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Loyalty A story of love and loyalty on a supernatural scale. Edited Draft By: Paul Nakis, Albert Lui and Benjamin Duffie


Scene 1: PRE TITLE SEQUENCE (THE HUNT) Situation: SARAH is walking down the street and while she's walking, she stops and looks behind her with something of a confused look on her face. She shrugs and she continues walking. This time you hear shoes walking. She looks behind her again and sees no one. Confused and a little frightening, she goes in to an alleyway. With the noises seemly following her, she turns around and asks who's there. When she sees its no one, she keeps going. When the noises start again, she turns around. Corvexius suddenly appears. Suddenly she is lying dead on the floor with Corvexius walking away. There's a flash. We cut to the title. Directions: ALLEYWAY STREET #1 SARAH is walking down the street. She suddenly stops and looks behind her. She turns back and continues walking. (Queue shoes walking) SARAH stops again and looks behind her. Verifying nothing is there, she walks into an alleyway looking slightly frightened. ALLEYWAY #1 SARAH walking. (Queue shoes walking) SARAH turns around. Sarah Hello? (Three second gap) Is anyone there? (Three second gap) Hm. SARAH turns around and continues walking. After a few seconds of walking, she stops abruptly and turns around. The focus zooms in on CORVEXIUS (suddenly appearing out of nowhere) the focus lasts for a split second. After a FLASH OF THE DEVIL, SARAH lies dead on the floor, with her eyes having a dead stare and her tongue sticking out. CORVEXIUS is walking away from the body. The focus is put on him. Two seconds later he FLASH STEPS. Scene End Editors directions: After the FLASH STEP, create a FLASH OF THE DEVIL and cut to the title screen. Scene 2: Hello Normality Situation: Ok, so this is basically a scene to introduce PAT, KATY and throw in GBACKGROUNDS and STEVEN. Nothing incredibly special about it. Directions: PAT'S HOUSE Have the television in shot PAT is sitting on the couch watching the news on the television NEWS SPEAKER Another woman has been found dead by police. Doctors say the woman was beaten to death just yesterday and was found in a side street. The police believe it is linked to the string of murders happening all over the city. Sceptics are saying that the erratic weather patterns have caused madness and led to the string of woman homicides. PAT picks up the remote. PAT Boring


She switches off the television The focus is put on pat Puts her head back in frustration PAT (Narration) Hi I'm Patricia. But you can call me pat. At least I hope you do. A montage occurs with her narration: Pat brushing her teeth Collecting books Leaving her front door Walking down her street PAT (Narration) This is my house. My mum rents it out so I can be closer to school. I know that sounds weird but it’s my mum’s idea. So yeah, it is weird. Her walking into school Walking past the gbackgrounds conversing and using their phones Walking up stairs and down hallways This is my school. It's pretty good although I still don't know why my mum like sending me here. Don't get me wrong I love it and having my own place and being in this school is pretty special. Well for me any way. Pats getting some books and other items out of her locker Katy walks in KATY Hey man. PAT Oh hi Kat. KATY Still ready for that science test PAT What does it look like? KATY I hate you. PAT Why? KATY Because of your stupid preparation. PAT Well maybe you should prepare better. KATY Maybe you should shut up. PAT Maybe you should fail.


KATY Well I already am, so now your obliged to shut up (laughs and around this point jump into the pat narration while the two girls continue to talk.) PAT (Narration) that's Katy. She's been my best friend since primary school. She's also a little weird but I suppose that's why I love her. Not in that sense of course. Mr/Mrs Thompson is talking and teaching in the class room, all, the students are listening and pats sitting there not paying much attention. PAT (Narration)There isn't much I can tell you about myself. All there is, is school and friends and school and stuff. I suppose my necklace is the only real thing I could talk about. I can't think of anything. Well that's kind of depressing. MR/MRS THOMPSON Patricia. PAT (Off in the distance voice) yeah MR/MRS THOMPSON What did I just say. PAT Some question. MR/MRS THOMPSON And what’s the answerer to that question? PAT I don't know, ask Katy. MR/MRS THOMPSON I did, she doesn't know either. PAT Well I suppose it’s something like negative four. MR/MRS THOMPSON Well although you are correct I just wish you would pay more attention in class. PAT Don't worry about it. Everyone comes together in a big group outside the school PAT (Narration) It’s a normal life, there isn't any other way to put it. To me, nothing could break it. Yep, it’s completely and utterly normal. Scene 3: Truancy STREET #2 Corvexius is walking down the street. The ruffians 5 are standing and sitting talking. One of them stands up. RUFFIAN #1 Hey you. Corvexius stops walking


RUFFIAN #1 What it someone like you doing around here, eh. CORVEXIUS Someone like who RUFFIAN #1 You mate. What are doing walking through here. Other ruffians stand up in anticipation. No one like you gets through. CORVEXIUS Like me. RUFFIAN #1 Yeah we don't like the look of you. CORVEXIUS (Grunt) really? Interesting. Let me pass. RUFFIAN #1 (Laugh) I don't think you get it. Give us money, everything you got and we won't break you in half. CORVEXIUS Break me. (Looks over at Alex) You, what’s your name. RUFFIAN #2 What’s it to you mate? CORVEXIUS I'm not talking to you. You, girl, what’s your name. Ruffians make an angry noise RUFFIAN #1 Hey, shut your mouth bitch! You don't talk to her. CORVEXIUS And obviously you don't get to talk to me. What it your name. RUFFIAN #1 Oh that's it. Ruffian #1 charges and punches with his right arm. Corvexius dodges, goes underneath the arm, stands up straight and slams the back of his hand against ruffian #1's head, all in you movement. Ruffian #1 slams against the wall and collapses. The ruffian #2 attacks with his left fist, Corvexius grabs it and kicks him in the stomach. When ruffian #2 lurches, Corvexius grabs his left arm with his left arm, twists it and right elbows the ruffians head, knocking him to the ground. The third ruffian charges, Corvexius karate chops him several times in the chest, stunning the ruffian and round house kicks him to the right. The fourth ruffian attacks with his left fist. Corvexius grabs it, twists it and stabs the ruffian in the stomach with his right hand. Alex looks shocked. Corvexius pulls his hand out and the ruffian drops to the floor with a horrified expression on his face. Alex backs away slightly but is all round too scared to move much. Corvexius walks closer to her. Corvexius Now what is your name? ALEX A-Alex


CORVEXIUS Alex what? ALEX A-Alex V-vitermire Corvexius What school do you go to? ALEX Caber ton secondary. I didn't go because Christian said w-we could go out and have fun today. C-Christian. CORVEXIUS Do you know someone by the name Taylor? ALEX Y-you mean pat. Y-yeah, s-she's in my class, w-why? Corvexius looks over at the bodies. He looks at Alex CORVEXIUS Hm I wonder. He puts up the same hand that stabbed the ruffian up and it starts GLOWING. Camera is aimed at some expanse of sky Alex screams. Theirs the FLASH OF THE DEVIL and it is now afternoon PAT'S HOUSE Pat walks into her house. She drops her bag on the floor and rushes to answer the phone. She answers and Katy is on the other end. PAT Hello? KATY Hi! PAT Hi Kat. KATY Man today was boring. PAT Yeah I know. KATY Didn't see Christian or his "gang" today. PAT Well when do they come to school? KATY I feel bad for that girl Alex. PAT Well it's her own fault.


KATY That's kind of harsh. PAT What coming from me, you witch. KATY Hey, what I say and what comes out of my mouth are two different things. PAT Yeah, sure. Why are you so interested in Christian anyway. Looking to replace Alex? KATY Pat, what the hell. PAT I'm sorry, that was harsh. KATY Yeah you bully. PAT I said I was sorry. KATY Well no harm done. Have you seen the news. PAT No Pat turns on her television NEWS SPEAKER Even more murders have been committed. This time it was a group of school children, four boys and a girl. Police stated that the teens were involved in gang activity of some kind. Three of the boys and the girl were severely beaten to death and the last of the four boys was stabbed once and left to die. The police say that the boy was stabbed with a long knife or sword of some kind, at least a foot long. Police have no leads as to where the killers could have gone, but they are certain that they are linked to the other deaths that have occurred over the past few weeks. This is the only case, police state, where men have been executed as well. The police are notifying the next of kin as we speak. Pat Whoa KATY Yeah I know what’s going on here. PAT I suppose this means we should be careful going out. KATY Watch out pat, they love pretty geeks like you. PAT Shut up Katy. I just hope Christian's "gang" doesn't get hurt in their dealings. KATY Would that be such a bad thing. PAT


Kat! KATY What you said it. PAT I did not. NEWS SPEAKER On a separate topic, a woman is undergoing extreme fertility treatment after many years of yearning for a baby to call her own. Pat turns off the TV. PAT And the world keeps turning KATY Yeah, well see you tomorrow. I heard some new kids are coming to our class. PAT Oh boy, I bet you are aching with anticipation. KATY It’s not my fault we need some decent looking classmates, who I am just hope are male. PAT Shallow much? KATY Lonely much? PAT Whatever, see you there. Pat hangs up Pat walks off to bed. Scene 4: If you need me, scream HOMEROOM Everyone is chatting to themselves, sneaking glances at Jack and Corvexius standing at the front. Mr/Mrs Thompson walks into the classroom and drops his/her books on the desk. MR/MRS THOMPSON Oh, sorry I'm late. Oh my, sorry to keep you boys standing there, how embarrassing. Ladies and gentleman we have some new students in our class today. They are Picks up a piece of paper and reads it Nathan Corvexius and Jack Ciber. I think that's right, Ciber? Jack Yeah that's right. CORVEXIUS Takes a step forward Good morning fellow students, it’s a pleasure meeting you today. I hope we can get to know one another and all be properly educated. May we all make fond memories we each other that we cherish when were crippled and on the verge of death.


