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through and click the links to see the full reviews, interviews, features and images up on AltSounds. com. All the images have a link, so click away. This week our thoughts are with Steve Jobs, his family and friends. Steve has in some-way affected our lives forever with his versitle, innovative and incoceivable ideas. Steve, you’re and always will be an inspiration to us all, Rest in Peace. Jack Stovin, editor Follow me on Twitter @Jackstovin

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Radio 1’s Jo Whiley INTERVIEW

Jo Whiley started her career working at the BBC for Radio 1 and is now hosting a riveting evening show on Radio 2, has over 17 years of experience in radio, a massive portfolio of TV appearances and a passion for all things music, I have every confidence that she is the perfect host for such a divisive programme. She is hoping that her guests will leave their manners by the door and come in drenched in opinion and ready to argue their points about controversial topics. Why not take a look at our interview to find out more about the new program, the lovely Jo herself and some interesting tid-bits about music, radio, tv and banter...


The AltSounds Newsletter | Issue 69

“Even places like MTV do a lot of reality shows now. I’m glad I’ll be able to put a bit of that right.” - Jo Whiley

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it is, the new look AltSounds newsletter. Inspred by the original AltSounds online magazine launched back in November last year, I decided to take the Newsletter into a new dimension and push this thang out as a kind of e-magazine ting, as the other one was butterz (I watched Anuvahood last night and I can’t stop speaking like a bad-manz, not a waste-manz innit). Instead of having to scroll through images and loads of text we have kept things simple and smashed the best content from into three pages of glorious journalism. Please do flick



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Reeperbahn Festival 2011


Rev iew of the festival in hamburg


I mean this place has World War 2 bunkers as nightclubs for Christ sake, now where else in the world can you experience that ASWELL as a festival. Try and apply for a gig night somewhere in England with the same caliber as that then. As a band, playing in something like that would really take your breath away and give you a real boost as an artist. Mind you, its even a privilege to experience a venue like that as a journalist. With such an array of different venues to explore and experience it’s a wonder you have any brain capacity left to even consider looking at the art invading-cluster-fuck that encapsulates what Hamburg is all about.


▲  The view of the Reeperbahn festival main strip known as ‘Spielbudenplatz’   Dallas Green sits and stares into the camera

Dallas Green Interview


8 2

The AltSounds Newsletter | Issue 69

o you’ve all heard the news that Alexisonfire have parted ways (for a little while at least) which has been sad news for the fans of the Canadian 5-piece. All faith is not lost as Dallas Green (vocalist / guitarist / song-writer of Alexisonfire) is still pushing out his unique musical talent through the melodic / acoustic folk band City and Colour. Many of you are reading this and thinking “What a complete retard journalist, why are you telling us this, we know already” - well deal with it. This is for the audience of readers who may have stumbled across City and Colour’s works before and not realised who is the voice behind the beautifully written songs such as “Forgive Me”, “The Death of Me”,

“What Makes a Man?” - and a gazzilion more. Personally, the City and Colour second album Bring Me Your Love helped me through a dark time in my life, and its a great honour to have the man behind the record on the AltSounds pages. AltSounds caught Dallas a few weeks back during his warm up shows to the launch of his latest album Little Hell.

“I dunno, I think it would be cool to do, like go on stage with a crazy R’n”B chick, Mary J Blige or Beyonce. That would be fun.” - Dallas Green

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Cream of the crop REVIEWS

8 Singing Adams Injured Party Single: 90% n Whether you’re a pop princess or a fine indie connoisseur you should go immediately and fall in love with this brilliant new band because all it takes is one song and they have plenty more where that came from.


▲  The Horrors - If you’re an east Londoner right now apparently there is no other band to see. Photo by: Carolina Faruolo

field day festival 2011 Located in the heart of east London’s effervescent scene, the 2011 edition of FIELD DAY summed up everything that is going on in music right now in just

Christina Perri Lovestrong album: 93% n From the very first optimistic first vocal to the ringing out of the final piano chord, this record is nothing short of perfection, Perri has surpassed herself whilst coming out of nowhere. A real one to watch, but at



a day of amazing acts scattered among eight stages and tents.


8 Efdim Please EP: 90% n Please is an EP of high standing by an artist that already had a stamp of competence. It’s smart music for smart people to get the weekend started in a distinctly unnerving way. 2

The AltSounds Newsletter | Issue 69

Walls - Coracle [Album]


the same time remarkably accomplished


With Coracle, Walls have truly outdone themselves. Its an album about the moments rather than the whole and when you hear the opening space age Techno of ‘Into Our Midst’ for the first time you will remember exactly where you were when all expectations folded under the weight of greatness. This isn’t only a must have record it’s a record of the year and together with their debut makes Walls one of the most fascinating electronic bands of recent history.


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AltSounds Newsletter | Issue #69  
AltSounds Newsletter | Issue #69  

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