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IBM Sys.i Entry Level Bus.Partners - Sales Mastery Test V1

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1. Which of the following is the least expensive upgrade option for a customer with System i5 520 Express Entry Plus who wishes to add significant Domino and Linux workloads? A. Order Accelerator B. Order processor upgrade to 520 Express Turbo C. Order processor upgrade to 520 Express Growth D. Order two additional DASD and 2GB of main memory Answer: A 2. Which of the following is an advantage of the System i microprocessor design hierarchy? A. It protects the applications from hardware technology changes. B. It is specifically designed for compute-intensive applications. C. It shares resources with multiple, heterogeneous, concurrent systems. D. It offloads I/O and communication-intensive tasks from the central processor. Answer: D 3. Which of the following allows applications or services running in a Linux partition to communicate to an i5/OS partition? A. iSCSI B. ODBC Connection C. High Speed Link D. Virtual Ethernet Answer: D 4. Which feature of i5/OS provides workload management functions to optimize performance and maintain integrity? A. i5/OS subsystems B. Single Level Storage C. IBM Virtualization Engine D. Independent Auxiliary Storage Pool (iASP) Answer: A 5. A System i5 prospect is starting to look for an ERP solution. What should be the first steps in the selling process? A. Discuss their financial commitment to the project and their willingness to grow the project and budget if additional features are cost-justifiable. B. Prepare a preliminary technical solution proposal document with numbers and timeframes for the customer's review. C. Calculate the expected ROI through discussion with the customer to demonstrate value and benefits of proceeding.    

D. Determine their budget and application requirements, and discuss references of similar solutions that are already operational. Answer: D 6. A System i sales rep has proposed a System i5 Express solution to a customer. presented the alternative of an older iSeries with similar cpw.

A broker recently

How should the sales rep initially counter

the used/second hand equipment proposal? A. Present consultant reports and/or white papers showing System i Total Cost of Ownership benefits. B. Explain that Express models have low-cost upgrade options and that upgrades from the older models have been withdrawn. C. Discuss "hidden costs" of used equipment such as hardware maintenance, software tiers, shipping, SWMA, after-license cost, etc. D. Contact the assigned IBM representative to provide a detailed pricing comparison and, if needed, pursue a special bid. Answer: C 7. Which of the following provides the highest speed connectivity for disk and Virtual Ethernet when attaching an external xSeries? A. PCI 2-Line WAN Adapter B. PCI-X 1 Gb Ethernet LAN Adapter C. PCI-X iSCSI Adapter D. PCI-X Fibre Adapter Answer: C 8. Which of the following is a reason to propose an external cable-attached tape drive instead of an internal tape drive? A. Needed adapters and the drives themselves are typically less expensive for external tape solutions. B. External tape drives allow more capacity per cartridge and/or tape library capabilities. C. Customer needs to back up PCs managed by the System i (IXS/IXA/iSCSI), and this can only be done with switchable external drives. D. Customer needs to save information on Quarter Inch Cartridge (QIC) media so they can exchange tapes with an older iSeries using that media. Answer: B 9. Which of the following is an important software function that is new for V5R4? A. Switchable IASPs B. Virtual tape support C. Cross-site mirroring D. RAID-5 auxiliary cache    

Answer: B 10. Which of the following is a benefit of consolidating multiple Linux servers on a System i server instead of on Intel? A. Linux is included at no cost in System i Express Edition packages. B. i5/OS applications simplify Linux configuration. C. There are more Linux distribution options on System i. D. Linux on System i optimizes utilization of system resources. Answer: D 11. An Integrated xSeries Server or Adapter (IXS/IXA) can be used to do which of the following? A. Connect a Blade Server to a System i. B. Configure a Hardware Management Console (HMC). C. Load and run Windows Server 2003 natively on a POWER processor. D. Integrate Windows and i5/OS applications using a secure virtual network. Answer: D 12. The Hardware Management Console (HMC) is used to do which of the following? A. Activate the Accelerator. B. Create and change partitions. C. Configure a System i Ethernet adapter. D. Install and manage an integrated System x adapter. Answer: B 13. A prospect for System i5 Express is concerned about the strategic direction of the IBM System i product line. IBM's Systems Agenda speaks directly to this point. Which of the following is a characteristic of the IBM Systems Agenda? A. IBM commits to virus-resistant systems. B. IBM commits to consistent product announcement schedules. C. IBM commits to flexible, open systems. D. IBM commits to systems that provide the lowest cost of ownership. Answer: C 14. Which of the following System i characteristics most contributes to rapid speed of deployment? A. Pre-tested single entity operating system B. Preloaded ISV applications C. Adherence to industry standards D. Simultaneous multithreading Answer: A 15. Which of the following features of i5/OS has made the System i5 highly resistant to viruses?    

A. Power Hypervisor B. Single Level Store C. Object-based architecture D. Systems Licensed Internal Code (SLIC) Answer: C 16. Which of the following describes software maintenance coverage for the IBM System i5 520 Express Edition announced in 2006? A. Three years of software maintenance must be added to the System i5 520 Express. B. One year of software maintenance is included in the price of the System i5 520 Express. C. One or three years of software maintenance is optional for the System i5 520 Express. D. Three years of software maintenance are included in the price of the System i5 520 Express. Answer: B 17. A prospect for a System i5 Express Edition has a need for two i5/OS partitions. Which of the following best describes how the i5/OS licensing will be handled? A. An i5/OS license is needed for each i5/OS partition. B. i5/OS licensing must be purchased at an extra cost for each processor. C. An additional i5/OS license is only needed if a third partition is needed. D. The needed i5/OS licensing is included in the Express edition. Answer: D 18. Which of the following best summarizes the characteristics of the IBM System i5 520 Express configurations? A. Flexible hardware and software configurations with full 5250 capability B. Flexible hardware and software configurations with limited 5250 capability C. Predefined hardware and software configurations with full 5250 capability D. Predefined hardware and software configurations with limited 5250 capability Answer: D 19. Which of the following capabilities of System i maximizes usage of resources in a single system and is not available in a multiple, standalone Intel server environment? A. Reliability, Availability, Scalability (RAS) B. Micro-partitioning C. Virtual tape D. Business Resilience Answer: B 20. The Accelerator for System i5 increases which of the following? A. Interactive capabilities and memory    

