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Girls’ Night Out


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See how far it's come. See how fast it goes. This isn’t just the seventh-generation 911. It is the ushering in of a new era of the sports car. The history-making begins with 90% new or fundamentally revised materials. 350 horsepower from a powerfully efficient 3.4 liter engine in the Carrera. And even the interior breaks ground, with an elevated center console, inspired by the Carrera GT, connecting car and driver like never before. These are the things legends are made of. Even if it’s becoming a legend all over again. And it all starts with a test drive.

The 2014 Porsche 911. Forever the sports car. Roger Beasley Porsche

200 E. Huntland Drive • (512) 371-1155

©2014 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times.


Priceless and precious jewelry has captured the hearts and minds of people throughout the ages. But far beyond the concepts of the beauty that jewelry both holds and bestows, it has propelled, guided and changed the landscape of our world. It is far too easy to fall into the trappings of the physical aspects of the pieces themselves. But as we look at the impact that jewelry has made on our history, it is clear that it is far more than simply defining our status or providing an investment in the future. Jewelry has changed our landscape—literally. As we mine for fine jewels, we forever change the topography of our planet: we build roads, towns and infrastructure that provide jobs and other benefits for the local community. Fine jewelry has helped define our history. From folklore to fantasy, to kings and queens, fine jewelry that incorporates materials such as platinum and gold and precious stones has been the catalyst for war, the arbiter of style, and the means to build wealth and status. And, of course, we cannot forget the impact on our daily lives. From the watches and bracelets we wear to the diamond rings that adorn brides around the world, we celebrate and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. We also produce magazines, events, and television shows, it is a billion dollar industry that propels legendary brands into our households and into our daily lives. Our fascination for fine jewelry, for the incredible designs, the exquisite gemstones, the imagination that crafts breathtaking pieces, is aligned with the desire to transfer some of that beauty and distinction to ourselves. We hope you enjoy this inaugural issue of our JeweledLUXE Magazine—to add insight and entertainment to something we all hold so dear. Sincerely, Alicia L. White

From the Jack Ryan Vault Here at Jack Ryan Fine Jewelry + Timepieces, we hold ourselves to a standard of unique, rare, and exquisite jewels and watches that cannot be found in surrounding areas of Central Texas, or in this part of the world. We pride ourselves on the fact that we search and discover the richest and most divine products for our customers so that they are able to feel not only special, but also one of a kind. We have a fully stocked showroom with luxurious wear from international vendors, but what you don’t see are the secret gems hidden away in the Jack Ryan Vault. These one of a kind pieces have only been seen by a few, and we are revealing them to you, our readers, for an exclusive hint at what Jack Ryan has to offer in its vast collection.

Yellow Diamond Rectangular Necklace Private Collection Platinum Necklace with yellow gold setting featuring 924 round brilliant cut diamonds weighing 9.85 carats and rectangular cute fancy yellow diamonds weighing 54.41 carats

Total Carat Weight: Retail Price:

64.26 $550,000


Diamond Pear Shaped Linked Necklace Private Collection 18K White gold setting featuring white diamonds Total Carat Weight: Retail Price:


17.99 $45,000

Emerald Teardrop Necklace Private Collection Platinum setting featuring teardrop emeralds and white diamonds Total Carat Weight for Emeralds: Total Carat Weight: Retail Price:


55.45 34.50 $265,000

Platinum Flower Drop Earrings Jamie Nicole 18K gold necklace set with 130 fancy pink round brilliant cut diamonds with the total weight of 2 carats and 26 fancy yellow round brilliant cut diamonds

Total Carat Weight: Retail Price:

2.56 $70,000

Platinum Flower Necklace Jamie Nicole 18K gold necklace set with 130 fancy pink round brilliant cut diamonds with the total weight of 2 carats and 26 fancy yellow round brilliant cut diamonds

Total Carat Weight: Retail Price:

6.45 $165,000



Girls’ Night Out Private Event Jack Ryan shared a joyous occasion in March with a group of women who are new to the JR Family. We held a Girls’ Night Out for the group to come and drink fine wine, eat fine food, and to experience fabulous jewels and talk to stimulating people. The viewing party was held on March 5, 2014, when we opened our doors to a marvellous group of women who live in the surrounding Austin area.


