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Students meet as a class for a devotional, prayer requests, and to share victories or concerns they are experiencing at home or at school. The meetings teach students how to express their emotions as well as foster empathy towards one another.


This teaching approach allows kids to use their whole body to learn skills, rules, and phonics by acting out or performing actions or hand motions that remind them of what they learned.

BRAIN BREAKS Short mental breaks using music and movement are given throughout the day. The breaks help kids to stay calm and remain focused.

ORTON-GILLINGHAM TECHNIQUES This multi-sensory approach enhances learning through visual, auditory, and hands-on exploration. For example, a student might use dried macaroni as quotation marks in sentences they have written. When a child can see, feel, and manipulate what they are learning, it becomes easier for them to store it in long-term memory and recall it.

COMMUNITY BUILDING AND SELF AWARENESS Teachers have the freedom to help students work through a social or emotional lesson by allowing students to express feelings throughout the day.

Desks are arranged in small groups to encourage students to work together on assignments and research projects. For example, at one point each group was asked to research and write about a different animal. At the conclusion of the project, the reports were compiled and published into a class book.

{{ “I find the students learn better from each other than from me walking around the classroom making corrections.”

JOURNALING Each student is given a journal and encouraged to use it as a way to express their feelings when needed or to complete a writing assignment about a shared topic or story. Recently, Hadley asked her students to journal daily before going to bed. She encourages students to write down fears or concerns from the day in addition to happy experiences.

{{ “Journaling at home gives kids a chance to get out feelings that they’ve bottled up inside. After they’ve identified that anxiety, they can rest and talk about those problems in the morning.”


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2019 True Blue Magazine  

Jackson Academy | 2019 Issue | Volume XX

2019 True Blue Magazine  

Jackson Academy | 2019 Issue | Volume XX