Steps back Everyone looks slightly freaked out by what he said. MR/MRS THOMPSON Um thank you, Nathan. That was... sweet. Jack Steps forward and starts shaking people’s hands Hey there guys. I'm Jack and it’s a pleasure meeting you. Let’s hope we get to know each other. I'm here to help and Stops to shake Pat's for a while If you need me just holler. Jack walks back to the front. MR/MRS THOMPSON Thank you Jack and I'm sure we can make you two welcome. Now, please take your seats. He/she directs them to their assigned seating. Pat looks over at Corvexius sitting down while Mr/Mrs Thompson addresses the class. OUTSIDE #1 Pat is sitting down eating her food. Katy comes over and sits next to her. PAT Hey KATY Hey. So? PAT So what. KATY So what about the two new guys? PAT Yeah their Ok. I guess. I don't know about that Nathan guy though. KATY Yeah what was with that speech, and is it me or does he keep looking over at you. They look in Corvexius's direction. Corvexius looks around and keeps sneaking glances over at Pat. PAT I think he is. KATY What a weirdo. That Jacks cute though right? PAT Hm... (She is still looking at Corvexius) CLASSROOM #2 Mr/Mrs Thompson and Corvexius walk in together MR/MRS THOMPSON So Nathan. It is Nathan right?


CORVEXIUS Technically its Narthaniel but you can call me Nathan. MR/MRS THOMPSON Uh, sorry about that. So what nationality it that name? CORVEXIUS I'm not quite sure but I'll check with my mother if you like. MR/MRS THOMPSON If you could, that would be great. Now I'm aware your making your own school payments? CORVEXIUS Yep, my family lives to far away to pay for themselves so they give me money. MR/MRS THOMPSON They must be proud of your sense of responsibility. CORVEXIUS They are. MR/MRS THOMPSON Ok, so I just need you to sign some papers. They simply say you legally agree to pay your school fees. Your mother has already signed so I just need your signature. CORVEXIUS Could I read the papers first before I sign? MR/MRS THOMPSON Sure, there here on the desk... He/she taps the desk Could you come down and hand them to me when you’re done. CORVEXIUS Certainly. Mr/Mrs Thompson leaves Corvexius sits down and starts looking through the papers and picks up the pen. When he starts to write, Jack stands up from behind the desk, grabs writing hand and stabs a knife through it, making Corvexius unable to move. Corvexius doesn't even wince. Jack vaults over the table and punches the helpless Corvexius 6 times. He then starts banging his head against the table. After Jack bangs his head around ten times, Corvexius uses the fingers on his free hand to stop himself. He then grabs Jack's arm and twists it, forcing him onto the table. He then pulls the hand with the knife up, bringing the knife with it. Corvexius then twists Jack around, pulls the knife out, grabs Jack's shoulder and stabs him in the gut. Corvexius then throws the knife away and pummels Jack. After 20 seconds of beating, Corvexius grabs Jack by the throat and lifts him up. CORVEXIUS She’s mine. Corvexius throws Jack away. Jack comes flying out of the doorway, all battered and beaten. Corvexius walks out with the papers that he needed to sign and walks away. CORVEXIUS Clean it up. Scene 5: Ancient friends, deadly competition


The next day Pat is sitting on the bench with Katy. KATY So, like, when are the tests coming in. PAT They'll come in when they come in. KATY But I'm so anxious, I have to see them now. PAT Just chill. KATY Easy for you to say. PAT What was that? KATY I said easy for you to say. PAT That's better. KATY Hey you know how you haven't really, you know, connected with the guys at this school. PAT Look, I'm not going through this again with you. KATY Come on, you haven't had a boyfriend since I've met you. In fact, have you had one at all? PAT Well I don't really care about stuff like that. And look who’s talking, I don't see a very impressive rap sheet in your love life. KATY Yeah but it's better than waiting for the sheet on order. Postal service is poor these days Patricia. PAT Shut up. KATY Hey you know who would be nice. PAT Makes a pointing hand gesture For you or for nobody. KATY Makes another gesture For you silly. That new Jack fellow in our class. She points at Jack


PAT What? As if. KATY Come on I see how you look at him. PAT I look at all people the same way. KATY Really, then that must mean you drool allot. PAT I do not drool. KATY Well that's good, it would look embarrassing when you go talk to him. PAT I'm not going to talk to him! KATY But I thought you said you didn't like him. PAT No I said what as if, which implies that, all the more reason not to talk to him. KATY Come on do it. PAT No! Jack notices them and walks over with a smile on his face. PAT Oh no, here he comes. KATY (Shouting) well I'll be able to take care of your homework tonight Patricia. PAT (Urgent whisper) what, what are you doing?! KATY (Shouting) As the smart one, I'll finish it in time but it means I have to stop talking to you now and get started. Katy gives Pat the thumbs up Bye pat I'm going. PAT Wait, wait. Jack stops and smiles at Pat. Pat Hi. Jack Hi, it's Patricia, yeah.


PAT Well, pat, really. Jack Ok Pat, sorry for the mistake. PAT Don't worry about it. Jack So what was that about. PAT Don't worry she's an idiot. Jack Ok. Um listen pat. I don't know anybody around here. Would you be willing to help, you know, show me around. PAT Uh, yeah Ok, I can do that. Jack Great. They smile at each other That’s great. So maybe are you free today. PAT Yeah, sure, I don't think I have anything to do. Jack Except homework. PAT Except homework. Jack So I'll meet you at the lockers after school. PAT Yep that sounds good to me. Jack Alright it’s a date then. PAT (Quickly and embarrassed) Y-yeah its-a date I suppose, yeah. They stay their smiling at each other. Corvexius appears out of nowhere CORVEXIUS Greetings. PAT Whoa, I didn't see you there. CORVEXIUS Sorry to startle you. Hello Jack long time no see.


Jack A hey Narthaniel, good to see you to. Jack reaches for one of his guns CORVEXIUS I hope things are going well in school. Jack As do I. There’s a pause PAT Do you two know each other? The two stand there for a few moments, then at the same time they say CORVEXIUS/Jack You could say that. PAT (Seeming confused) O...k. Anyway, so you want to meet at the lockers. Jack winces, Corvexius doesn't move. Jack (Slightly startled and flushed) Um... y-yeah the lockers I...uh.... CORVEXIUS I see you have already made plans, that's my Jack I suppose. (Turns to leave) carry on then. (Walks off) PAT (Looking confused) Is after school going to be a problem? Jack No its (Jack regains his composure and smiles) its fine, thanks for helping me. See you then. (Turns) Bye. Jack runs off Katy comes back and sits next to Pat KATY What was that about. PAT I'm not sure. KATY What. PAT (Shakes her head) nothing. KATY So it’s a date is it. PAT


What!? KATY I could hear the blushing from over there. "Yeah a um yeah um" PAT Shut up you. Pat chases Katy with them both laughing playfully. Scene 6: First Impressions HALLWAY #1 Pats getting some books out of her locker. She looks around a bit and returns to her collecting. Corvexius appears nearby. PAT Oh, hi. CORVEXIUS Going out with Jack I see. PAT Yeah, I guess. Do you guys know each other. CORVEXIUS Shrugs You could say we are old buddies, as you know. PAT I beg your pardon. CORVEXIUS Come now we both know who you are, mistress. PAT I'm sorry what. Jack bursts out from behind the lockers and shove Pat into them Jack GET DOWN! He fires and shots Corvexius in the head. Corvexius goes down. Pat looks shocked, falls to the floor on her knees. She looks up, Jack holds his hand out, Pat screams, FLASH OF THE DEVIL. Scene 7: Good evening from the makers of Evil PAT'S HOUSE Pat wakes up in a bed lain on the floor. She sits up and looks over around her. PAT W... (Pause) what happened? Jack You were knocked out. Pat gets startled and looks at Jack sitting nearby with his legs crossed. PAT W-what.


Jack Using a non-lethal flash that issue to disorientate and knock out people who get in our way. In this case, to get them away. PAT Get... away. There was Nathan, and, and I fell and, and... You shot him. Jack Yeah I didn't trust fighting him with you nearby, PAT (Looks incredibly shocked) fight.... why. Why did you do that? Why did you kill him. Jack Whoa, you really don't recognize us do you. PAT What?! What are you talking about?! What’s going on?! Jack Alright Gets on his knees ad crawls toward her slightly I thought this would be easier but it looks like I'm gonna have to explain it. Takes a deep breath and lets it out Ok, so, you see. We are no ordinary men, we come from another...dimension. Ok. And from this dimension, you are our mistress. And he wants to kill you to bring you back to your position of power in that hell. Can you comprehend that? There's a pause after the last sentence. Pat passes out. Jack Obviously not. Pat wakes up some time later. She sits up all disorientated. Jack walks in the room with a glass of water. Jack Hi. Feeling any better. PAT Not really. Jack Do you remember anything. PAT Yeah... Jack Well? There's a long pause. Jack makes a wheel motion with his hand. PAT (Pause) WHAT!? Jack Yeah I thought as much.


