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Distilled and Bottled in the Papa Loko Distillery, Garde Cote, Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

papa loko is the first hougan (voodoo priest), an ancient human that became a true voodoo spirit. papa loko is the wind that hears the secrets of the caribbean. he is the butterfly that feeds the forest. he is the master of healing and magic for good or ill. respect papa and papa will respect you.

Papa Loko Haitian rum is a comletely natural product made from pure spring water from the river Frorse, Caribbean molasses and just a little voodoo spirit.

5 0102543 2867364 28 UK Units


Product of Haiti

Imported by Emporia Brands Ltd., Guildford, Surrey GU1 1XR, UK Product of Haiti

70 cl Alc/Vol 40%

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Label Booklet  

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