From Queens and Kings to Jack Ryan Fine Jewelry By Máire Jacqueline O’Callaghan Once upon a time, only monarchs and other nobility had access to jewelry with diamonds and other precious stones. Today, you can visit Jack Ryan Fine Jewelry + Timepieces’ exquisite store in Austin, Texas, to find that unparalleled piece of jewelry or timepiece, or you can find it online—your one-of-a-kind, superbly crafted piece is only keystrokes away. Technology has completely transformed the way we shop. And technology has dramatically changed the manufacturing process. For jewelry designers, modern technology provides the tools to create pieces that once could only be imagined, while watchmakers can marry time-honored techniques with modern technology, crafting beautifully engineered timepieces that reflect both the past and present.


Today, you can buy these extraordinary and exceptional pieces at Jack Ryan Fine Jewelry + Timepieces. You can buy a timepiece made by a company that has been in business for more than 140 years, by artisans who are sometimes from the second or third generation— online. You can buy functional wristwatches or traditional timepieces designed and manufactured by Mühle-Glashütte, or you can buy a piece of jewelry from Anne Sportun’s Ruby Capsule Collection with elements of the old and new world.

Launching a luxury retail brand How did this high-end retail store with its luxurious offerings and incredible ambiance come to be? Originally, the store was named after a partner of the current owner Robert Turner. The majority of the inventory consisted of preowned watches and a jewelry line from a single designer. At that time, there were no authorized dealerships and there was only a minimal online presence.

It takes a strong entrepreneurial spirit to establish a brand and make it a success. While Robert Turner had no experience operating a high-end retail store, he is a successful, savvy businessperson and entrepreneur with many years of experience. Thus, he took the fledgling company to a new level, one designed to meet a need he identified in the Austin high-end retail landscape. “For years my wife and I have traveled to other cities for high-end watch and jewelry purchases,” said Robert Turner. “Austin was never a consideration due to a lack of both a quality store and inventory. Given Austin’s rising wealth and national exposure, we saw an opportunity to bring high-end watches and jewelry to Austin via a beautifully appointed store with first-rate customer service.” He named the new retail store after his two sons: Jack and Ryan. Thus, on September 20, 2012, Jack Ryan Fine Jewelry + Timepieces was launched.

Integrating the bricks and mortar with modern technology The question then was “Who was to be at the helm of this transformed, unique retail operation?” It took almost four months of conversations and consideration before Mark Baran accepted the position of Chief Executive Officer of Jack Ryan Fine Jewelry + Timepieces in September 2013. He took some time to think about whether or not he should accept the offer as his experience had primarily been in the technology industry, most recently as President and Chief Executive Officer of Ikhana Software Corporation. Mark Baran’s decision to join the company was solidified when the owners granted him flexibility to build a twenty-first century, high-end retail business model.


At first glance, it was an odd appointment, but in reality, an inspired one. As a technology professional, Mark Baran has the expertise and experience to successfully take Jack Ryan Fine Jewelry + Timepieces into the twenty-first century. His one exposure to a related field was as a hobbyist watch dealer on the Internet, where he developed a perspective on the industry: “An ideal business model for the jewelry business of the future, by necessity, would require the combination of a distinctive retail brick and mortar establishment, augmented with a robust Internet marketing operation.” Mark Baran’s early retail experience in the 1970s showed him the power of what used to be called “mail order” marketing and sales. He said, “The Internet is really that business model, augmented by modern technology, which allows a retailer to appeal to a much broader and ever-increasing prospect base. The vast majority of jewelers do a poor job of utilizing these new modern tools—to the point where most jewelry operations do little more than throw a prospective customer into an electronic fish bowl of products, and then direct them to go and find something to purchase.” He has an old saying derived from his many years in the technology industry: “It’s a project.” He explained how he uses this to conceptualize a business plan. “The evolution of Jack Ryan is a project. The term ‘project’ defines a business plan that is extremely complex and that extends into the unknown future. We combine twenty-first century marketing techniques and practices not commonly applied to retail operations, with good old-fashioned customer service excellence and the merchandising of unique products, to build a regional, if not national, business presence that will propel us into the future.”