PAT Do you expect me to believe that. Stands up and runs around in agitation And, and Stops Did you say hell? Does that make you a... Jack Demon. Yeah. Pat sways slightly as if she’s going to faint. Jack No, no don't collapse again. Just here drink this water. PAT No. (Moves away abruptly) I don't want it. Jack Come on it will make you feel better. The flash has made you senseless. PAT SENSELESS! What you just said is senseless! Didn't you say he was trying to kill me. How do I know that's not poisoned. Jack Poi...poisoned? What are you on about? I said he wants to kill... look just sit down for a second and I'll explain. (Gently pushes her into a chair) But drink. (Thrusts the water into her hands.) Pat takes it reluctantly and takes small sips. Jack Ok first off... PAT First off who are you? Jack Yeah that would help. Ok, I am the manifestation of a demon servant from hell. My name isn't Jack Ceber. Its Cerberus and I come from a world that my master, your spirit, rules so I can bring it back to her throne. PAT Alright, that’s pretty...freaky but say that was true, how is that even remotely possi... Jack That gold necklace. Where did you get it? PAT My necklace? (Holds the necklace in both hands) I... my mother gave it to me. My grandmother left it to me before she died. Jack That necklace is (pause) well technically you. You see my mistress has lived in over two hundred human bodies. Her spirit is carried through that necklace that you wear, and now she has manifested into you,. Me and Corvexius have been fighting this battle for a long time. PAT Hold on a second. Are you saying I am really old?


Jack No, this body, your body, is in fact 16 years old. However you, your soul and that necklace are ageless. Two thousand years ago, you or rather our mistress came to earth find out how humans work. She was (pauses for a second and looks down) delighted at the amount of suffering she saw. PAT (Looking quite shocked) So how did it end up like, you know, a two thousand year long war. Jack You developed...compassion. We thought you went insane. We decided that you needed to be destroyed. However, your first form, um, killed herself. And by something that I still don't understand, your soul got trapped in that necklace. PAT And so how... Jack It's a demonic object. If you lay it on a infant when its born, that child is reborn as, well, you. PAT I don't understand. Am I your mis.. Whatever it was or am I me. Jack No you see. You are technically born a human but your soul is that of my mistress. Usually that part of the soul takes over by now and I should be looking at her, you this very instant. It hasn't, for some reason, made you reach that realization. When we come into contact with you, your powers reawaken. PAT Ok, so with that aside. This other guy, Nathan... Who is he? Jack He is Corvexius. He is your other sworn servant, my equal, my partner, my rival, my brother and together we are your enforcers, bodyguards and most trusted servants of hell. Pat looks bewildered Jack Its dumbfounding how you can't remember us. You found us in the lowest depths of hell and brought us up as two of the most destructive forces in your kingdom. Our loyalty to you is boundless. (Looks away) At least I thought it was. Want some more water? PAT Later. Why have you two been fighting? If I've come back to life so many times why haven't you teamed up to kill me? Jack You seem to be taking this well. You see we did try to kill you but I figured out my (grits his teeth)partners intentions. He wanted to kill you take you back to hell himself. That bastard (starts becoming angry) wanted to manipulate you and make himself the preferred servant and leave me out of the loop. Pat Ok but if... Jack (Pissed off) He actually wanted to manipulate you! I swore I was going to rip off his head! I swore he never get near you again! (Heavy breathing)


PAT Ok, Ok. Just um calm down. There no need to get angry. Jack There's no... (Struggles and then regains his composure) Your right I'm sorry. PAT How am I supposed to believe all this. This isn't some.., Jack Trick that you’re playing on me, like some snasy plot or illusion, however your vocabulary work tese days. I can assure you both me and that monster have heard you say that a million times. (Gets on one knee and holds her hand) this is serious. I don't want you to get hurt. This is hard register but you have to listen to me. They pause for a second. Jack glows slightly PAT I...I think I need to lie down. Jack Certainly (Stands up and helps her to the bed) you are still disorientated. Stay home from school. PAT Wait. (Sits up) don't leave. Jack Don't worry. (Gently pushes her back down) I need to go to school, I'm new thus it would cause suspicion if I'm not there, especially since I was the only one seen with you. You can skip a few days, you’re entitled to it. Just don't worry. PAT (Disorientated and falling asleep) Well...alright. Jack (Stands up and walks to the door) I'll be back soon don't worry. Jack opens door PAT Hey wait, if he was shot, does that mean he's no longer a problem. Jack stops dead at the door. He looks over his shoulder. Jack Yeah, he shouldn't be a problem. (Looks back) goodbye. PAT Bye Jack walks out Scene 8: Facts Never Lie HALLWAY #1 Jack is walking down the hallway. Katy runs up to him KATY


Hey, Jack, do you know were Pat is today? Jack Turns towards her A, yes well you see she was taking me down Chapel street when suddenly she felt very tired and realised she had to do some work. She hurried home and when I called her she said that she felt sick. So naturally she told me to tell everyone she'd be away. KATY Her? Getting sick? Listen Jack where is she really? What is she doing? Jack Well when I called her she said she was doing homework. From what I heard , it was enough for two people. Do you know anything about that? KATY (Rushing) Um no. Look at the time, I should go. I hope you settle in bye. Katy runs off at top speed Mr/Mrs Thompson walks past Jack Jack A sir. MR/MRS THOMPSON Yes Jack. Jack I'm gonna need to take a few days off school. MR/MRS THOMPSON Really? Why is that? Jack My parents need me for something. Here I brought a note. He hands the note to Mr/Mrs Thompson He/She takes it and reads it MR/MRS THOMPSON Well Ok this checks out. (Hands note back to Jack) Your father has such a fine signature. Jack Everyone says that. It must just be from his handwriting. MR/MRS THOMPSON Well Ok good luck. Jack Thanks. Jack walks off to Ambush spot with the School Bag AMBUSH SPOT #1 Jack walks along. Corvexius bursts out of HIDING SPOT and throws a fist at Jack. Jack dodges out of the way. Corvexius hurls another attack and Jack blocks, gets angry and pushes Corvexius away. He then drops the School Bag gets into a stance. Corvexius gets into a stance. They stay like that for a pause and then Corvexius attacks.


Jack blocks his attacks and launches his attacks of his own and Corvexius does a series of dodges and blocks. They go one like this at a fast pace for several minutes. Eventually they both jump back. Jack (Growls and breaths heavily) CORVEXIUS (Emotionless) Where is she. Jack Yeah like I'm gonna tell you. CORVEXIUS The fact that we still exist in this world is an atrocity enough, the fact that you to took her away from under my nose is an atrocity enough, but the worst thing you've done is make me talk to you. Now where is she. Jack yells and attacks. Corvexius dodges and jumps a fare distance away. Jack You're never going to find her you monster. CORVEXIUS Oh please don't give me that. You and your idiotic ambition to protect her. Jack At least I want her saved. At least I don't want her dead. At least I don't want her for myself. CORVEXIUS What is that, some kind of speech. Did you give her that to make me out as the bad guy. Jack (Growl) CORVEXIUS The fact is you really are ignorant. You and your inferior abilities will lose to me no matter what you try to do. I'm going to ask you one more time. Where is she. Jack You wanna know where she is huh? You want to see her again huh? Jack whips out one of his guns and aims it at Corvexius. Can you see her with bullets for eyes? CORVEXIUS Hm dear do you really think that's going to work. I'm standing right in front of you, you fool. For the short time we've been on this godforsaken place you still haven't figured out how to kill me. Besides I could easily dodge that at this range. Jack Really? What are you going to do after that. CORVEXIUS Here we go. The simpleton has devised a plan. Tell me then, what am I going to do after you fire? Jack Well I would assume you would try and quell the humans. CORVEXIUS


(Makes a frustrated grunt) Jack If I fire, everyone in the schools gonna hear it. You can't erase all their memories, kill me then not draw the whole worlds attention now can you. CORVEXIUS I could. Jack Do you want to try? Pause CORVEXIUS So this is how it is. You would rather break our cover than allow our mistress to go back to her rightful place. Jack Our mistress! CORVEXIUS Can it Cerberus. You win this time. But don't think I'm done with you yet. (Turns around) I'll be back to serve in the proper way. And you’re going to give up your moronic battle, one way or another. Corvexius departs. Jack lowers his gun, holsters it, picks up his bag and walks away. Scene 9: I Can Assure You, You Probably Won't Die PATS HOUSE Jack walks in and Pat is by the bed. PAT You! Jack Mistress PAT Get out! Jack What... PAT You can't be here! Jack What the hell are you talking about! PAT Yeah like I'm suppose to believe all this crap about demons! What kind of trick are you trying to pull! Jack Oh my lord. PAT If you don't leave I'll... Jack


