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Make Online Beats Jack C. Minarik


One of the best kept secrets of successful musicians is that they make online beats with software freely available on the internet. These programs can be found with a simple online search and you can download two or three different programs to suit your needs. Even the most basic demos will feature dozens of free tracks and samples. .

The basic programs can be found on most websites and will feature the standard catalogue of sample songs along with the major drum beats. If you compare two or three programs side by side, you’ll find that they will differ by the number of different music instruments they have or the number of single or grouped tracks you can mix at the same time. Some will have a time limit to the length of your music tracks. However, these limitations shouldn’t worry amateur musicians as these will be more than enough to create their first tracks. Music beats available on these programs will consist mainly of the basic drum set, along with a keyboard or guitar simulator. From these instruments it is possible to create dozens of different sounds and tracks. For some programs, these instruments will have subcategories that change the tone of the instrument. For example, under the guitar option, you can usually find styles like electric, rock, jazz, folk and classical. With these options it’s possible to create entire tracks from one instrument alone.


Full length music tracks will sometimes be available on most programs. When you open and play these, you will be able to hear how different beats sound together and how they where mixed together to make the track. A visual representation of these different sounds will be displayed as long bars of different lines or colors. Try to play a couple of these sample tracks to give you an idea of how to put your own beats together. The music library of these programs will have other special effects for your tracks. These might range from simple two seconds vocals to laser sounds and thunder booms. These add different textures to your track so be sure to try them out.


Usually you will have to download these programs for you to start making tracks, but there are actually a number of websites that offer flash based simulators of their programs. These online programs give you a taste of the full download although they won’t have all the available beats or only allow for a few minutes of music. Be sure to check these out before downloading the software.

If you have tried the online version, you can download the full version for a minimum fee. The beauty of this system is that it allows you to familiarize yourself with the software before actually installing it. This way, you’ll be able to mix and record your own tracks in minutes. These programs are what upcoming artists use when they’re not on stages. You don’t have to be a professional artist to start your own music making. Just remember to look for the best program to make online beats and you’ll be mixing your own tracks at home. Jack C. Minarik


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