Delivering the quintessence of luxury Jack Ryan Jewelry + Timepieces offers you unique, timeless pieces crafted by jewelry designers and watchmakers incorporating both traditional techniques and modern technology:

Jack Ryan’s Jamie Nicole in-house collection of jewelry blends classic and contemporary, with each piece individually fashioned from gold, platinum, rhodium and other precious metals—one piece at a time. Anne Sportun’s team of highly-skilled goldsmiths handcrafts each piece of jewelry. She oversees every detail such as her One of a Kind Collection where she hand selects each gemstone from rosecut rubies to diamonds set in 18 carat gold. Michael Good is a goldsmith preeminent among American goldsmiths whose work rivals the best in the world. He is renowned for his superb jewelry and his pioneering craftsmanship.

The Peter Speake-Marin timepiece collection pays homage to the horological tradition and its valuable lessons, while at the same time mining the rich possibilities available today. During his time in Piccadilly, London, he discovered the wide variety of methods used by watchmakers over the centuries, the best of which he brings to his own timepiece designs. With a NOMOS Glashütte timepiece you will own a precision engineered watch that stands for cultural richness. Up to 95  percent of every NOMOS movement is also made on site—largely by hand. But there is always a touch of hightech when more accurateness is needed than the human hand can perform.

Whether you want gold, platinum or other precious metals; whether you want diamonds, rubies, emeralds or other gemstones; whether you want a limited edition or one of a kind—you will find it at Jack Ryan Jewelry + Timepieces—online or at our Austin-based store. In the past, monarchs and other nobility treasured and collected exquisite jewelry and unique timepieces. Now, you can make these timeless treasures a part of your family legacy.


An Affair of Passion & Publicity, a Mysterious Disappearance, and a Tale of Murder & Mayhem By Máire Jacqueline O’Callaghan What do these stories have in common? These three stories, one of which will make your hair stand on end, are about exquisite, legendary diamonds.

An Affair of Passion & Publicity The stormy, troubled marriage of Dame Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton was one long saga of passion and publicity. They met in 1963 on the set of Cleopatra and were married for ten years. Taylor was an extraordinary person, a humanitarian and a great actor: winning two Academy Awards for Best Actress and receiving the Jean Herscholt Humanitarian Academy Award in 1992 for her work fighting HIV/AIDS. Taylor had a passion for collecting jewelry, and Burton lavished her with gifts. One of these much publicized gifts was a 69.42-carat pear-shaped diamond, an incredible stone cut by the famous Harry Winston from a 241-carat rough diamond from the De Beers Group’s Premier Diamond Mine in South Africa.


Cartier paid a record of $1.05 million for the 69.42-carat diamond at auction on October 23, 1969. The very next day, even after losing out to another bidder, Burton was still determined to buy the diamond. Calling the buyer’s agent from a hotel pay phone, he negotiated for the million dollar diamond while dropping coins into the slot. Naming rights were included, thus this legendary gemstone is known as the Taylor Burton Diamond. After her divorce in 1978, Taylor auctioned the diamond for $5 million using the money to build a hospital in Botswana. Its current owner, Robert Fayez Mouawad, had the diamond recut to 68.0 carats.Today, the Taylor-Burton Diamond is the tenth largest diamond in the magnificent collection of diamonds belonging to the Mouawad family.

A Mysterious Disappearance

King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette – During the French Revolution they were deposed and beheaded: Louis XVI by guillotine on January 21, 1793, and eight months later Marie Antoinette by guillotine on October 16, 1793. Their horrific deaths were attributed to the Hope Diamond curse, which is a little farfetched as the death toll during the reign of terror ranged in the tens of thousands—16,594 were executed by guillotine in Paris.

Wilhelm Fals – A Dutch jeweler who recut the diamond was murdered by his son, who then committed suicide.

Simon Maoncharides – This Greek merchant after acquiring the diamond drove his car over a cliff, not only killing himself, but also his wife and child.

Evalyn Walsh McLean – When wealthy American socialite Evalyn Walsh McLean bought the Hope Diamond, it signaled the end of her carefree life: her mother-in-law died; her 9-year-old son died; her husband left her for another woman; her 25-year-old daughter died of a drug overdose; her newspaper, The Washington Post, had to be sold; and she died deeply in debt. In 1949, Evalyn’s surviving children sold the Hope Diamond to New York diamond merchant Harry Winston.