Shhh! Pat stops, looking freaked out. Jack I know you don't want to hear this, but, this is actually happening... (Walks over to her) The fact is I'm here to protect you. Your still in danger. PAT (Slightly flustered) W-why I thought you said he was dead. Jack (Sigh) Although I killed Corvexius, he can come back. PAT Come back? Jack I don't have the power to remove his life. His transition into this world worked out a lot better than mine. But that's not what I'm trying to say. The thing is, I couldn't bear seeing you hurt. (Gets on one knee and holds her hand) I want you to live out your human life, I don't want you to die in combat. To me, you taking the hits would be the worst thing of all. PAT That’s...Kind...Of...Weird... Jack (Turns his head down and growls to himself) I can't believe I just did that. PAT Do what... Jack (Shouting) THAT! Jack bursts up and runs to the other side of the room. I scared you didn't I! I'm such an idiot! (Jack grabs his head in his hands and drops to the floor)Bad, bad, bad! PAT Look (tries to sound comforting and drops next to him) it’s no big deal there’s no need to beat yourself up... Jack (Covers his face in his forearm) I'm sorry! This is pathetic of me! PAT I don't care j-just calm down. Jack looks at Pat incredibly confused and distressed PAT What Jack


I can't believe it. My mistress would have me killed for acting this way. PAT Well what way do you usually act? Jack You see, when I manifested it happened incorrectly. Which means I barely have about 10% of my original power and I can't keep a grip on my emotions. PAT That’s... unfortunate. Jack Thank you for understanding mistress. PAT Um yeah Ok. Do you want tea? Jack Do you? PAT I'm asking you. Jack I couldn't possibly ask you to serve me. PAT Look its fine. I know you've got some weird things going on and... Jack Say no more. Jack stands up, pushes Pat to the chair and heads toward the door. Jack You believe I should drink and eat to help my well-being. However it’s not gonna help if I see you raise a finger. Oh and I'll be here for a few days, schools out for me! (Rushes out the door) PAT Well, this is gonna be fun. Scene 10: Social Urgency Three days later PAT'S HOUSE Jacks kneeling on the floor with his eyes closed. Pats eating her cereal at the table. PAT Dam Katy and her homework. Jack Just don't do it. PAT I have to, or "I'm not doing her enough, I’m a dead weight in this precious friendship" Are you sure you don't want to move into my room? Jack No my presence there would be a nuisance.


PAT I told you before I don't mind. Jack And I find that a nuisance. The phone rings. Both characters look at it with shock horror. Jack Answer it. PAT Are you... Jack Yes, I'm sure. Pat slowly walks over and answers the phone. PAT Hello? KATY Pat? PAT Oh Katy thank god. KATY What, it’s like you were expecting some killer to call. PAT Um, yeah. Jack laughs a bit KATY Dude where have you been? PAT Oh (coughs) I'm (cough) sick. KATY Yeah sure you are. Listen you need to get down here. PAT What? What are you talking about? KATY School dam it. Come today. There’s a test coming up and you need to get the study notes. PAT School? What? Pat looks over at Jack. Jack looks worried. KATY Do you have something wrong with your hearing. Test. Notes. Besides everyone's getting agitated and we don't know where you've been. PAT


Um but Kat, I don't... KATY Hey, listen, I'm getting worried. What’s wrong? PAT Nothing’s wrong it’s just... KATY Well then get to school. You really can't miss this test. Besides it Friday and you've got the whole weekend to fake sick. I mean I could come to your house but then... PAT No! I mean, that's Ok I'll come to school. Bye. Pat hangs up in a rush Jack Well, crap. Cut to next action Jack is pacing back and forth PAT What are we gonna do. Jack Alright, well we can't tell them I was here. PAT Can tell them you’re a demon servant? Jack (Jack stops and looks at her) What a silly thing to ask. PAT Well what are we going to do? Jack Look we go. We can stay for awhile to assure everyone that your Ok. Then we can leave early. You have a free period at the end of the day. PAT How do you know that? Jack Because I have a free period at the end of the day. I made sure I was put into all of your classes. PAT Really? Whoa if I didn't know who you really were I’d be freaked out. Jack Oh that's quite... PAT Well I'm still freaked out but I'm getting used to it. Jack


Thank you mistress. PAT Hey you can me Pat. Jack No I don't think I could. It does you a grave disservice. PAT Well what do I call you then? Jack Whatever you want. PAT Well Ok, Jack. Let’s get ready for school. She strides out the door. A montage occurs Pat brushes her teeth Jack checks his guns Pat collects her books Jack practices some of his moves They both go out the front door and down her street Scene 11: Schools In HALLWAY #1 Pat is getting books from her locker. Katy rushes up to her. KATY Uh the leper returns to us. Where have you been? PAT Leper? Been? Excuse me but aren't I the one who usually asks these questions? KATY Oh, and what do you mean by that? Pat makes a phone gesture in her hands PAT (Making a pathetic imitation of Katy) Oh Pat, "cough" I have tonsillitis, "cough" and I need to stay home even though I've never had tonsils in my entire life. Removing them doesn't fix the problem. Pat starts walking off. Katy follows KATY Hey don't you turn this back on me. They walk past Jack reading a book. PAT Turn what back on who. I thought I make a pretty good impression of you. Jack lowers his book and looks in their direction.


KATY Oh your just a pain. PAT And you’re not. Arthritis is comfortable compared to you. Corvexius appears out of nowhere CORVEXIUS Hello Jack. Jack turns towards him. CORVEXIUS I hope business went well. Jack Yeah it did. CORVEXIUS So what did you do exactly? Jack That’s none of your business. CORVEXIUS Oh clever. Seriously what have you been doing. Jack Piss off. [Delete Bolded section perhaps] Jack walks off in a huff past Gus, Billy, Sid and George GUS Hey guys. SID Yeah what is it Gus? GUS You know I'm bored. GEORGE Go fight with that Christian tard then. GUS He hasn't been to school, George. You know what would take edge off. BILLY Who mate? GUS That Jack bitch. SID You thinking what I'm thinking? GUS


I think I am. They run off. Scene 12: Schools Hot (Delete Section if above bolded is deleted) AMBUSH SPOT #2 Jack walks in one direction. Gus, George, Billy and Sid are behind him in the same direction. GUS Oi! Ceber! Jack turns around. Jack Yeah. GUS We got a rule around here for new students. Jack Huh? BILLY The new guys need to be canonized. Jack What? Sid Heheh, yeah. GEORGE We need to see if you can stay in school is all. Gus walks towards him GUS Yeah. Don't take it the wrong way. Gus goes to punch Jack. Jack sharply kicks him in the crouch. Gus gets pushed back. George and Sid help him up. Jack (Slight tone of anger) What the hell do you guys think you’re doing. They look bewildered Jack (Slightly more angry) You wanted to canonize me did you? GEORGE Well, we, uh, we... Jack (Screaming) Get the hell outta here! Before I rip you to pieces! The four guys scream in terror and run off


Scene 13: Schools Cold (Delete Section if above section is deleted) PLAYGROUND SPOT #1 The four guys are at a wall panting from running. BILLY Phew! That was close. GEORGE Yeah any more bright ideas. GUS Well we could still canonize that other guy. SID Oh yeah that Nathan bloke. They look around at Corvexius sitting on a bench reading a book. BILLY Yeah let’s do it. They walk over to Corvexius GUS Oi! Nath! We need to talk to ya! Corvexius looks up from his book. CORVEXIUS Yes? The four guys look scared, with their eyes wide open. Thiers a pause. The camera switches between the group and Corvexius GUS Um... nothing... CORVEXIUS You wanted to speak to me about something? GUS No, no. Were fine. We'll leave you alone. CORVEXIUS You sure? GUS Yeah come one guys. The group run off at high speeds. CORVEXIUS Humph. Corvexius shrugs and goes back to reading The group arrive back to their original position on the wall panting. BILLY Oh boy that was a close one. GUS


You said it. They continue panting until scene end. Scene 14: Schools Out PLAYGROUND SPOT #2 Jack runs into Pat. They stop. PAT Hey, so... Jack Got your stuff? PAT Yeah but why is it so urgent to... Jack No time. Just come on. Jack grabs Pat's hand and they run. When they run to the R, they stop and look at the puppets with their arms by their side and their heads cast down. Jack Uh, oh! They move off more slowly in the other direction and stop when they notice more puppets with their arms by their side and their heads cast down on the L. Jack Oh crap. PAT What, what’s... CORVEXIUS So they've returned to us. Pat and Jack look sharply at Corvexius who comes out of the crowd of puppets in R, holding the staff. CORVEXIUs It’s so good seeing you back here. PAT (Whispers) Oh my god. He’s still alive. How... CORVEXIUS He's still alive! Oh dear it seems we have another one of those late bloomers. This is going to be fun. Jack pulls out his guns. Jack What the hell are you doing Corvexius!? CORVEXIUS What am I doing? What are you doing you cretin Cerberus. Your just gonna hide her away for the next lifetime hm. Well then I'll tell you what I'm doing. I am going to prove to you that we need to kill her and why you’re going to let me do it. PAT


How is he alive. I-I saw you get shot. CORVEXIUS Uh so I see he hasn't explained himself. You see mistress, your servant cannot kill me in this world. Pat looks bewildered CORVEXIUS I can certainly kill him, but no matter how many times he shoots me, no matter how many times he breaks my bones, no matter how many times he brings me to the point of destruction with all his idiotic talking, I'll simply get back up a few minutes later. Pat looks at Jack. Jack It’s true. His manifestation is stronger in this world than mine. CORVEXIUS Stronger? Mine actually worked . It’s not on a large, aggressive scale like yours but at least it worked. Unlike yours, a closed mix up that left you an emotional wreck Jack Shut up Corvexius! CORVEXIUS Or what? Our going to hit me in frustration? Don't make me laugh. Jack (He starts laughing uncontrollably) At least I can laugh. CORVEXIUS At least I have some power left. At least my emotions are in check. At least I don't have to rely on those stupid human contraptions. Jack Hey these things can kill you within a moment’s notice. CORVEXIUS You've exceeded yourself. Even your weapons are pathetically annoying. Jack I'll say it again, what the hell are you doing? CORVEXIUS And I'll say it again. I'm showing you why we have to kill her. Tell me mistress, do you recognise these people? PAT Well... Pat looks around at the puppets CORVEXIUS Do you remember how ruthless our mistress was Cereberius? She would order you to kill these people within a moment’s notice, despite their appearance. PAT Wait a second. What has he done to them? Jack


