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Make Smart Irrigation Framingham Investments Irrigation companies are not very difficult to find in Framingham and Bolton these days, but Cabral Irrigation is one of the best. This company offers a wide range of services including design concepts, installation, maintenance and care for lawns, upgrading systems, repairs, winterizing, start ups and more. In addition, they also have experience working with wells and pumps. The spray or rotary sprinklers with controllers and valves that Cabral Irrigation installs are truly outstanding, and Cabral Irrigation provides both residential and commercial services.

Landscape lighting services are also provided by Cabral Irrigation designers, who are fully aware of what plants will fit best with the landscape design. They have complete knowledge of the flowers, maturity size, color, shape and spacing needed for the plants. Creating a beautiful landscape for your yard allows you to enjoy the outdoors and spending time in your yard. With the professional irrigation Framingham landscaping and outdoor lighting services, you can transform your yard into a beautiful place to enjoy!

A smart investment in outdoor lighting helps to make the decorative and landscaping design come alive at night and can increase value of your property. This is a great idea to get greater value and benefits when it is time to sell your house! Aside from resale value, you will also enjoy the beauty of your yard by investing in irrigation Bolton landscape lighting and illumination. Family and friends are sure to enjoy a safe environment at your home when driveways, walkways and steps are well illuminated.

Cabral Irrigation provides a smart moisture controller for a soil moisture sensor kit that takes a digital measurement of soil water content and detects dry conditions in the soil. To save money and water, the solar sync sensor is an excellent choice for gathering on-site temperature and solar data to calculate watering requirements or evapo-transpiration. This device also adjusts itself, taking into account weather characteristics of the region you are located in.

The drip irrigation system provided by Cabral Irrigation helps in preventing iron stains, saving water and keeping trees, shrubs and flowers looking healthy. It is excellent for use in large open areas, as it delivers water near or at the roots of plants and lawns. In fact, it helps to eliminate water overspray onto streets, walks or windows, and also helps plants thrive while minimizing runoff. The size of the area you want to water does not matter, the drip irrigation system is ideal for all sizes.

Cabral Irrigation also provides a system for storing garden hoses below the ground until they are needed for use! Complete ice removal, snow removal, snow hauling, snow plowing, snow shoveling, salting, loader work, snow blowing, calcium chloride application and seasonal management services for winter are also provided by this company. Professionals at Cabral Irrigation are seasoned, well trained and have an eye for even the most minute details.

Contact Info: Cabral Irrigation, Inc. 282 Central Street Unit 1 PO Box 864 Hudson, MA 01749 Tel :(978) 562-6769 Fax :(978) 567-8899 Web:

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cabralirrigation com irrigation framingham  

Irrigation companies are not very difficult to find in Framingham and Bolton these days, but Cabral Irrigation is one of the best. This comp...