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Peekaboo the state of Mississippi. Not only that, I have the Mississippi Drills and Skills Academy which is (under the umbrella of) The Mo Williams Acad I just recently had surgery, so I’ll be out a emy. I established it back in 2008, and it is invitacouple months. But I’m just rehabbing. It’s part of tion-only. I have a committee I’ve established of the game, part of being professional. I just have to the top coaches around the state of Mississippi. rehab and get my thumb back strong. Some media people and some scouts are also I spend a lot of time with the kids, and my involved in the picking process, and we hand kids love video games. So I go down there and pick some of the top players in Mississippi and mess around with the video game with them ev- mentor these guys and girls. … All they have to ery now and then. … If I play a game, I’m play- do is be a top athlete and perform at the highest ing Tiger Woods (Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2014). level. If they’re in my academy, I train and mentor That’s all I play. And when the season is over, I these players. We stay on top of them, we make sure their grades are together, and we just try to play a lot of golf. … And, yeah, I can swing. When it comes to music … I’m an R&B and help get them through the process of school and hip-hop type guy. On the R&B side, I’m always everything like that. I try to do what I can to help the product of gonna be an Usher guy—and you know I got to hold my boy R. Kelly down. I like Ne-Yo, and I Mississippi, because, growing up, I had people in like Trey Songz, too, just to name a few. On the my corner that helped me. Being a professional athlete, and being able (female) R&B side, I like Alicia Keys and Mary J. (Blige)—she’s always gonna be on the playlist. to have a voice for the kids that they will listen to, I feel like I would be doI’m a big Jay-Z guy, but I kind of stay down south with who ing myself a disservice and I love. I’m a big T.I. fan. Me those kids a disservice not and T.I. are good friends, so I to have a voice and not to support him. have an impact in those kids’ I always listen to Young lives when I know I can. Jersey Number: 5 Jeezy and that (Rick) Ross. Position: Guard I’m riding with them; that’s How do you feel about probably my crew right now the current caliber of Salary: $8.5 million if I’m in the car, and I turn players Mississippi has Average points per game: 13 something on. My youngto offer? est brother, he’s a rapper, I’m excited about it. Average assists per game: 7 and he’s in Jackson. His We’ve got some good playBand of Brothers: Drafted name is Rozay Mo, and I ers in the state of Mississippi. the same year as other support him in whatever We’ve got one in (Callaway elite NBA players including High School, sophomore) he does. New York Knicks superstar Malik Newman. He’s the Carmelo Anthony and Miami’s Big Three—Lebron James, number-one player in his Do your boys play sports? Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. class, and he has aspirations What type of youth sports to be a professional athlete, programs and other Player History: Utah Jazz but it is a process. charitable organizations (2003-2004), Milwaukee Bucks (2004-2008), Cleveland Using (Malik Neware you involved with? Cavaliers (2008-2011), Los man), for example, that’s All my boys participate Angeles Clippers (2011-2012) what my program is about. in youth sports. My oldest and Utah Jazz (2012-present) Keeping him on a straight son, my 14-year-old, KyDarand narrow road, where rius, goes to school in Jackhe doesn’t detour and get son. He’s an eighth grader at off the path, because that’s St. Joseph (Catholic School) where guys start to lose sight on what they can and plays football and basketball. I have my own foundation—The Mo Wil- become. We just want the guys to fulfill their poliams Foundation—which we started back in tential. Whatever their potential is, we want them 2004, and we have done, and do a lot, around to fulfill it.

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What kind of hobbies, interests and music do you enjoy to help you through this recovery period?

Anne-Lauren is a social media account executive (or as some call her, the “social media evangelist”) at The Ramey Agency in Fondren. When she’s not working on interior design or out on the town, the Leland native enjoys playtime with her dog, Rhoda, an alleged Shih Tzu.

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