Hm. Puppets. PAT (Scared) What?! CORVEXIUS Seems you aren't completely stupid. Let us see if our "mistress" has enough sense to let you defend yourselves. Corvexius puts his hand in the air. The puppets turn their heads up. CORVEXIUS We have to kill her because she is obviously damaged. But don't worry, she can be fixed, if you allow me to kill her. Jack Don't do this Corvexius. When I go through them, I'm gonna go after you. CORVEXIUS I know, and I don't care. It's going to be a matter of "if" you can go through them. Corvexius moves his fingers in a way. The puppets robotically move their arms up. Corvexius then gestures his fingers and three puppets, two from his group and one from the other group start walking forward. Jack points his gun at one the puppets. PAT No! Knocks his hand away, sending the bullet off course. PAT Don't hurt them. Jack I won't hurt them. PAT You were about to shoot them. Jack He won't let them die. PAT How do you know?! Jack They may be his puppets but there’re still people. We can't have dead people on our hands, it would blow our cover. PAT But if you shoot them... Jack He's still alive isn't he! CORVEXIUS Confidence is key Cerberus, even in your situation. Corvexius pushes his hand. The puppets drop into a crouch position and then charge. Jack grabs Pat and pushes her down. He fires, kills the two puppets from Corvexius's group and pins around. The third puppet punches


twice, Jack blocks both of them. Jack then kicks the puppet in the stomach and as the puppet doubles over, Jack shoots in his/hers head. Jack holsters his guns and picks up Pat by the arm. Jack pushes Pat behind wall A. Jack Stay here. (Turns around) PAT But... Jack (Whips around) Stay here! Jack turns back and pulls out his guns. The puppets crowd around the space between them and Jack. Corvexius walks out and hands his staff to a puppet. The puppet places the staff on wall B. CORVEXIUS Hm, I don't think... Jack fires at Corvexius and Corvexius dodges with ease. CORVEXIUS Come on, really? Anyway if you think you can survive all of us, your wrong. And even if you are right, well, then the more fun for me. Puts his hand/s up. Jack Really, then come on! Corvexius does the charging gesture. The puppets commence their attack. Puppet #1 runs at Jack. Jack lets him come forward. Shoots him at the last minute. Jack then turns sharply and smacks Puppet #2 in the head. Puppet #2 goes down. Jack moves forward slightly. He blocks several attacks from Puppet #3 and Puppet #4. Jack then strikes Puppet #4 and uses his free arm to fire at Puppet #3. Jack then kicks Puppet #4 into Puppet #5 and they both go down. Puppet #6 runs over and rapidly attacks Jack. Jack dodges all Puppet #6's attacks. After a few attacks, Jack surges forward and knees Puppet #6 in the stomach. When Puppet #6 doubles over, Jack drops his elbow on the back of Puppet #6's neck. Puppets #4 and #5 recover and attack Jack from both sides. Jack blocks both their attacks, knees Puppet #5 in the stomach and shoots him in the head. Jack then uses his other forearm to uppercut Puppet #4 and shoots him in the face. Jack then kicks back and hits Puppet #7, kicks forward and kicks Puppet #8, turns in between them and surges to attack Puppet #9 in the stomach with his shoulder. When Jack surges forward, he flicks his arms back and smacks the heads of both Puppet #7 and #8. After that Puppet #9 pulls back and sneers. Jack makes a little sneer. Puppet #9 charges, he has a mini fight with Jack, with Jack winning, and Puppet #9 collapses dramatically. Jack runs back to Pat. He pulls her up. Pat looks shocked. Jack Are you Ok? Pat doesn't reply. CORVEXIUS Hm, rather pathetic performance Jack, are you losing your touch? Jack Screw you Corvexius! CORVEXIUS Really I thought you were going to put up a fight this time. I mean, you realise (pause) you can't win at this rate.


Several fallen puppets come back to life. All the non-combatant puppets move closer to Corvexius and their now standing comrades. CORVEXIUS I mean seriously this is no fun. I find chasing after you is a lot more entertaining. But I realize seeing how many of these creatures you can really kill will be a interesting record. Well as interesting as a speck dirt like you can make it. Jack (Extremely pissed off) Corvexius. If you don't leave... CORVEXIUS Indeed, back at home you always boast about how many of these creatures you can slaughter under a minute. It is quite an impressive score I'll admit. But since we arrived here I haven't been able to make a record from "this" Cerberus. And puppets, their almost different creatures. What do you think mistress? Jack Don't you talk to her! CORVEXIUS In fact I think this is a good opportunity to do an experiment on our beloved. Corvexius raises his hand Don't you think? Corvexius makes a flicking motion with his hand. Katy comes out of the crowd of puppets, as a puppet. PAT Oh my god. Katy... CORVEXIUS Yes Katy, Katy, Katy. She isn’t Katy as you remember I'm afraid. It’s interesting. Can human stupidity override basic survival. A human slave is trying to kill and yet can you turn your back on the fact that it shares the face of a loved one? Sound familiar? Jack glowers CORVEXIUS Her kingdom is dying and the longer we stay here the worse it gets. Jack Then let her die by herself. CORVEXIUS But that's such a waste. Why do that when we could do something so much more "Jack". Jack Oh yeah? How this for a waste. Jack points his gun towards Katy PAT No, don't do it! CORVEXIUS Well, someone hasn't lost his spirit. Although I can't say that's a good thing. Pat grabs Jack


PAT Please don't hurt her! Jack How can you say that's not a good thing? CORVEXIUS Because you are so much of a nuisance even that annoys us. Am I right mistress? Are you going to let him kill her? PAT Aren't you listening don't kill her. Jack But I have to. He will make her kill us. Pat looks incredibly shocked and moves backwards Katy until she's like halfway. Jack Do you really think I won't kill her? CORVEXIUS No I don't, and even if you do that will be fine. It creates a wedge that will separate you two. And by some miracle it doesn’t I have plenty more where she came from. I won't even need to revive her. Pat gasps Jack Alright. So if I kill this one and I can fight the rest.? CORVEXIUS Of course. Jack Then come on bitch! PAT No! Pat runs in front of Katy. Corvexius's eye widens slightly. Jack fires. Corvexius Flash Step's in front of Pat and takes the bullet. Corvexius's grunts slightly he turns around. Jack comes over and smacks Corvexius in the head. Corvexius goes down. Jack shoots Corvexius repeatedly. All the puppets collapse after a while. As Katy goes down, Pat crouches next to her. Jack goes over and grabs Pat's shoulder. Jack Ok he's dead. We gotta go. PAT K...Katy... Jack She's fine, she'll get back up in a few minutes. PAT But can I... Jack No, Corvexius is going to get back up as well. (Pause) look we can't carry her but we really need to go. She'll be fine.


PAT Y-you were going to kill her. You were going to kill me... Jack (Shouts) I would never do that! Not to any of you! But come on, I won't be able to fight him here! Jack grabs Pat's hand and pulls her away to PLAYGROUND SPOT #3 PLAYGROUND SPOT #2 After a few minutes, Corvexius reaches out his bloodied hand and grips on to something and hauls himself up. The other puppets revert back to normal humans and slowly start standing up and moving and stuff. Puppet dialogue: Oh my head... What happened... Where am I... Why are we still in school... Whoa, wait is that blood... Before the puppets can grasp full consciousness, Corvexius throws his hand above his head. A Flash of the Devil comes out of his hand and covers the entire area. When he light recedes, all the puppets are collapsed unconscious on the floor. Corvexius walks briskly to wall B. He retrieve his staff, turns just as briskly and Flash Steps away. PLAYGROUND SPOT #3 Corvexius arrives at point A. Corvexius looks left, then right then left again. Corvexius puts his head in the air and sniffs. He whips around to the right. He walks over to wall C, were Jack and pat are hiding. Jack is holding Pat with one hand over her mouth and the other grasping one of his guns. Corvexius walks close to it. Corvexius stops. Corvexius grunts slightly, turns around and Flash Steps away. Scene 15: Uninvited Guest PAT'S HOUSE Jack and Pat walk in. Jack helps Pat walk along. He sits her down on the couch. Jack You Ok? PAT Yeah, just a bit frazzled is all. Jack Do you want some water? PAT Oh please, yes. Jack leaves the room. When he comes back, Pats asleep. He places the water on a nearby table. He lowers himself next to her. CORVEXIUS So Jack looks up with an angry expression. Corvexius walks in with his staff. CORVEXIUS


