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‘Don’t say effected by the war…because Hitler was never going to stop us living our lives’ Creating a comic book based on the story’s of living through the second world war

Interview with Peter Winterbottom who shared his childhood memories and the experience that he had during the second world war

Practical research

The location of the stories was that of a working village Fryston in Castleford. the village was home to the workers of the pit located in the village. Due to the story being heavily based in this village, and the atmosphere of its working life, It was necessary that i researched the location so that my comic could express the living situations and the atmosphere as accurate as possible. my research involved Visits to the location, descriptions from peter winter bottom and any reference i could gather from the internet and archives

It was key that I translated the tone of voice right for the village. with experiments and research I decided to with a ghost grey to execute the living situations and the environment. The black and grey was inspired by comic book artists David Mean and from earlier war movies such as Dambusters

‘Dont let the village make you think that we was scruffs…we helped each other we never went with out!’

“When the flairs was dropped the hole sky and streets was lit up red! we thought it was great ‘get ball out n will have a game” Thumbnails for the spot illustrations that will be within the publication. illustrations that tell parts of the stories from Peter Winterbottom’s interview that wasn't made into a comic strip. these illustrations will be full colour. the illustrations will divide the comic book stories The images through out my comic will not have textured effect using digital or analog practice due to it making the images being lost with in the textures and makes the blacks and greys turn to mud. The images through out will be created in digital no analog practice will be used

Exaggerated layout Experiments to get the best panels needed to tell the story and to show enough information of the buildings and environment to express and tell the story of the living situations. panels have been created to inspire the reader to imagine sound effects i.e plain engines, crowded places, sirens. Its necessary that a percent of the panels are not as detailed and don't have as much back ground and playful composition, this is to keep the comic book from being to over complicated and easy to read. also it keeps the read interesting.

‘Them planes would fly over, 60 a time and we would be shouting “PASS” over the sound of the engines’

The proposed out come is a comic publication of the stories told by Peter Winterbottom. The publication will feature 3 of the stories that are being told in comic format, each story will be separated by the spot illustrations these.Illustration will be stories from Peter Winterbottom’s interview that weren’t created into a comic format. below is a page layout of how the publication will be.

The final pages of the Fryston story Spot illustration of the hill that was sat on to watch the leeds bombing

The start of at the Egypt story

Presentation baords