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Graphic Designers turn Shoe Designers??? Say What???

I like shoes. I mean who doesn’t? Men, you know I’m talking to you! Who doesn’t like sporting an eye catching pair of trainers or strutting around in a pair of the latest trendy platforms? Let’s face it, shoes are essential and life without them, well, and what kind of life would that be?! The online shoe shopping trend states that, we, the people of the world love showing off our feet adorning the latest foot ware. Whether we are looking to purchase cross trainers, tennis shoes, normal sneakers, heels, platforms; well you get the idea, there is bound to be an online store that deals specially in the type of shoes we are interested in. The question here is how do we know which store to go for. The answer to that is the one that offers the best quality customer service of course! Once the potential buyer finds the pair of shoes he is interested in, he may have some questions regarding size charting, variety and related pairs. Now, social media could be used to overcome some of these questions but it could only go such a long way. It could prove to be useful when it comes to variety a store offers but what happens when a client has a question regarding sizing? Shoe companies sometimes tend to make sizes that don’t always follow the standardized sizing chart. What happens then? My dear readers, this is where live website support comes in to action. By introducing live chat support online businesses can benefit by offering their customers instant assistance all in real-time. And the customers can easily have all their queries answered immediately. This not only helps online businesses grow since they are maximizing their sales through their helpful online support but it also allows them to decrease their overall costs being inflicted upon the business. A very interesting trend I came across a while back was that of graphic designers incorporating their art into shoes! The idea sounded baffling at the time but going through their work, it was such a striking idea! Moreover, these designers have cleverly put live chat widgets on their sites making designing shoes for clients a breeze since all the designing is being done in real-time. Providing instant communication grounds, sales are maximizing and costs falling. Shoe retailing giants Nike have also started following suit with the graphic designing trend being blended into their designs. This further boosts the original designers businesses since Nike and other various retail giants are outsourcing their projects to them. Designer brand Aldo has also incorporated

a live customer service chat into their website enabling customers to chat with reps regarding any queries they may be having about the shoes they’re interested in. Hence, live chat support is proving to be beneficial for online shoe businesses and customers as well. Business is climbing through the roof and it’s only a matter of time more of the shoe retailer giants incorporate live web chat services into their online customer service option.

Graphic designers turn shoe designers  

I like shoes. I mean who doesn’t? Men, you know I’m talking to you! Who doesn’t like sporting an eye catching pair of trainers or strutting...

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