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My research started with world war 2 where i began to be inspired by the battle of britain. my practical work has run along side through out my research questions i asked my self about the practical influenced what i was researching. i started to draw plaines witch lead me to wanting to draw pilots and that lead me to question who was the pilots?

research lead me to Douglas Bader the stories of his actions in war fascinated me. it was here that i made the decision that I would create a publication for my practical piece that told the stories of war hero’s It was also at this point that changed the direction of my research. whilst reading into his story i came across articles that had back up evidence that not all the stories was not totally true. this was the tool of propaganda. my research started to focus on the use of propaganda and how propaganda was bending the truth to create hero to benefit the war.This created hero was used as a tool to boost moral, to comfort soldiers and people of the home front and a tool to be used for manipulation

whilst researching propaganda and the stories that they was hiding I came across accounts of how they would hide the fallen, the fallen soldiers would be brushed aside and kept quite, this made me question ‘so how is it that we celebrate the fallen in modern war fare. Simon western (above) was the turning point in my dissertation, his story generated that the question why we celebrate the fallen and how it this come about? my questions lead me to the mass media that now was on the front line recording the war and letting the people at home see it first hand and start to make there own judgment up of what a hero is

Being inspired by the truth behind the war stories and how media helps the people see the truth and what actually is happening in war, made me want to create a publication based on the stories from someone with war experience. a storie from the horses mouth. I gained an interview with Mr winterbottom who's childhood stories of the war was different from the stories that i had heard before, in most situations the war was terrible it effected everyone but in Mr winterbottom’s story they lives wasn't effected by the war intact they made the effort not to let hitler effect their lives. A true story from the horses mouth is a perfect reflection on my dissertation.

The stories was based in the village of Fryston a working village, home of castle fords mining site. first hand research of this place really inspired me and began started a passion for the project

researching Dave Mkean was a huge turning point in the development of my practical. I learnt the use of ghost inking and was influenced by his panel work and use of composition

Examples key stages that deveopled my project  
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