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Coolest Décor: Dore Jackson // by Kathleen M. Mitchell // photos by Trip Burns


he walls are Dorange. The files are Dorange. The utensils in the kitchen are Dorange. The pens—so many pens—are all Dorange, too. So what is Dorange? It is the very specific shade of orange that blasts the retinas when you enter the office of Dore Jackson. Mixed in with equally vivid hues of turquoise and kelly green, and grounded by sleek white furniture, the bright shade tells any visitor immediately that this is a fun and stimulating environment. Dore, founded in England, specializes in “individualized, cerebellar development 56

program(s)” for kids and youth. The Dore team is trained to help children with learning difficulties such as dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or Asperger’s syndrome, using physical activities rather than drugs and medication. They teach skills and activities that can improve reading and writing, attention and focus, social skills and even athletic ability. Some of their older clients don’t suffer from learning delays, but simply want to sharpen their mental acuity or physical prowess. The Dore office is just plain fun, with

March - April 2013 // The City’s Business and Lifestyle Magazine

plenty for kids to interact with—including modernist plastic dog sculptures that are actually child-sized seating—and look at. Since Dore is all about brain science, brains are a major décor element, from plastic models to wall art. Colorful and cheerful paintings of kids, iterations and evolution of “wobble boards”—balancing discs that improve coordination—and yes, brains, dot the walls. In one office sits a quirky red dresser with orange drawers of all sizes. They call it the “Dr. Seuss dresser.” And that is simply a-Dore-able.

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BOOM Jackson v5n4 - Startup City  

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