B. Processing power and memory C. Processing power and the number of partitions D. Number of partitions and interactive capability Answer: C 21. Which of the following is a key advantage of DB2 Universal Database for System i? A. Integrated into i5/OS B. Supports machine independence C. Provides i5 with single level storage capability D. Aids management of heterogeneous tasks Answer: A 22. Which of the following disk protection options provides maximum data protection? A. RAID-5 B. RAID-6 C. Mirroring at minimum of IOA level D. RAID-5 with write cache protection Answer: C 23. i5/OS can virtualize which of the following resources to share with an IXA/IXS environment? A. Memory B. Disk storage C. Processors D. Power Hypervisor Answer: B 24. Which department will be most influenced by the Return on Investment implications of System i's "Lower Cost of Ownership" value proposition? A. Finance B. Marketing C. Information Technology D. Purchasing Answer: A 25. Compared to competitive servers, the System i usually has which of the following? A. Lower initial hardware price, but a higher database price B. Higher initial hardware price, but lower ongoing operational costs C. Lower operating system price, but higher power requirements D. Higher operating system price, but a longer warranty and lower maintenance charges Answer: B    

26. How should disk be configured for the IBM System i servers? A. Configure the highest capacity disks to allow the least number of drives and the lowest cost. B. Configure disks in multiples of four (i.e., 4, 8, 12, etc.), because RAID-5 only supports multiples of four disks. C. Configure a sufficient number of disks to provide adequate performance as well as the needed disk capacity. D. Configure a larger number of lower capacity disks to provide the lowest initial price and lowest ongoing maintenance costs. Answer: C 27. Which of the following System i5 models should be recommended to a customer with a model 720 420/70 CPW who needs to add processor and 5250 capability? A. 520 Standard B. 520 Express Turbo C. 520 Enterprise D. 520 Express Growth Answer: C 28. Which of the following current System i5 products provides optimized pricing for Lotus applications? A. i550 Solution Edition B. i520 Collaboration Edition C. i520 Express Edition D. i520 Domino Edition Answer: B 29. Modernizing an application with Webfacing Deployment Tool allows it to be accessed from which of the following? A. Console B. Rich client C. Web browser D. iSeries Access session Answer: C 30. A customer has three Intel servers running Microsoft Windows server editions. Which of the following System i5 hardware items are shared in a Windows Integration solution? A. Tape and processor B. DVD/CD-ROM and tape C. Memory and disk D. DVD/CD-ROM and processor    

Answer: B 31. An IBM iSeries 800 customer has a 700 CPW ERP application, and they plan to add web access. Which System i5 edition should be recommended? A. System i5 Express Edition B. System i5 Advanced Edition C. System i5 Collaboration Edition D. System i5 Enterprise Edition Answer: A 32. Which of the following makes it possible to refresh the underlying hardware while requiring few, if any, changes to System i applications? A. Power Hypervisor B. Single Level Store C. Systems Licensed Internal Code D. Technology Independent Machine Interface (TIMI) Answer: D 33. Which of the following Linux distributions is supported on the System i5? A. Debian B. Mandrake C. Blue Linux D. SUSE Answer: D 34. Which of the following provides software to connect other systems and clients to System i servers? A. iSeries Access family B. iSeries Navigator C. Query for iSeries D. BRMS Answer: A 35. Which of the following provides the highest speed connectivity to a system or server 200 miles away? A. PCI 2-Line WAN Adapter B. PCI-X 1 Gb Ethernet LAN Adapter C. PCI-X iSCSI Adapter D. PCI-X Fibre Adapter Answer: B 36. Which of the following considerations can be used to convince the customer to buy System i5 520 Express instead of multiple Intel servers?    

A. Lower cost of Windows licenses on i5-520 Express B. Lower ongoing operational costs for the i5-520 Express C. Lower hardware and software maintenance costs on i5-520 Express D. Low cost upgrade into an i5-520 Enterprise Edition Answer: B 37. Which of the following is a benefit of using an IXS, IXA, or iSCSI attached xSeries instead of standalone Intel systems? A. Consolidates management of i5/OS and Windows storage environments B. i5/OS automates Windows system upgrades C. Eliminates need for applying Windows service packs D. Removes need for managing individual Windows configurations Answer: A 38. Which of the following represents the main difference between System i5 520 Express Edition and System i5 520 Value Edition? A. The i5-520 Value Edition has more processor CPW. B. The i5-520 Value Edition has less 5250 capability. C. The i5-520 Value Edition is less expensive than the i5-520 Express Edition D. The i5-520 Value Edition is not available in predefined configurations. Answer: D 39. What is the minimum processor resource required to configure a Linux partition? A. 1% of a processor (0.01 Processing Unit) B. 10% of a processor (0.1 Processing Unit) C. 100% of a processor (1.0 Processor Unit) D. 25% of a processor (0.25 Processing Unit) Answer: B 40. Which of the following functions is provided by iSeries Navigator? A. System console capability running on a PC B. PC file serving and network print support C. Interactive query and report writing interface D. Graphical User Interface for System i administration Answer: D 41. When adding the Accelerator to a System i5 Express edition, how is the maximum number of available partitions affected? A. There is no change. B. The number of partitions is doubled.    

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