James G. Todd – In 1958, Harry Winston donated the Hope Diamond, surrounded by 16 diamonds and hanging from a chain with 45 diamonds, to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. He shipped the diamonds in a plain brown package by registered mail. James Todd, the mailman who delivered the package, shortly afterwards suffered a crushed leg and head wound in two separate car accidents; his wife died of a heart attack, and his home was partially destroyed by fire.

The Patiala Necklace was one of the most spectacular and expensive pieces of jewelry ever made. As well as the 234.65-carat De Beers Diamond, the finished necklace weighed about 962.25 carats and featured seven diamonds ranging in size from 18 carats to 73 carats each, close to 3,000 small diamonds, and a number of Burmese rubies. The De Beers is the seventh largest faceted diamond in the world. It was created by Cartier for Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala, who in 1928 commissioned Cartier to set the pale yellow diamond as the centerpiece of a ceremonial necklace. The last sighting of the fabled platinum necklace was in 1946 when it was worn by the Maharaja for a special ceremony. In 1947, at the demise of British sovereignty in India, this exquisite necklace disappeared—it completely vanished with no trace of its whereabouts. That is until 1998 when remnants of the necklace were discovered by a gemologist in a secondhand jewelry shop in London. All the big stones were gone, including the De Beers diamond. For the gemologist it must have been like finding the remains of a dinosaur—from the magnificent whole only the bones were left. These remnants of the once magnificent necklace were acquired by Cartier, who then spent four years restoring it to resemble the original. The De Beers Diamond itself reappeared in May 1982, and it was put up for auction by Sotheby’s in Geneva and was bought for $3.16 million.

A Tale of Murder & Mayhem According to legend, the deep blue 45.52-carat Hope Diamond has left a trail of human tragedy and disaster in its wake. For centuries, the Hope Diamond has intrigued people, not only because of its alleged curse, but also because of its quality and size, as well as its unrivaled blue color. Here is a brief history of some of the stories that reinforce the Hope Diamond’s reputation for being the source of the misfortunes that befell these unfortunate individuals:

Jean-BaptisteTavernier – The legend of the Hope Diamond began when it was allegedly stolen from an idol in India by Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, leaving behind a curse that foretold misfortune or death to all who touched it. Tavernier paid for his crime. According to the legend, after selling the diamond to French King Louis XIV, Tavernier was torn apart by wolves. Tavernier has the dubious distinction of being the first Hope Diamond death. King Louis XIV – All except one of the legitimate children of King Louis died in childhood, and he died of gangrene.

Since being donated to the Smithsonian, more than 100 million people have visited the Hope Diamond. They, along with the people of the Smithsonian and Harry Winston, appear to have avoided the curse. So it’s safe to say you can pay the Hope Diamond a visit, and not worry about being ripped apart by wolves, beheaded, or beset by misfortune while out walking the dog. This brief chronicle of three exquisite gems only captures a fraction of their incredible history. All of these diamonds—the Taylor-Burton, the De Beers, and the Hope—have a compelling history from when they were formed billions of years ago deep beneath the earth’s surface, to their cutting, recutting, and to the legendary people who owned them. Sources An Affair of Passion & Publicity A Mysterious Disappearance A Tale of Murder & Mayhem The Curse of the Hope Diamond by Jennifer Rosenberg


Austin has Grown Bigger than its Boots By Alicia L. White


ustin has become world renowned as the “Live Music Capital of the World,” with a growing population: it is increasing at a 2.6% annual rate and over the last year adding approximately 50,000 new Austinites. The rapid growth has brought an influx of techies, musicians, and, of course, an expanding “weird” culture, although Austin is also forging ahead in an industry making a name for itself as a fashion mecca. In a state where it is hard to take a stand against the long history of tight wranglers, belt buckles, and cowboy boots, Austin has broken out of the norm and truly risen above the rest. The city is moving fast towards a more metropolitan culture, although the locals are resisting the growth, creating a melting pot mentality that combines the liberal vibe of Los Angeles and the hustle and bustle of New York City.

