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Dr. Ruth Patterson, Pediatrics General Medicine

Mother. Mentor. Caregiver. You see them everywhere. The corner grocery. PTA meetings. The Friday night game. But as part of the state’s only Academic Medical Center, you’ll find them when and where you need them most. From routine checkups and exams, to being there with you through critical, life-changing events. And they continue to take medical care to a higher level through studies, research and clinical trials. Shouldn’t your doctor be a University physician? For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 888.815.2005 or visit

54 UMMC_UP_BOOM_7.625x4.925.indd March - April 2013 // The 1 City’s Business and Lifestyle Magazine

2/5/13 11:07 AM

BOOM Jackson v5n4 - Startup City  
BOOM Jackson v5n4 - Startup City  

Startup City: Innovation Starts Here, Collest Offices + Fashion: A Sense of Space, Local Menu Guide, Dr. Gray Gets Real, Sharp Dressed Man,...