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Liz Brand (Headteacher) Jeff Meadows (Chair) John Craig (Vice Chair) Rozelle Micklem Marian Saunders Liz Brooks

In Attendance:

Phillipa Daw (FMS Technician) Christine Beswick (Clerk)

1. Apologies Apologies were received from Caroline Gilbert (however, she arrived towards the end of the meeting). 2. Minutes of the last meeting of 14 May 2008 The minutes were signed as a true record. 3. Matters arising There were no matters arising. 4. Budget Monitoring Statement Phillipa Daw explained the School Financial Statement page by page: Core School Expenditure: Admin Staff: this line is on target Lunchtime Supervisor: forecast ÂŁ207 overspend, this could reduce slightly when the non teaching staff pay increase has been decided. Supply Sickness: income currently exceeds expenditure due to a long term sickness of a member of the support staff. This needs to be moved to the correct cost centre. There will be a saving here as we have temporary cover on a lower grade. Staff Insurance Premium: This is exactly as anticipated. Supply Other: 45.7% spent Teachers: 56.8% spent, we are budgeting to spend all of this as 2 performance management points have not yet gone through which have been budgeted for. Teaching assistants: We have received ÂŁ2474 from the Penryn Partnership which was initially put into Miscellaneous Income but has now been allocated to this line.

Staff Travel: We have not had staff travel expenditure before, but a teacher has been on a course to Torquay and a school camp trip. This will be left as an overspend so that it can be budgeted for next year. The school should consider budgeting for this in the future. Premises: this is based on the formula allocation Administration: Advertising and Interview Expenses – Percentage spend to date higher than anticipated, will monitor. Staff CRB checks have increased to £72, so potential to overspend. Clerking: Only 8.6% spent. General Administration: Balance is higher than original allocation due to payments for photocopying. Insurance: spent exactly Photocopying lease: 56.9% spent - on track Postage: 40.0% spent – on track Telephone: 67% spent – a little higher than expected SLA’s: All on track Staff Training and Development: Balance of £4000, some courses have paid for themselves. Curriculum Resources: Constantine Kid’s Club – To date this is very successful and self sufficient. We received a donation of £881 from the previous Kid’s Club. 3 members of staff need to be assigned to this line. Will keep a close eye on this. The rest of the curriculum areas will be spent. Healthy Schools: Identified as overspend as last year’s carry forward was not rolled over. Kid’s Council: Identified over spend as payment made to M & M Productions, this will reduce once payments have been made by the children, donation from PTA and Private fund. Next year we will put in a line called ‘Performing Arts’. Modern Foreign Languages: Identified as over spend, as school as been advised that more money is due in that line. PE Identified as over spend as last year’s carry forward was not rolled over. All in all the expenditure situation is running to plan. DFC: The DFC budget is not part of the school budget as it is produced by the PT & E Accountancy Team and not linked with the Education Accountancy Team. The DFC report produced is not easy to view but they are working on this. LB thinks there is approx £10 000 left after we have paid for the projects outstanding (see Head Teacher’s Report to Governors November 2008), but a statement in December will confirm this. Core School Funding and Income

Delegated Funds: we have approx. £28,130 more than anticipated from County as the floor area of the school is more than has been reported, giving us 3 years accumulative additional money. School Development Grant: We have received £1,159, previously known as School Lunch Grant Fund. This can only be spent on specific items for the kitchen, eg training, software, nutritional content, new equipment etc. LB is presently talking with Commercial Services SEN Audit fund: This is on track. Income Lettings income: We have £1520 from Taekwondo lettings Donations: The £1000 shown is the Private Fund donation for swimming; this has now gone into 4Swim cost centre. Our carry forward is now £52,601 made up of general reserves, specific reserves of ICT £15,000 and Curriculum £5000. This carry forward figure is too high and it was decided by the Governors that we would increase our specific reserves to: ICT £30,000, Curriculum £10,000 PD produced a 3 year forecast; the first column 2008/2009 replicated the Management Report as reported on above. The second column 2009/10 is based on 3% inflation on today’s expenditure, PLASC figures from the October 2008 Census giving a revised formula allocation and staff increments including any increment that could occur, i.e. worst case scenario. PD was confident that the 2009/10 figures will sustain 5 classes. The third column 2010/2011 is not looking good to sustain 5 classes, but the figures are very vague. PD will be able to report a more accurate figure in February/March next year. 5. FMSIS JeffM has looked at the Scheme of Delegation and is planning to carry on working on this document with CJB to reduce the 38 pages. He has also looked at the Finance Policy with a view to updating this. The meeting closed at 3.45pm.

Finance 24 Nov 08  

Finance Minutes

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