This is where you have been hiding her. I have to say it's not exactly subtle, or do you stay here for comfort? I wonder were your loyalties really lie. Jack How do you keep finding... CORVEXIUS You sick bastard. I can't wait to take her from this world and give you a proper punishment. Jack Shut up fool! I don't use her for... CORVEXIUS I'm the fool! If I could laugh, I would laugh myself to death. Jack Then why don't you? Do us all a favour. CORVEXIUS I will, when "we" return. Jack How did you find me? CORVEXIUS You’re not hard to track, I just don't want to waste time doing so. However, your latest and most pathetic excuse for an escape plan forced me to find you. Jack I'm going to kill you... CORVEXIUS Oh no doubt. Those guns of yours certainly pack a punch. Your general lack of strength and intelligence has been put to good use... my amusement. Jack I'll ignore that if you leave now. CORVEXIUS All I want to say is that I'm warning you. I can put you through more hardship here than you have ever inflicted on a human in our universe. Corvexius turns around and looks back from his shoulder. CORVEXIUS Think about that. Think about those humans. Think about what’s happening to our world. Think about her. Corvexius silently walks off. Jack sighs and sits down cross legged nearby Pat. Scene 16: Return Trip to Hell Pat wakes on her bed. Jack is sitting in the same position that he was last night. There is breakfast sitting on the table. PAT Oh hey morning. Jack Eat. PAT


What. Jack gets up and moves away from the table. Jack You need to eat. PAT Why what’s the rush? Jack You really are a calm person aren't you? A devil tries to kill you using your friends and all it takes is sleep to calm you down? PAT Oh yeah...crap Jack We need get moving. You'll need to eat. PAT Why what’s wrong. Jack Corvexius knows where we are. PAT What, are you serious?! Jack He was here last night. He could attack us at any time. PAT Well, what do we do then? Jack He's toying with us. I don't know what to do. I can't kill him, he won’t be destroyed. You can't kill him, your powers haven't manifested. PAT There has to be a way. Haven't humans killed demons before? Jack But we are so powerful. No human weapon could possibly... wait. PAT What. Jack Your humanities book, what is it focusing on this year? PAT Um, I don't know ancient...religions. Jack I remember the teacher telling us about the symbols that they used to use. Where is yours now? PAT I think I left it in my locker.


Jack If we could get our hands on it, we might just find a weapon that will help us destroy him. PAT Can human magic do that? Jack No. But if I find out how they used to do it, we can use my power to fuel the rituals. The very least we could use is some form of restrain on him. PAT Hang on a second, if you’re so old, don't you already know any of them? Jack No. we rarely visited the human world and you happened to come at a time when such things were frowned upon. PAT Oh...sorry about that. Jack No it was fun, causing havoc without the humans being able to do anything about it. Then he betrayed you and well, here we are. We're gonna have to go to school and grab the book. We can go back to my hideout or find another one. PAT Back to school? Won't he be there with even more... people. Jack He won't think were stupid enough to go back. PAT Stupid enough? Jack Well not like that. If we go back we'll have evaded his forward thinking. He won't have set any traps that he can't control. And its Saturday so no one else is around. PAT How do we get in Jack I stole a key. PAT Can't we just use your book? Jack I don't have one. I was sharing with Narthaniel. PAT Who the... wait you don't mean. Jack Well we didn't want to blow our cover so he let me use his book sometimes. PAT Uh. Jack


Yeah I was running low on funds. Come on eat, we'll grab the book and figure out what to do then. PAT Ok. And Jack. Jack Yes. PAT Thanks for helping me. I mean, you could just let me die and you could have your mistress back. Jack Yeah I know. But under Corvexius's methods, you wouldn't be my mistress any more. And if I killed you now, I wouldn't be your Cerberus anymore. PAT Hey, Jack Jack Sorry, Jack. PAT No I'm Pat. Don't you ever get it right. Jack You know this isn't the opportunity time to joke around. PAT Sorry I'll eat. Jack No don't apologize. I should apologize. PAT For what? Jack You’re a human. Scene 17: Masters and Mistresses HALLWAY #1 Pat and Jack run down the hallway and stop at Pats locker. Pat opens it up desperately. Pat rummages through the locker. PAT (Desperately) Oh dam it, were is it, were is it! Jack (Desperately) Come on, hurry up, get it! PAT I know! Where the hell is it! I know it’s here! NIGHTMARE PUPPET Hm, I know I know I know it’s here. (Nightmare giggle)


Pat and Jack look over at the nightmare puppet. The nightmare puppet as his head and arms down. NIGHTMARE PUPPET (Nightmare giggle) And I know, I know I know you would be here. Master told me. (Nightmare giggle) (Pause) What? Why do you look so scared? (Nightmare giggle) Jack Oh my god, not this. NIGHTMARE PUPPET (Nightmare giggle) Your god? I'm afraid your god has nothing to do with it. But mine does. (Nightmare giggle) Pat Who, who are you? NIGHTMARE PUPPET Me? (Nightmare giggle)My name, Chris isn't important. My masters is. And he wants something from you. Jack It’s a nightmare puppet. He bounded the soul of that human, giving power. NIGHTMARE PUPPET If I knew it would be like this I would have gone willingly. I can feel him, his power (nightmare giggle)he thinks rather poorly of you, you know? (Nightmare giggle) Jack What do you want puppet? Nightmare Puppet What I want? What I want is (turns his head up) you! (Nightmare cackle) They pause. Jack shoots three times and the puppet dodges easily. While cackling, the puppet leaps at Jack and they get locked in a melee. The nightmare puppet claws at Jack. Jack tries pushing him back and punches him a couple of times. The nightmare puppet moves back and charges. Jack shoots him a couple of times, the puppet dodges them. Jack dodges out of the way of the puppets charge. The nightmare puppet cackles, he sniffs the air and turns towards Pat. NIGHTMARE PUPPET Oh so there is someone else here. I'm sorry I didn't notice you. You must be my master's mistress. (Walks over to Pat slightly) It so nice meeting you. Jack Wait a second he can't see you. That means... it’s not hunting you...(gets pissed off) he's hunting me! NIGHTMARE PUPPET Oh, so he's figured it out. (Nightmare cackle) As the nightmare puppet cackles, Pat puts her hands over her ears and slowly collapses on the floor. Jack looks like he's struggling. Jack Don't listen to him! He's designed to promote fear. NIGHTMARE PUPPET Indeed. (Nightmare cackle) Master wanted me to show you... what did he say... how pathetic you really were. (Nightmare cackle) he also hoped that "nightmare" or two would knock sense into your mistress (turns to Pat) no offense. (Turns back) What are you gonna do huh? Huh!


The puppet charges at Jack. Jack fights him with fury, hitting the puppet sometimes and missing other times. Every time the puppet is hit or shot, he just keeps on laughing. Jack pushes him back to their starting positions. Jack jumps back and shoots the nightmare puppet in the head. The puppet's head snaps back from the impact. After a pause the puppet slowly looks at Jack. Then a big grin comes across his face and he starts laughing. The puppet charges in a frenzy. Jack dodges a few of his attacks, sustains a few and then charges the puppet in anger. They both move away from each other after the fight. Jack dramatically points his gun at the puppet. The gun starts glowing. Jack Now, you freak. NIGHTMARE PUPPET Ohooo, what’s he gonna do. Jack Die! Corvexius comes up behind Jack and strikes him in the shoulders. Corvexius then swiftly strikes Jack on the hips. Corvexius then moves around Jack and strikes him on the shin opposite his gun arm. Jack collapses on one knee, with his gun still pointed. Corvexius walks up to the nightmare puppet. NIGHTMARE PUPPET Oh master. I did as you asked. Your friend was... Corvexius grabs the nightmare puppets forehead. The puppet falls backwards and falls unconscious. CORVEXIUS I no longer need you puppet. You screwed with him enough. (Turns to Jack) Well Cerberus, it was fun while it lasted. Don't worry your limbs will heal soon. I hope you have the sense to erase that human's memory. Corvexius walks over to the fallen Pat. Corvexius points his hand at Pat. Pat screams. FLASH OF THE DEVIL. Scene 18: Imprisoned Beauty HIDEOUT #1 Pat wakes up in a chair. Pat looks around and sees Corvexius standing next to the door. PAT Am... Am I alive? CORVEXIUS Yes. PAT Why? CORVEXIUS I'll explain later. For now you have to stay here. PAT What? But...why did you take me here? Why am I still alive? CORVEXIUS Enough. I'll be back soon. Corvexius exits. A montage assumes were it crosses from day to night over and over again with Corvexius sitting at the table during the day and away at night. Also put in some scenes of Pat entertaining herself. Scene 19: Battle of Lovers ALLEYWAY #2


Jack attacks Corvexius. They start fighting one another. Jack grabs Corvexius by the collar. Jack Where is she! Jack slams Corvexius against the wall and bashes his head against it. Jack Where is she! Jack goes to punch Corvexius. Corvexius moves his head out of the way and Jack punches the wall. In the middle of Jack's flinch, Corvexius grabs Jack's hand and twists it. Corvexius then does a series of attacks on Jack. After a beat down, Corvexius twists Jack's arm in a way that it breaks. Jack falls on his back to the ground. Corvexius then damages all of Jack's limbs. Corvexius stands over Jack while Jack howls in pain. CORVEXIUS Give up. You'll never be able to find her. Jack What have you done to her! Why are we still here! CORVEXIUS Don't worry about that. Just be thankful that it will all be over soon Cerberus. We'll have her back soon. Corvexius walks away leaving Jack lying on the floor. Jack Come back! Corvexius! Corvexius! Scene 20: Death Wish HIDEOUT #1 Pat and Corvexius sit opposite each other at the table eating. PAT How could you eat that? CORVEXIUS I can eat a lot worse in hell. Pause PAT I can't stand it anymore! Let me go! CORVEXIUS I can't do that. Cerberus will find you. Pat Then just kill me! Corvexius looks up PAT Come on! Why do you keep me here! Just kill me! It’s what you want! Do it! Kill me! Corvexius squeezes his fists. CORVEXIUS Fine. Corvexius stands up and swiftly walks over to Pat If that's what you want so be it.


