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Welcome A leader is someone who demonstrates what’s possible.

Your Business Club membership does more than give you a setting to work.. We help to nuture and connect, pairing your skills with other members.

Read on to explore your clubhouse...


A perfect place for private meetings and a quiet informal chat, The Library can be booked from ÂŁ35 for Members.


- Office address, 16 Carlisle Street, W1D - Mail securely stored - Legally register your company to this address - Concierge business support access - Also available at 359 Goswell Road, EC1 Find our more at

THE SCREENING ROOM This is the ultimate presentation space and boardroom, perfect for finally convincing that last sticky client with the slick and luxurious set-up. Perfect for film screenings and conference calls, we will happily integrate the system to your existing software and indiviudal needs. If you require a demonstration, please ask on your next visit.


£55 /hr

£330 /day

Screening Room

£95 /hr

£570 /day

Piano Bar

£176 /hr

£1055 /day


£270 /hr

£1620 /day

* Please contact for a more comprehensive breakdown of prices.

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Soho Business Club Rules Please take a cursory glance over our guidelines so as not to engage in any hideous faux-pas while inside our clubhouse. Soho Business Club is a service product of GH Space, part of GH Media Ltd. Please sign in each time you enter the building and be prepared to produce your issued Memerbship card on request. What are the opening times? The Soho Business Club is open between 9.30 am - 17.30 pm. If you require the use of any facilities outside of these core hours please contact with plenty of advance. While it may not always be possible, we will try to accommodate you. Who is allowed in the clubhouse? Our clubhouse is a CoMeeting area, purpose-designed for meetings, conferences and a chance to forge connections with other Business Club members. We are not a CoWorking space. If you plan to use our clubhouse for day-to-day work then you will need to move onto a different tariff. You are welcome to entertain guests in the clubhouse but regular guests who are working on independent projects will be asked to apply for membership or to purchase a lounge pass (£15/day). Guests are the responsibility of the Member and must be accompanied at all times. Guests must adhere to all rules and any debts they accrue will be billed to the Member. To avoid these stingy freeloaders, simply recommend they sign up themselves! I’m thirsty, can I get a drink? You sure can! We are happy to provide a number of hot drinks and chilled refreshments for you and your guests. They will be put on your tab and added to your invoice at the end of each month. As a fully licensed premises, external food and drink is strictly prohibited. We offer a wide range of hot drinks (a mightier blend than those coffee butcherers at Starbucks) and can provide a number of catering options if you require a light meal. What is the policy on children? We operates a Challenge21 policy, meaning if you appear under 21 years old, you will be asked to produce ID if ordering alcohol. Under 18’s are not permitted in the clubhouse at any time and small children will be given coffee and taught to swear. Is there a dress code? If you have chosen to become a member of our clubhouse you clearly have impeccable taste. However poor fashion sense is inexcusable. We enforce a smart-casual dress code at all times (as you’ll plainly tell by our handsome and well dressed concierge staff) and failure to maintain this could result in refusal of entry. Can I use my mobile phone? While we encourage collaboration and discussion please respect the shy, unassuming nerds who are trying to work quietly. Please don’t broadcast loud, annoying polyphonic ringtones or loud 90’s techno music. Please keep mobile phones on silent at all times.

If you need to make a phone call and it is distracting others you will need to use a separate private room, which may be charged. It’s so relaxed in here, I’m just going to chill out… Unfortunately we do not tolerate this unacceptable behaviour in our clubhouse. If you need to relax or lie down there are some very comfortable benches in the local area and the sprawling open spaces of Soho Square are just a stones throw away. What’s that noise? The CrossRail project are currently tunnelling underneath Soho and will continue to do so for a number of months. Due to this, there is an occasional rumbling through the clubhouse. We would like to apologies in advance for the distraction but unfortunately we can not offer any refunds (except for in exceptional circumstances) for any disruption this may cause. My meeting has been cancelled so I won’t require my booking today. Any booked rooms must be cancelled with 24 hours notice. Failure to do so will incur the full cost. Can I get on the Internet? Sure thing, the Soho Business Club provides free internet to all Members. Login details are dotted around the clubhouse. As we provide such a great service, we also ask that you act responsibility with it. Do not use our Internet to break the law. This includes infringement of copyrighted material and the transmission of obscene, pornographic or offensive material. Videos of cats being funny is fine. Additonal Information We can not be held accountable for theft, damage or loss of data that may occur on the premises. Please read the final, scary guidelines that we’re obliged by law to provide. Members may not publish the name, address, telephone or fax numbers of the premises on their business communications so as to give the impression that they are those of their business or office. Unless written into your agreement, Members may not direct mail to the premises for collection. Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the building. The Soho Business Club cannot accept liability for death, personal injury or damage to belongings anywhere on the premises, unless caused by a direct result of GH Space negligence. If a members debt is not paid immediately on request, GH Space may claim interest under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 and the member shall pay the interest immediately on demand and suspend all service until payment has been made in full.

We’re sorry you had to read all that but sometimes a bad apple ruins the whole bunch. If anyone is found flouting any of these rules we reserve the right to remove your access to the building and revoke your Membership. This includes basic disregard for others, behaving in an inappropriate manner, abusing staff or other Members or appearing intoxicated or under the influence of illegal drugs.

“Never believe an individual cannot change the world... It is the only thing that ever has.�

Soho Membership Basic  
Soho Membership Basic