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Our wedding package includes an engagement session, as well as coverage from the time you start getting ready on your wedding day until the first few dances are done. We shoot every wedding with two photographers, and we have the experience to make sure we capture those sweet candid moments between the big planned ones! You will get all of the digital images from your wedding day. We take around 2000 shutter clicks between the two cameras, and when we’re done pulling out the blinks, duplicates, and test shots, each wedding will have at least 500 great images to give you (Honestly, even for the smallest weddings,we very rarely come away with less than 700, plus the fun shots from your engagement session). Those final images are carefully edited and they are yours to keep for print anywhere, any time. We are insured, we carry back up equipment, and we’re ready to follow you anywhere!! *A $500 deposit is due to book the date. The remainder must be paid in full before shooting begins.

Getting Ready The hours before the weddings are a special part of your day. There will be laughter, tears, stories told, and so much happiness. It’s meant to be relaxing, and having a bridesmaid or family member in charge of handling problems and questions as they arise can make a world of difference for the bride and groom. Location is key. Soft, bright sunlight makes for gorgeous pictures, and a light cozy atmosphere. The people around you during the hours you’re getting ready should be there to support you and eliminate the chaos or stress. Carefully choose the loved ones you want with you during those stressful hours. We move between snapping pictures of the bride & her party, to the staged details in the next room or out in the yard, to the groom with his party at a second location, and back again. We make it a smooth back and forth transtition that captures everything!

Choosing a Wedding Day Photo Timeline by Kirstin Patzer of Three Strands Wedding Design Planning times for everything to happen on your wedding day can be a stressful job. You want to make sure that there’s no awkward gaps in the day for your friends and family....we’ve all been to those out of town weddings with nothing to do for an entire afternoon. At the same time, you want to make sure you have plenty of time to finish each event without being rushed. The week before I got married, I kept having this dream that I was in my wedding dress finishing the decor in the church while all the guests were starting to arrive. Thankfully, I woke up and everything was OK. But it stressed me out so much that I still remember it vividly nearly eight years later!

early afternoon, taking photos afterward allows photographers to avoid working with the dreaded noon hour light.

While I won’t give all my timeline advise away for free, today I wanted to write a bit about choosing when you do your main photo session for the day. Let me just start by saying, there are a crazy amount of photo sessions you can include! Most photographers will include shots throughout the day: getting ready, the ceremony, a family session, a wedding party session and the reception. To this you can add first looks, couple only sessions, sunset sessions, night photos and anything else you can think of! You’ll need to decide with your photographer, which sessions will work best with your venue, time frame and budget.

Summary: Great for you, not as great for your guests.

I’m going to address the main chunk of photos, which is your wedding party and couple session. There are basically three ways to plan this, and I’m going to outline the pros and cons of each. Here we go.... Traditional By far the most common way to schedule your photos is between your ceremony and reception. This time-slot is great for the couple. You can spend your whole morning taking your time getting ready. If you like the tradition of not seeing your spouse until the momentous walk down the aisle, then this works perfectly. Since most ceremonies are in the

The only real con is that your guests have a big break in the middle of the day. Since it’s so common, most people don’t think twice about it anymore, but it really is rather awkward for your friends and family. Local people have to dedicate an extra several hours of their Saturday to sitting around in their wedding clothes. Out-of-towners have to try to find something to do in an unfamiliar town in those same uncomfortable wedding clothes. Maybe I just need to buy more comfortable wedding clothes!

First Look Morning Session This is becoming more and more popular with couples. And why not? First look sessions ooze romance! Many couples say that a first look in the morning doesn’t take away the breathlessness of that first glimpse down the aisle. This timeline works out great for your guests as well since they can move right from the ceremony into cocktail hour. I would suggest leaving any extended family shots until after the’s just too hard to get all those people there early. The downside is that for good lighting, you want to go earlier in the morning. But that means getting ready early and the day can become pretty long for the wedding party. You might also want to schedule a hair and makeup touch-up before you head down the aisle. Summary: Super romantic, and great for your guests. Long day for the wedding party. End of the Day Brunch and lunch receptions are gaining popularity the last several years as a great alternative to dinners. I could go into all the reasons for that, but that’s another post! As photos go, this may be a way to get

the best of both worlds. Your guests can move right from the morning ceremony to the reception with no awkward waiting. You still get to save your first look for the ceremony. And your photographer can take as long as they like to work with the beautiful lighting that comes later in the day. You do have to get ready early in the day, which can be tough if you’re not a morning person. And you’ll also want to have a touch-up of hair and makeup before photos. Oh, and beware of the dangers of eating before photos! Summary: Great for guests, traditional first look, and flexible for photographers. But you’ll have to set an alarm!

So there you have it! Hopefully that leaves you with a clearer idea of what will work for you. You want your photos to be relaxing and fun. The most important decision you’ll make about your photo session is choosing a photographer who suits your style and personality. A good photographer can make you look good in almost any situation. If planning your timeline is stressing you out, it might be time to hire a wedding planner! Kirstin Patzer Three Strands Wedding Design 306.741.4601

Wedding Day Tips We do our detail shots while everyone is moving around getting ready, so having all of your details gathered in one place makes these shots much more efficient. You will have better results, and we will have more time to photograph the fun!

Suggested items for details: Rings, flowers, jewelry, shoes, hair clips, letters, invitation, program, gifts, dresses, cuff links, borrowed & blue, perfume... anything that brings meaning to your day!

The details pull everything together Think about having a bright and clear space to get ready in. A nice hanger for your wedding dress, and nice glasses for your mimosas. It’s so many little things pulled together that make for clean, bright pictures.

Should we do a First Look? A first look is very common for today’s bride & groom. It’s a few stolen moments right before the ceremony for just the two of you. Moments to say hello, steal a quick kiss, or steady your nerves for the ceremony ahead. It’s a personal decision, and one you should consider carefully. The only tidbit of advice I can give, is that the photos are always full of softness and emotion...

A first look with Dad is always a beautiful moment for the bride and her parents

Authentic Weddings by Bumble & Vine 2018  

Swift Current, Saskatchewan based wedding photographer Bumble & Vine

Authentic Weddings by Bumble & Vine 2018  

Swift Current, Saskatchewan based wedding photographer Bumble & Vine