and won the Southern League Second Division Championship in the 1919-1920 season. That summer, the existing First Division, including the Swans, was absorbed into the Football League as Division Three, and The Mushrooms promotion was not enacted. After that the club fell apart, and was finally wound up in 1928. The crippling industrial decline of the Rhondda coalfield, and the resulting poverty of the fans did not help, and it was mainly financial pressures which brought the club down. History against Reading: Swansea’s first Football League match against Reading was on 25th March 1921, the Royals losing a Division 3 (South) game 2-1 at the Vetch. Billy Hole and Jimmy Edmundson scored the goals, in the Swans’ first season in the Football League. Including that game the teams have played 64 times, with the Swans’ record W29, D13, L33. 11 of these have been cup games in various competitions, and of course the knock-out Play-off final in 2011.

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