Corvexius punches Pat unconscious. Mistress. Scene 21: Do Myself A Favour. Die. FINAL ARENA Pat wakes up in the middle of the field next to Corvexius who is sitting on a bag. Pat sits up. Pat Where are we? CORVEXIUS Park, although compared to what you've been through the location is irrelevant. PAT Why have you brought me here? CORVEXIUS To try and finish this. PAT Why haven't you done it already? CORVEXIUS Because. PAT Because why?! CORVEXIUS (Turns his head towards Pat) Because I'm in love with you. (Turns his head back) PAT (Looks stunned) What. CORVEXIUS Despite what that fool has told you, I am as loyal as he ever was. I am your servant just like he is. We have given you unending devotion, you have given us rank. We worked for you, you gave us what we desire. We have loved you and you have held in higher esteem than your entire army, let alone your other servants. PAT You, loyal? CORVEXIUS Ah, has that little bitch hard for you to believe. Yes, I am loyal to you. PAT What is it that demons desire? CORVEXIUS Fine food, clothing, housing. Hell is a horrid chaotic place. But it is that chaos that demons love. And what we work with, well, don't let "his" kindly exterior trick you. He's demon through and through. We torturing souls that pass through our kingdom, we mock, humiliate, destroy, kill and then resurrect those people just to do it all over again. Our work is so good we can do an entire cycle in 15 minutes. It’s a cycle that we both enjoy very much. We also fight your enemies, kill and destroy all that stand in your way. Us two particularly revel in battle. Especially when it’s for your sake.


PAT And my other servants. Who are they? CORVEXIUS You’re a grand demon, the ruler of a dimension. You have millions of demons on your beck and call. Cerberus and I are arch demons, the two that personally answer to you and only you. Your bodyguards, your generals, companions. We needed to bring you back from your human insanity. Your kingdom is our home. You are our mistress. You are the one that made us enjoy our eternal lives. That fool Cerberus doesn’t have powers in the human world like mine. He cannot see your soul suffering like I can from the time you've been here and the strain caused by your human body. He cannot see the world that we know being destroyed, being taken over by our enemies without your presence. Your incredible power is the one thing that can destroy them all. PAT R-Really? CORVEXIUS Well no not really, Cerberus and I could use your army to put up a fare fight but I think it would be funnier if you killed them all personally. SNIPING SPOT #1 Jack is looking at the two with a sniper rifle. Jack Come on you bitch... FINAL ARENA CORVEXIUS The fact is we have different ideas on how to bring you back. I frankly can't see you suffer like this anymore and I have to bring you back, forcibly. Cerberus believes it would be like harming the mistress. He hopes this body's death will release you. He is a fool. PAT And why haven't you killed me yet? CORVEXIUS Because I thought that as well. (Grunts) I suppose I am as much of a fool as he is. Corvexius stands up. PAT Look, you don't have to kill me. CORVEXIUS Oh yes I do. The feeling has passed. Don't worry, you will die soon, which is what you asked last night. PAT Isn't there any other way. Can't you just destroy my necklace? CORVEXIUS No. You see, the necklace carried your soul and now it’s in Patricia's body. By killing your body I can claim it. PAT But why haven't you just let me die? The other day you could have just let Jack shoot me. Pause. Corvexius snorts in satisfaction. CORVEXIUS Well, you see that's the other side of the coin Patricia. By killing you, your soul is mine. What’s to say I can't make a few...adjustments to you.


PAT W-What do you mean? CORVEXIUS Cerberus believes he is superior to me. We crave your affection more than all the power of hell. Watching my lifelong friend suffer always brings me satisfaction. Why else do you think I used those humans as my puppets? Because I am too weak to fight him on my own? No, it just better watching a fight he can't win. And then snatch you from his grasp and hold you out of reach. If you can imagine the distress he gets from this game of cat and mouse, imagine if his life's meaning was mine, forever. PAT You would do that to your own mistress? CORVEXIUS No. But I would do that to him. And how is she going to find out. Are you going to tell her? The fact is that once your mine all Cerberus's words will be lost on her ears and we will be able to free ourselves from this wasteland, returning to our own Rhapsody. PAT (Gets slightly pissed) You monster. You do all his just to get some sick satisfaction out of others suffering? What hole did you crawl out of? CORVEXIUS What hole? I'll tell you. A dark, bloodied, glorious one. That you will see. Real...soon... At that moment, Corvexius ducks down at lighting fast speed as Jack fires from sniping spot #1. Corvexius pauses for another second and then starts running away at high speeds away from Jack's sniper fire. When he reaches the edge of the area, he Flash Step's away. Jack comes running over to Pat's position. Jack picks her up and they hug. Jack Oh my god. Are you Ok? They pull back and Jack holds her by the arms. PAT I'm fine. Jack He didn't hurt you? PAT No, he didn't do anything. Jack Well quick lets go before he comes back. Jack and Pat run away from the centre and Corvexius's discarded bag. When they reach the edge of the arena, Jack starts screaming like he's in pain. Jack grits his teeth and falls to his knees. PAT What's wrong?! Jack answerers in grunts moans. Pat pulls Jack away from the edge of the arena. When they get some distance away, Jack's compulsion starts to die down. When Jack stops completely, Jack breaths rapidly and with stands up. PAT What was that?


Jack I don't know. Jack put his hand out and walks slowly to the edge. When he takes like one or two steps, Jack begins to struggle and then quickly moves back. PAT Well? Jack He's put spell on this area. Wait. Jack turns around and notices the bag sitting there. Jack and Pat run towards the bag. Jack opens the bag and shows the Humanities book inside. PAT The humanities book. Jack That bastard! He's used the spells in the book to trap me nearby it. (Jack makes some angry gestures) God dam it! PAT It can do that? Wait are you saying... Jack The reason he brought you here was so that he would set a trap for me! He knew I would try to grab you, he knew I couldn't resist an opportunity to try and kill him. He outwitted me! PAT Can we carry the bag away? Pat attempts to lift the bag but it proves to be too heavy. Jack What? PAT It's too heavy. Jack tries to lift the bag but also finds it to heavy. Jack Oh Christ! He must have cast another spell to make it heavy! PAT Can we reverse it? Jack I can't touch the book. Demons shouldn't be able to handle such objects. PAT Wait, he can't handle the book, how could he have cast those spells? Jack He must have gotten help from one of his puppets. That would...oh sweet Satan. PAT What? Jack The puppets. While were stuck here, were venerable to any attack he throws at us. That can include...


PAT A puppet army. Jack and Pat look over to sniping spot #1. Puppet Steven is carrying the sniper rifle that Jack was using and is walking away. Jack Hey you! Bring that back here! Puppet Steven (In a distant theatrical voice) But master does not want me to bring it back there. Master wants me to "take your toy and hide it away for safe keeping." Jack (Getting insanely pissed) Toy...hide it...master... If you don't drop that right now I'll blow your head off! PUPPET STEVEN I am not scared of your threats and neither is my master. He says "go ahead, it’s not like I’ll bring it any closer." Jack (Struggles with anger a bit and then sighs) Well that's it then. PAT What do you mean that's it? Jack There is nothing that we can do. Corvexius is coming with whatever power he can muster. He wants to humiliate me in a battle I can't win and take you away. The best I can do is prepare myself and hopefully kill him when he arrives. PAT What can I do? Jack If I was a human I would tell you to do something generic. PAT What? Jack Pray. Scene 22: Solider of Evil, Mistress of the Night, Servant of the One FINAL ARENA Jack is sitting in the middle of the arena with his legs crossed, his guns laid down on his legs. Pat is sitting with her back resting on Jack. PAT Is it true what he said? Jack What? PAT


That you enjoy killing? That your both monsters? Jack (Does a small grunting laugh) Is that what he told you. PAT Is it true? Jack Indeed it is. One of the greatest passions an arch demon can experience is rending the flesh of a human. PAT Your horrible. Jack I know. To a human, we are the stuff of nightmares, the sickest creations found on earth. Being so high on hell hierarchy breeds pretty bad personalities. PAT But you saved me even though I'm just a human. Jack Of course. Your our mistress. You’re the worst one in our little home. All tortures make you happy, no matter what they involve. PAT (Pauses then does a small grunting laugh) Well I can't wait to go back and check it out. Jack know you could leave. PAT Huh? Jack The trap was designed for me. You come and go as you please. PAT Won't he just hunt me down? Jack At least way you won't have to feel disgrace when you see me... PAT Get owned. Jack Precisely. PAT Cerberus, if I have you working for me until the end of time, disgrace would be last thing on my mind. Jack Can you promise me something? PAT


What? Jack If things look dire, will you kill yourself? PAT Well it’s like a wise man once said. We’re all going to hell anyway. Jack Thanks, Pat. PAT Don't worry, Jack. They pause in serenity. Jack He's coming. They both perk up. Jack slowly stands up and faces the large group of puppets entering the arena led by puppet Steven. Pat also stands up next to Jack. Jack What does he think this is? If you retards can pass through, his power should negate the spell field. What does think, were not gonna run? PUPPET STEVEN Our master is aware of the spells limits. But he does not intend allow us to leave either. Jack grimaces. PUPPET STEVEN He has caused all to be trapped in here. When he kills you there will be no need for him to leave this place. Jack Is he that confident? PUPPET STEVEN Ask him yourself. Corvexius walks out of the crowd of puppets carrying his staff and using his free hand to do the puppet control gestures. The puppets move into position that involves them being scattered in a dysfunctional yet organised circle around Pat and Jack. CORVEXIUS I couldn't have said it any better myself Steven. The same to you Jack, I am that confident. Are you ready for this? Jack Oh enough of your talking you useless whelp. What good did it ever do to pigshit like you. CORVEXIUS Hm, well if that is your request. You and I, one on one. Jack Deal. They both get into their positions. Corvexius throws his arm down and the puppets stop. Jack's guns start glowing. CORVEXIUS Let’s see what Jack Ciber really has to offer. COME ON!


