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Free to Create

hen we started this company ers. They, in turn, create a lot of tired, crisisa decade ago, four of us and a driven employees. It was time to change. Pursuing this goal led us to all kinds of stump-tail cat worked on-site in a small apartment on Forti- good advice, which we’ve worked to take to fication Street, and several others operated heart. We’ve learned that it is vital to, simremotely. We worked seven (very long) days ply put, use one side of our brain to help the a week, and even saw the sun come up a few other one. That is, the organized systems by times as we plugged which the left brain optiaway all night to get mally functions actually the Jackson Free Press enable the creativity of to the printer. All of us the right brain. Unfortuwore multiple hats, and nately, many would-be we ran past our capacity writers, artists or even most of the time. Everybusiness owners never thing was done in usurealize or embrace this. ally joyful crisis mode, It makes sense when but the crazy hours and you think about it: We frazzled planning didn’t Editor in Chief Donna Ladd (left) must create space in ormatter to us, because der to have space to creand Art Director Kristin Brenemen we were making a difate. Otherwise, we run got creative at the Cirque du Best of Jackson party at Metrocenter. ference. Publisher Todd around like a chicken Stauffer likes to say that with its head cut off, we “ran it like a campaign,” instead of a busi- as my mama would say, trying to catch up ness. He’s right. with a growing to-do list and constantly We are still focused on bringing and chasing deadlines. When we plan our time, and tackle the documenting positive change in the commu- nity, but like all companies, we had to start procrastination monster where it lives in our thinking past crisis mode before all involved heads, we manage to write novels, learn to collapsed from exhaustion. A few years back, tango or start new products, like this magawe decided to work to become proactive, not zine. Or we plan a “Night Circus” party and reactive. Even though the JFP thrives off the then go about executing it in a low-drama possibility of creativity, we had to start plan- fashion as we’ve learned to do with our big ning and institute systems; we needed time events (see page 59 for more photos.) and space to create and then execute. After working in a very cool office with These realizations were tough, but busi- tremendously creative people for more than nesses stuck in perpetual crises aren’t sus- 10 years, I now know the best workplaces tainable, and they burn out too many good are vibrant idea labs with well-structured people. As the JFP grew—we now have 20 systems that allow the ideas to happen. It’s employees on the top floor of a building in one thing to have a good idea; it’s another to Fondren, and Stumpy has long since gone complete and ship it on time. to the heavenly newsroom in the sky—Todd Whether you are an entrepreneur or an and I realized that it’s not enough for smart artist, or both, I urge you: Don’t reject the entrepreneurs to work hard. We must also idea of systems. They will free you to create. continually learn how to manage more in- Trust me. telligently while maintaining our very cool culture—and, yes, guarding our own sanity at the same time. The last thing a company needs is unorganized, over-extended leadHeather Coursey

editor’s note

Business is BOOMing

Starting this issue, BOOM Jackson is growing to six issues a year! We started as an annual magazine in 2008, then went quarterly in summer 2010 when we debuted the city’s first business+lifestyle mag for the under-40 crowd with Young Influentials dancing on the roof of the re-opened King Edward Hotel. The Influentials will be back this summer in July—after we present the 2013 Best of Jackson magazine in May to let tourists, recruiters and fellow urban warriors know just how great our city is. So help us out by nominating influential Jacksonians under 40 and emailing them to by March 15!

March - April 2013 // The City’s Business and Lifestyle Magazine

BOOM Jackson v5n4 - Startup City  
BOOM Jackson v5n4 - Startup City  

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