Embracing Growth

The job market has grown, raising unemployment rates and outside movement. This growth in employment has come from a surge in small business and large company success. Austin’s soul has always believed in the truth and integrity of the American Dream of entrepreneurship. The support of this belief is something that has not only been embraced in recent years, but also amplified, ultimately resulting in the growth of the town’s economic base. As small business operators and local Austinites ourselves, we have seen the changes in the fashion and jewelry Industry with the demographic of the city morphing from the local families and University of Texas college students, to now including younger career-driven professionals who have moved from larger cities, as a part of corporate migration to the metropolitan area, resulting in higher incomes for their age bracket than in the past. And these people are ready to spend.


Looking Hip

This change has made a dramatic difference in the retail industry with our demographic having more disposable income, based on larger personal budgets; ultimately providing Austin room to expand its fashion markets to higher grossing venues, such as designer and boutique. Austin thrift stores and resale shops that were once hip and trendy have become less of a local’s everyday fashion staple. Luxury jewelry and ready-to-wear stores are slowly popping up all over Austin, carrying name-brand designers. Big box retailers that sold to the masses in the past have lost popular followings, largely due to this new demographic and its need to be “different” and “original” in a culture that is much more concerned with keeping up with the times and trends. A need for boutique fashions is not just desirable, but a perceived necessity in Austin, where looking “hip” at the latest musical festival is crucial. These new boutiques are not just surviving, but they are thriving.

Taking a Successful Ride

With the radical growth of various events throughout the entire year, like South by Southwest, Austin City Limits, Austin Fashion Week, and now the upcoming X Games being held in Austin, we are seeing millions of visitors stream through town shopping and bringing new ideas, designs, and trends from all over the world. In fact, some of these events, such as SXSW and Austin City Limits have become a “scene” of sorts. The following these events receive before, during, and after result in a major impact on the fashion world in the city. Our fashion industry definitely takes a successful ride on the coattails of these events, which we can see reflected in related social media blasts and other “buzz” throughout the entire year.

In many cases, these major event travelers are not just passing tourists. Many fall in love with the city, and the people, fashion, and culture that have been created here. And fashion designers are part of the mix moving here permanently, permeating their creations throughout Austin. The worldly fashions that are sweeping through town are sticking. These people and events and what they bring to our welcoming state inspire local and other designers. New trends created right here in Austin are on the rise. We have an increasingly popular Fashion Week, made up of student designers from surrounding universities, local young designers, and many well-known designers who visit to participate in the event. These minds come together for the event where fashion lovers gather to build, discuss, and create what will become the fashion world in Austin. These designers see the potential growth of Austin, and have come to this city to help ensure the hottest, coolest, and most elite of trendsetters are seeing their fashions and spreading the word.

Searching for New Ways

and reflects the nature of our community and its culture. Yes, we are a high-end store, but we still maintain a casual and relaxed environment for our customers, one that caters to a broad spectrum of people whether a local who has a family of four, a business professional only in town for the day, or just a watch nut that comes in to talk things horological. Like the Austin fashion scene, we are still delving into where we fit in the beating heart of the community. We are constantly growing with the times and facing forward to keep up with our trending city and population while, at the same time, attempting to deliver the most luxurious and unique products to the people of the most beautiful city in the world.

Creating a Foundation

The world famous fashion capitals like New York City, Paris, London, and Milan are known for their historical impact on the industry and for what they have brought to the table. These tourist destinations have spent decades building this reputation, as well as the major talents that have spent their entire careers in these cities.

As one of the few local fine jewelers in town, we find ourselves in a continual balancing act. To stay “cool” is something we and other retailers strive to achieve. However, we are searching for new ways to constantly stay on top of all aspects of our business, including the changes that twenty-first century technology has bestowed upon us. Social media and our online presence is something that is on the forefront of our minds at all times, because we know that although Austinites may love to “keep it local,” we have to always think about what is next. Whether we like it or not, all these changes force us to excel in a market, which like Austin itself, is growing in a continually changing environment.

Austin, making a name for itself as a city on the rise, has begun creating the foundation for a powerful fashion uproar in the future. Austin Fashion Week is our first step towards recognition, growth, and, of course, industry credibility. Austin Fashion Week 2014 celebrates the sixth annual showing of emerging and independent designers. This presentation stretches a little over a week, and also brings in the power of social media buzzing all over the web about each of the daily fashions seen during the shows. Edgy and funky photographers and videographers are also bringing out the big guns, making sure that the entire world sees Austin in an honest way and prepared for success.

