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San Pedro Drive Streetscape Concept between


Constitution Avenue and Lomas Boulevard

About the UNM Urban Planning Studio This document was prepared by the 2011 UNM Urban Planning Studio, which consists of three graduate students and ten undergraduates in the School of Architecture & Planning. The studio is an intensive eight-week summer course providing students with the opportunity to tackle real-world planning challenges in the region, under the guidance of a UNM professor and local community members. The course includes a strong focus on community involvement, in accordance with the standards of the School of Architecture & Planning. The purpose of the course is to develop a plan of action that includes social, economic, and environmental considerations and which would best suit the local community, history, and culture. This year, the studio focused on two projects: a San Pedro streetscape project on behalf of the Fair Heights Neighborhood Association, and an improvement project at Exit 108 on the Laguna Reservation. Seven students worked on the San Pedro project and six on Laguna, although both groups collaborated together. The instructor and students are listed below.

Project Description This document is part of an ongoing process to improve San Pedro Drive between Lomas Boulevard and Constitution Avenue, adjacent to the Fair Heights and Mark Twain neighborhoods. The emphasis of the proposal is on physical design improvements, rather than city policies or other factors such as transit service levels. The Fair Heights Neighborhood Association initiated this grassroots project in 2010, and in 2011 it received a grant from the Bernalillo County Neighborhood Outreach Grant Program to create a vision for the area. Part of the money went toward this document, which proposes a new, pedestrian-friendly streetscape alignment based on the expressed desires of local residents. These proposals are not binding, nor does the grant provide any funding for construction. Actual physical improvements would take years to implement and must be developed in conjunction with the City of Albuquerque.

CRP 420/520 Summer 2011 Project Developed By: Adrian Cortinas Rachel Erickson Steve Hawley Erin Montoya Jackson Morsey Cameron Savois Shanna Schultz Professional Instruction: Francisco Uviña Jordan O. James Additional Support: Jason Gabel Yvonne Grimes Lisé Lamatia Robert Lundin Shelly Michalski Talal Saint-Lôt


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