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15 Effective Tips on Caring for Your Car Cars, like houses, belong to a person’s most prized investments. Might be it an expensive, luxury automobile or a cheaper, second-hand counterpart, one must take care of his vehicle because it is part of his lifestyle. It is inevitable, therefore, to be able to maintain the quality of your car by taking care of it. An auto insurance San Antonio company says that most motor vehicle fatalities are caused by car maintenance neglect. The following simple and inexpensive preventive checks will greatly extend the life of your vehicle, ensure safer operation, and even benefit the environment. 1.

Wash your car regularly. Mud, bugs, birds’ droppings, and other forms of dirt may leave permanent stains if you do not wash them off immediately. When left on too long, these may even cause paint deterioration.


Don’t sit on, stand on, or lean against your vehicle. These may cause scratches on the car’s surface.


Park your car carefully. Choose spaces between compact cars. Never park at unprotected areas.


Keep your tires inflated at the correct pressure to avoid tire wear and loss of fuel efficiency. Have your tires checked at least once a month.


Don’t let your car carry too much weight which may lead to greater fuel consumption.


Avoid letting your engine idle for too long. Turning off the engine and restarting it again saves much fuel than simply putting it on neutral gear.


Wax your car every three or four months after washing. This helps protect the paint and makes the car look shiny and new even when already used for many years.


It is also recommended to rustproof your car not only to protect it from rust, but also to protect its wires from moisture and the brake lines from corrosion.


Change the oil filter regularly.


Have all fluids checked, including brake and power steering fluids, which play an important role in safety.


Clean battery cables and posts regularly, and check for corrosion. Check also the battery fluid and fill if it is already law, except for maintenance-free batteries.


Check the lighting system frequently. This includes the headlights, turn signals, and brake and tail lights.


Make sure your windshield washer blades are free from cracks and tears.


Check engine belts frequently, because it will ultimately affect the engine performance.


Inspect the air filtration system regularly, preferably during every oil change. Maintaining the air filtration system will ensure that the vehicle is in excellent shape.

Unfortunately, however, no matter how much caution you put to your car, accidents are inevitable. When an unfortunate event happens, it’s best to consult with an auto insurance San Antonio company to know how you can still recover your car. For more information, visit us here! Cinco Ranch Insurance

15 Effective Tips on Caring for Your Car