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A Plea From the Admissions Office to Go for the ‘Dangerous’ Essay For admission at a college, the students are required to submit a college application letter stating the reasons why they should be considered for admission by the admission committee. If the essay holds much substance, you will get an admission for sure, but if the argument is not much strong, your chances will be minimized. So what is it all about? The admission committee of a college or university asks the candidates to describe themselves using 500 words or so to write down everything about their personality, brilliance, strengths and goals on a page with single spacing. Usually students panic when faced with such a situation and they try searching on the internet for various tips and tricks. A few of those hints and tips are mentioned below to be followed while writing that prospecting letter: 

Be careful and then be scandalous: But how can that be sensible? You cannot be cautious when you are being provocative. You cannot help a few eyebrows being raised after reading such a piece of outrageous writing, therefore it is better to avoid treading on that path. Be yourself: Yes, that is pretty much obvious since you are not supposed to lie or pretend to be much intelligent or hard working than you really are. Tell what is of importance to you: While stating your answer, you will have to ask yourself such in-depth questions which no one ever asked you or you yourself ever thought of on your own. Those questions may include asking yourself about your aspirations, opinions, strengths, motivation and goals etc. Questions like these are not easy and that is why are called dangerous questions. These questions have teeth of their own and call you to express yourself in ways that are of substance to others.

You can either take one question by circling your essay paper around that or you can even consider all those questions while writing. You may include what stimulates and refreshes your mind, what infuriates or entices you to action, how you see yourself and what is the perception of the others around you including various other aspects about your personality. While writing honestly about yourself, make sure that you are not ‘too honest’ so as to make the others around you nervous. Make sure to see the composition from their point of view as well and try not to be too informal or controversial. But whatever you

state, make sure to stand by it so that the admission policy considers your character upright and unfaltering. best essay websites:

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