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Salve for Splinter removal

Get Those Splinters Removed by Using an Ichthammol Ointment • How often have you seen kids who have got splinters. Splinters are nothing but small pieces of glass, wood or some metal. When these small pieces get embedded in the skin, it causes pain and may result in infection. Splinters are common in children especially who play outdoor frequently. To avoid infection and other problems, it is strictly recommended that splinters are removed as soon as possible. • Use an All-Natural Salve for Splinter Removal • To remove splinters, first the affected area needs to be cleaned with a neat cloth and washed gently. One can use scissors or tweezers and even needles to remove splinters but it is not recommended as it causes a nick and may leave a mark. Hence it is best to remove a splinter using Ichthammol ointment. • The ointment plays a crucial role by using a salve for splinter removal, the application of the ointment renders the skin in the applied area to become soft. This in turn causes the body to naturally push out the splinter, not immediately but definitely. It is a time taking process and it usually takes about a day for the splinter to be completely drive out from the skin. The ointment has grease like smell. It is best to cover the salve with a band-aid so that it serves as a protective layer. • The author has treated several splinter removal cases and for getting Ichthammol ointment and further information regarding splinter removal, he recommends the name of

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