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Learning how to make a Knol through Google Knol is a app through Google that allows you to blog and share opinions on other stories. You can share what you know with everyone wether its current events, recipies for cooking, politics, celeberties, anything! You can always go back and edit it.

First, go to Second, scroll down and towards the right a blue K app should be there, click it. Now you will be on the home page. To create a Knol and post it to the world click on this button

Once you have clicked on "write a knol" a box will pop up giving you options You can make one from scratch using your own information, you can copy from a a website, as long as you use your citation, can collect a bunch of different types of knols that other people have wrote and put it together, and lastly you can upload.

Choose "Create a Knol"

This is your edit page, write you knol article here and title. You can also add images if you wish. Once your done click save.


A hands on idea on how to submit a Knol