Jack Ryan Fine Jewelry + Timepieces is the premier fine jewelry

Jack Ryan Fine Jewelry + Timepieces and fellow Austinites support wholeheartedly the city’s emergence on the international scene, shedding light on the true talent that lives here in Austin, as well as

store in Central Texas, and we keep it fresh and fun while still maintaining our lifestyle brand, one that is luxurious, organic,

receiving well-deserved merit for the city’s amazing achievements. Austin’s boots are now definitely too small to fit.




Making a Difference Public Event A warm thank you from all of us here at Jack Ryan Fine Jewelry + Timepieces to our partners in the event, Ferrari of Austin, and to all the people who participated in the First Annual Food-Fun-Fur & Ferrari fundraising event held on Saturday, April 26, 2014. You all contributed and made a difference. And many of you lost your hearts to a cat or a dog, and kindly and generously gave them forever homes. Frances Jonon, Executive Director of the Austin Humane Society, had this to say to us, “Thank you for inviting us to be a part of your wonderful event on Saturday, we had a wonderful time! I’m excited to share with you that most of the animals from Saturday found loving forever homes very quickly, including the orange tabby Tarzan that was busy entertaining all of the youngsters that stopped by on Saturday and Peaches the momma dog.  The event provided great exposure for all these deserving animals, a chance for us to mingle with some of our supporters who live in the area, and we had some new volunteer recruits as well! All in all, I cannot tell you enough how much we appreciate your continued support and everything you all do for AHS, it makes such a difference.” The Austin Humane Society has received a portion of all sales from the event, so everyone who participated has contributed to saving the lives of homeless animals. We are delighted at the success of this fundraising event and at the resulting adoptions. Thank you again.


Jewelry Gems on the Street By Alicia L. White My entire career I have been searching for something—that moment of sudden insight that comes from the subconscious mind that has been gathering sensory data. I knew a moment would come when I would locate that tangible something that I could grab. Then I would collect everything I’ve learned from books and from my life experience, roll it into one, and run with it. For me that tangible something was jewelry. From a child I loved fashion, I would persuade my mother to let me wear my out-of-the-box ensembles. Then jewelry came into my life when my grandmother pulled out boxes and boxes of her grandmother’s and great grandmother’s jewelry. We would dig through it for hours—and I was hooked. To follow my first love I studied fashion in Los Angeles, but I needed to get back to my roots as I wanted to intertwine my California fashion knowledge with my Texas upbringing. And also to get back to jewelry. At Jack Ryan Fine Jewelry I’ve found my balance. I can spend countless hours with exquisite, oneof-a-kind pieces and with the most prestigious brands of international fine jewelry in the world. To share with others luxury collections that are crafted with the most exclusive compositions of diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds is an absolute joy. I can now revel to the fullest in that tangible something: pure luxury and purity of lines created by combining original and precious materials with timeless designs—designs that are simply beautiful and that touch our hearts. To explore the world of jewelry further, I set off and wandered the streets of Austin with my camera, looking for those special pieces that people wear and love. I found some exceptional pieces and people were so kind and generous, allowing me to photograph their jewelry right there on the street. I shared some special moments and memories with them. Check them out. You really do see some amazing jewelry on the streets of Austin.


A fantastic combination of dressy and casual, these pieces find the perfect balance. Large ruby rings with intricate details of yellow gold and silver makes it look regal but also casual. Stacking a fine jewelry piece with a less valuable piece offers more room for wear.

A woman’s classic tennis bracelet will never break trend. This piece is a staple item in every woman’s wardrobe, an easy addition to an everyday outfit or eveningwear. In this case, the tennis bracelet is showing its cool and mo ern side.

The layering of pearls, yellow gold and silver gives a certain edge to an otherwise luxury piece. While still maintaining the integrity of elegance, a stacking effect integrates a mixture of trendy and traditional pieces. Layering different styles like a cuff with multiple bangles is a current and trending style. A genuinely vintage piece like this emerald statement ring is rare and expensive. Originally designed by the owner in the 1970’s, it was passed down to her daughter who now treasures the piece.

Similar to the photos above, this woven yellow gold and silver ring, with a statement pearl resembling a popular cabochon cut, has a great “wow” factor. A large statement or cocktail ring is a strong addition to any woman’s wardrobe.


JeweledLUXE - May 2014