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Précis 2013

//Mr. and Miss Jackson Prep and Who's Who// Chandler Pride and Anna Kate Terry Chandler Pride is the son of Jeff and Marietta Pride. Chandler is a member of the varsity football, soccer, and swim teams at Prep. He is in Mu Alpha Theta, National Honors Society, Asian Club, and Spanish Honors Society. He is also a leader of FCA. In his spare time, he enjoys hunting and goofing around with friends. Chandler is a member of First Baptist Church of Madison.

Anna Kate Terry is the daughter of Ford and Donna Terry. Anna Kate has been a Pacer at Prep since tenth grade. She is a member of the Community Service Club and Spanish Club, and is also very involved in YoungLife. In her spare time, she enjoys watching Netflix and hanging out with friends. Anna Kate is a member of First Presbyterian Church in Jackson. 16

//Jackson Prep// Student Life

The Entertainment Lawson Marchetti

Jordan Barclay

Patrick Mink

Jack Heidelberg

Brady Eaves

Earthwinds is part of the creative writing class at Jackson Prep. During the first semester, Earthwinds is about learning different forms of poetry and writing poetry. The first semester is where the class produces most of the writing that goes into the literary and art journal. Everything in Earthwinds from the writing, to the editing, to the photography and art is 100% by students at Jackson Prep (with some advising and help by Dr. Smith, of course). The staff actually starts making the journal right after Christmas break. Morgan Hydrick said “It took a lot of time and effort to make Earthwinds happen. We even had to meet on Saturdays toward the end of the process. We spent a lot of the time making layouts with the poems and photos, and then we put them all together.”

From the Editor

“Describing Earthwinds is difficult without resorting to overwrought cliches, but if I've learned anything in these three years----and I certainly have----it's how to give my experience a distinct voice. When I first joined the staff, I didn't even know I had a voice, and my writing suffered for it. The poetry I wrote was clunky, uninspired, and impersonal even to me. I didn't know how to write about myself, and it showed. I had to believe I had something worth saying if I wanted to write something worth reading. Without Earthwinds, I'm sure I still wouldn't have figured it out.” “For the past year, I've also witnessed my fellow staff-members changing in the same way, and I'm grateful that I had the chance to be a part of the process. The magazine in your hands holds more than just pretty pictures and poetry---- it tells the story of how something we cared for changed us.” - Rachel Carlton

Meet theTeam

Morgan Hydrick, Poetry Editor Rachel Carlton, Editor-in-Chief

Not pictured: Paul D.Smith, PhD, Faculty Advisor

Sarah Santucci, Art Editor

By Elizabeth Parker

Conner Ball

Madison Brock

earthwinds: volume 43

Joe Marchetti

Spencer Gage, Prose Editor Clubs and Organizations//Jackson Prep// 55

Precis 2013 part 1 of 2  
Precis 2013 part 1 of 2  

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