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MISSION Ramos y Cobo, a Mexican law firm incorporated in 2003, follows the mission of contributing to the strength of its clients' businesses, by consolidating a dependable and lasting relationship through providing legal services with the highest level of efficiency and professionalism.

PROFILE At Ramos y Cobo, we offer legal services in a variety of different areas of legal practice. Among the services that we offer to our clients are corporate business, real estate, mergers and acquisitions and intellectual property. Additionally, our law firm provides Notary Public services through our two Public Notaries located in the city of Torreon, Coahuila (North Mexico). Ramos y Cobo is formed by a team of young lawyers who have obtained juris doctor (J.D.) and graduate degrees (LL.M.) at the best universities in Mexico, the United States of America and Europe. At Ramos y Cobo, we continuously work alongside well known law firms in Mexico and in the United States of America.

Real Estate Practice Ramos y Cobo Real Estate Practice provides its clients with efficient, pioneering, and comprehensive services related to the entire cycle of the real estate process. We offer transactional, regulatory, and public notary experience complemented by a vast knowledge of zoning, entitlements, Agrarian Law, joint ventures, real estate finance, public registry processing, and land use planning. We are dedicated to building long-term relationships with our clients by offering integrated services during each phase of the project development cycle. Our team of attorneys covers every stage of a real estate project, including preliminary due diligence, entitlement, acquisition, construction, and administration. Likewise, our contacts within the local real estate industry, as well as our connections in the international capital markets, have provided the opportunity for us to participate in the allocation of capital resources toward several real estate projects. Our devotion to provide our clients with comprehensive services has resulted in the development of robust connections with various real estate service providers throughout Mexico such as Public Notaries, tax lawyers, runners, and surveyors. Ramos y Cobo currently maintains one of the largest networks of real estate service providers in Mexico.

Among the clients that we represent are: Prudential Real Estate Investors Latin America First American Title Insurance Company Mexico Retail Properties Atlas Vivienda – Morgan Stanley Credit Suisse


Due Diligence on Land At Ramos y Cobo, we have obtained a vast amount of experience in the area of due diligence processes pertaining to properties located throughout Mexico. These processes include chain of title analysis, processing of Certificates of No Lien, utilities receipts, Agrarian certificates, layouts, and zoning permits, all performed in conjunction with corresponding local and state authorities. This method of due diligence processing allows us to provide our clients with unique and comprehensive property reports, thereby mitigating potential contingencies and risks.

Ejido Regularization Our Real Estate practice comprehends the legal counsel on properties with Ejido backgrounds. We have great expertise in matters related to Ejido Legislation, including the process for the incorporation of an Ejido, the essential aspects of its governing body, as well as the process for the transfer of title of Ejido parcels (“parcelas ejidales”) and Ejido common used land (“tierra de uso común”).

Land Development and Urban Planning

Title Insurance

At Ramos y Cobo, we provide our clients with legal counsel related to entitlement processes by obtaining from local and state authorities, the necessary permits and authorizations regarding a specific project. We also assist in the structuring and documentation of various forms of public infrastructure and joint development agreements to finance and construct improvements such as parks, schools, easements, as well as additional public use sites. In addition, we provide comprehensive development planning by negotiating a variety of agreements among state authorities, municipalities, and private utility companies.

At Ramos y Cobo, we work alongside several corporate clients of First American Title Insurance Company assisting them in the process of obtaining title insurance, as well as performing due diligence and providing legal reports specific to their projects.

Public Notary Services One of the most valuable components within our organization is our Public Notary service. Based out of Torreon, Coahuila with a collective practice of 43 years, we have developed the experience necessary to collaborate with our clients in the formalization of a broad range of real estate transactions requiring the intervention of a Public Notary. In our continuous effort toward applying the highest level of responsibility, honesty, and integrity to the profession of Public Notary, we have developed an outstanding reputation within the Torreon business community. Likewise, we have created connections with other Public Notaries in Mexico with whom we work closely during our clients' real estate transactions.

Over the past couple of years, Ramos y Cobo has generated over two hundred legal reports for different properties located throughout Mexico, making them one of the premier legal firms in the area of Title Insurance for the country.

Corporation Startups, Joint Ventures and Partnerships An important aspect of our Real Estate practice is the legal advice that we provide our clients in the incorporation of companies and investment vehicles, as well as the drafting and negotiation of partnerships agreements to carry out all sorts of real estate projects. We provide counsel to both private and institutional investors on a majority of the aspects of real estate investing. In addition to advising during the purchase of property assets, we are able to structure multifaceted relationships between parties for the ownership or development of real estate, including joint ventures, limited liability companies, and subsidiary entities.

Real Estate Purchases and Leasing Schemes Real Estate Finance and Capital Investments At Ramos y Cobo we understand our client’s business, including the importance of finance for any real estate project. Our team of attorneys has vast experience in the process of underwriting, and we are familiar with the financial vehicles required to structure first-mortgage term loans, mezzanine and permanent financings, participating loans, securitized financings and syndicated credit facilities.

Our team of lawyers has vast experience in drafting and negotiating real estate lease and purchase agreements required for the formalization of a real estate transaction. Ramos y Cobo has acquired experience in the formalization of preliminary purchase agreements, trusts, built to suit lease agreements, and sales lease back agreements. We are familiar with most types of property assets in the residential, commercial, industrial, and hospitality sectors, and regularly perform the due diligence and negotiation of asset transfers.

Constructions Agreements Our firm becomes very involved in the construction and development phases of a real estate project. We provide legal counsel to our clients during the construction process, drafting and negotiating agreements to be executed with construction companies, contractors, and governmental authorities.

Condominiums and Fractional 0wnership Ramos y Cobo provides its clients with legal counsel for the incorporation of condominium regimes over residential and industrial real estate projects. We seamlessly integrate our Public Notary division in the formalization of the deeds required to that effect. Likewise, we have worked with several clients in planning the legal scheme for residential projects based on fractional ownership, drafting trust agreements and generating additional documents required to carry out a project of said kind.

Data Processing Ramos y Cobo has formed one of the biggest real estate networks in Mexico. We are continuously working with Public Notaries, runners, surveyors and tax lawyers. This has allowed us to efficiently respond to our clients’ requests for documentation on properties, from different local and state authorities, including the Public Registry of Property, agrarian and municipal tax authorities, as well as other entities.


Mexico City Luis G. Urbina No. 4 – Int. 302 Colonia Polanco México, D.F. 11560 Tel. (+52.55) 5282.1280 (+52.55) 5282.1281

Torreón (Northeast Mexico) Guillermo Prieto No 83 Pte. Colonia Centro Torreón, Coahuila 27000 Tel. (+52.871) 716.8995 (+52.871) 716.8997

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