They both charge at each other epically. When they get into range they leap at each other. Jack and Corvexius crash into each other into a frenzied battle using their weapons. The battle consists of both of them hitting and blocking, Jack firing and Corvexius dodging bullets and blocking them with his staff, Jack getting hit rapidly but only fuelling his rage for a counter attack, Corvexius trying to use magic and stuff but Jack shrugging it off, Jack getting Corvexius in a grapple but Corvexius magically getting out of it. After awhile they lock their weapons. CORVEXIUS My, I’ve never seen you fight this hard before. Well as one these creatures at least. Corvexius swings and chucks Jack away. CORVEXIUS Then again, I'm not sure that's enough. Corvexius points his hand and makes the charge gesture towards Pat. The puppets around her perk up and start moving towards her. Corvexius slams against Jack. Jack Patricia! Jack swings and chucks Corverxius away. Jack then throws one his guns at Pat. Pat catches the gun, swings around and shoots the closest attacking puppets. Corvexius hit Jack from behind. Jack turns around with a look of rage in his eyes and they continue their battle. While fighting, Corvexius starts talking. CORVEXIUS Whether I kill her or they kill her, she's still mine. How long do you think she can keep that gun powered, hm? Jack Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Jack punches, Corvexius dodges and Jack's fist hits a puppet instead, making them fall down. Another puppet shamble up behind Jack. Jack kneels, punches that puppet in the stomach and blocks Corvexius's attack. They continue fighting as normal. Pat keeps the puppets at bay with her gun. Eventually a large number surround her. The gun stops suddenly. A puppet comes up and seems as if he is about to attack Pat. Jack runs up and kicks the puppet. Jack then retrieves his fallen guns and proceeds to kill all the puppets around him until Corvexius knocks the gun down again and pushes him away. Jack and Corvexius keep fighting with Jack's situation getting desperate. Puppets join in and Jack fights them all off. Pat picks up the gun, kneels down and fires at a number of them. Corvexius appears next to her. She holds the gun at his chest. Realising that she is to paralysed to pull the trigger, he lowers the gun for her, chucking it to the ground and then runs back to Jack, leaving Pat all teary. Jack gains an upper hand and dodges away from his attackers. He stands nearby Pat. Jack CORVEXIUS! Jack aims his gun epically and it glows intensely. CORVEXIUS CERBERUS! Corvexius gets into a cool stance and aims his staff at Jack which glows even more intense than Jack's gun. CORVEXIUS/Jack Die! A Flash of the Devil comes out of Corvexius's staff, a moment before Corvexius leaps and Jack fires. When the light recedes, Corvexius disappears. Jack is standing there with his gun still pointed. Jack What the? Jack slowly to the left and right but can't see Corvexius. PAT


Where did he... Corvexius comes out of nowhere and cracks his staff against Jack's hand, sending the gun flying away. Jack screams in pain. Within an instant, Corvexius beats Jack away from Pat. Corvexius throws away his staff and starts beating the crap out of Jack, punching him and kicking him and such. They move further away from Pat. CORVEXIUS There isn’t word that represents your foolishness. I mean come on. Beats him up a bit more. CORVEXIUS Some kind of simpleton and absolute retard. Your no arch demon, you’re a human. Jack Pat! Kill yourself! Quick! PAT I-I...I... CORVEXIUS Calm down Patricia or your death will be slower than I intended. Jack Do it! Do it now! Corvexius beats him up CORVEXIUS I believe you have more confidence than I do Cerberus. You are a fool! (Strikes Jack) She's a fool! (Strikes Jack) Only the mistress was not a fool, and she will return! (Beats the crap out of Jack and Jack falls to the floor.) You respect that girls intelligence don't you? I mean really, do you think she's smart enough to pull the... Pat fires the gun. It hits Corvexius in the heart. Corvexius looks down at the wound, looks up, turns and looks at Pat. CORVEXIUS Trigger. Corvexius falls down, dead. All the puppets collapse. Pat is crying and falls to her knees. Jack looks extremely shocked and stands up. Jack You did shot him... he's dead... I c…can't believe it... you killed... Pat turns and shoots Jack. Jack looks at his wound and then falls to his knees. Pat realises what she done and looks horrified. Pat runs over to Jack and helps him lie back. Jack Mis..."cough" mistress. PAT Oh my god, I'm so sorry. It’s just he was saying things and I shot him... Jack It's Ok. I've seen enough combat to know what..."cough" happened. He was wrong, they are smart enough to pull the trigger. (He laughs a bit and then coughs again.) Especially on something like me. PAT I'm really sorry. Can we make you better? Jack


Nup. The bullets magic and even... "Cough"... if it wasn’t, you fired it. The only thing that can kill that bitch is the only other thing that can kill me.. (He laughs a bit and then coughs again.) PAT Oh my god, I mean... oh my... Jack Ssh, Ssh, I don't care. The look in the bastards eyes was so worth it. PAT So is it over? Jack Pretty much. It’s just, because you killed me, the cycles gonna reset. PAT What do you... Jack Don't worry, it won't let it happen for a while, I'll make sure of that. PAT Thank you Jack. Jack For what? You wouldn't have to go through all this if I wasn’t stubborn. PAT Well at least you don't have to go through the alternative. Jack How very say. PAT Jack, Jack hang in there. Jack I can see it you know. All that writhing destruction, horror, blood. That’s my shining light. Goodbye Patricia. Jack closes his eyes and dies. Pat shakes him slightly. PAT Jack...Jack. Pat stands up and starts walking away amongst all the puppets crying while doing so. PAT Jack... Cerberus. Pat continues walking. When she gets to the rim of the arena, Vernon appears on the opposite end, standing there motionless. Vernon takes out his mobile. [Perhaps change from mobile to Vernon talking to himself - doubt angels would use a mobile](Below is alternative dialogue [unbolded]) VERNON Humph...They're dead. Both of em. Oh dear.... VERNON They're dead. Both of them. (Vernon hangs up and sighs.) Oh dear. Vernon walks towards the centre of the arena.


Scene 23: Ending Sequence (the Choice) PAT'S HOUSE Pat is sitting on the couch watching T.V. NEWS SPEAKER The killer involved in the widespread murders earlier this year turned out to be one of two men that killed each other in the middle of Alma Park. Not only did they have a shootout in broad daylight, they did it in front of dozens of witnesses in the area. Puppet Steven appears on screen griping his hair and looking flustered. PUPPET STEVEN (Talking like a normal, scared person) I can't believe it, these guys they just pulled out guns and just, bang, shot each other. They were like yelling bleeding all over the place. It was nuts. NEWS SPEAKER The details and identities of the two men cannot be found and their next of kin are still trying to be located. PAT (Shaking her head) I don't believe it. Katy walks in. KATY Oh for god sakes Pat turn it off, you can be boring later. PAT I'm not gonna turn it off. It livens up any conversation that you make. KATY Fine, whatever. Now what do you want to eat already? PAT Look, I'm not going through this again with you. I don't care, you pick. KATY Oh fine. We'll go out and eat pizza with anchovies and delicious salami. PAT You know I hate that. KATY Oh..."you know I hate that. You know I hate that"... well I hate you and everything about you. PAT Yeah dido for me. KATY Yeah well screw you then, I'll eat on my own. Taking your wallet! Katy runs off. PAT Hey get back here! Pat runs after her laughing The newsreader comes back on.


NEWS SPEAKER In other news, Miss Carlyle, the women who has wanted baby for well over eight years, has completed her fertility surgery and has been verified as pregnant with twins. Miss Carlyle appears Miss Carlyle It’s a wonderful, wonderful thing. "Sniff" I mean I thought it would never happen, two boys, two. It’s a miracle. A dead set miracle. The End The End…?


Master Catalogue Main Narthaniel Corvexius – Paul Nakis Jack Cerberus – Jackson Patricia Stewart or Vivienne Stewart – _______________________ Katy – _______________________ Side Nightmare Puppet – Ben Duffie News Speaker – (Possibly Alex Bolitho) Vernon Nephilim (Naphidim) or Niphuilm – Albert Lui Mr/Mrs Thompson – _______________________ Extras Sid – _______________________ Sarah – _______________________ Ruffian #1 – _______________________ Ruffian #2 – _______________________ Puppet Steven – _______________________ Miss Carlyle – _______________________ Gus – _______________________ George – _______________________ Billy – _______________________ Alex – _______________________ Puppets…… Students……



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