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Eco Friendly Pest Control Methods

Pest Controllers

Pests may be harmful to humans and to our properties but they are still living things. Treating them as an integral part of our ecosystem will make our environment a better place for all. Poisons must be employed only when the infestation cannot be remedied with natural methods. Before trying out poisons which can harm other animals and humans, try these eco friendly methods first.

Vacuum Small Insects

A great way of getting rid of ants that search for food during the summer time is by vacuuming them. This can also work for other insects. Aside from ants, a vacuum can be also used for roaches that hide in hard to reach places. It is also very effective in decreasing the number of dust mites in your home. Dust mites are microscopic insects that are present almost everywhere. Many people are bitten without even knowing that there are dust mites all around them. Through this method, the pest can be disposed without making physical contact with it.

Use non poisonous traps

Many traps have been developed that do not use poison. This prevents secondary poisoning of predators. Some traps even capture the pest alive for proper disposal to their natural habitat. This can be used in termite protection in Sidney, where the pest can be unique animals. There are also traps for rats that don’t kill them if you want to dispose of them humanely. For insects, there are traps for both adults and the larvae stage. Many of these traps though, are fatal for the insects.

Pest Controllers

Use of extreme temperatures

There are some pest controllers that use steamed water to heat the ground killing larvae of locusts and other colonial pests. Treating garments in a mixture of chemical and heated methods are also effective for bed bugs.

Natural oils

Many natural oils for plants are known to be potent insect repellants. One example is the Thai lemon grass that contains citronella; an effective mosquito repellant. Plants have these natural oils to repel insects from eating them. For people, they are used as effective, safe and natural ways of repelling insects. Throwing some rosemary or sage in the fire while camping will repel mosquitoes in a natural way. Neem tree can be planted all around the house as a natural and long term repellent for mosquitoes.

Though there are many eco-friendly ways of repelling pests and their population, these methods may not be effective in places where there is high density of people. In places where there is heavy infestation of pests, commercial pest control may be needed.

Pest Controllers

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