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Mercury Power – Pioneering in UPS Power Installation

In today’s fast-paced world, electricity is the basis of everything. From producing illuminance at nights to running computers, nothing seems possible without electricity. Electricity has become a life line of the home and the corporate world. But sometimes main power supply goes off and this when problem starts. To avoid this, it is recommended to count on Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS). An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) can be a life saviour when the power goes out; it will allow you continue to work for a shorter period of time and permit you to safely terminate any open documents and thus allowing you time to correctlyturn off the computer system. Moreover, it will also protect your computer and electronics from a range of power related issues. For businesses, it is even extremely necessary to have full-fledged UPS systems in place to avoid any loss. There are myriads of UPS power installation service providers that can be contacted to install desired capacity UPS. Mercury Power is leading name in the field of power management. From UPS power installation to data centre

solutions, data cable installation, battery monitoring solutions and many others. Over the years, the company has won many accolades in its respective field of work by offering unmatched value to its clients. Their attention to detail and value-driven approach towards IT management makes a positive impact in the business cycle of their clients. There services include:

Infrastructure Design      

Room layout & optimisation Electrical single line to specific resilience Optical & copper connectivity Distribution main & cabinet level distribution Cooling systems Structured cabling and Fibre

Infrastructure Build     

UPS systems Switchgear Generator Cooling – chilled water & DX system High density cooling

Operation  Optimisation

     

Operational procedures & training Maintenance Software & monitoring solutions Failure analysis Black building testing Capacity planning & reconfiguration

Consult they today and find world-class IT management solutions in a feasible and effective way.

Mercury Power Ltd

Hangar 9 Redhill Aerodrome Kings Mill Lane Redhill Surrey RH1 5JY

Phone : 01737 821 215 Email :

UPS Power Installation  

Mercury Power provides UPS Power Installations, UPS system implementation service in UK. We have 10kVA up to 4MVA UPS power system for small...

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