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What is College going to do for me? Jack MacClarence !

As I near the end of my high school career I wonder what is in store for me next

year at college. I look around at different schools and wonder at the majors they offer. I want to know what college is really all about. When looking at the list of forty majors at Connecticut College recently, I wondered what kind of job does a Religious Studies major get, or a Gender and Women’s Studies major or even a Slavic Studies major? !

These majors seemed more interesting to

study then the traditional majors like Law, or some medical degree, but I did not really see what it would get you after college. In addition to finding a major when will I learn the real life skills such as managing my money, or renting? If these majors aren’t going to give me a clear career path or many of the life skills I will need, then what’s the point? !

Life skills are things that are extremely important to learn such as setting up

bank accounts, renting an apartment, paying taxes, or buying a car. A recent report by CNBC’s senior correspondent shows that student loans have hit a record highs. The average student in 2011 had 26,600 dollars worth of student loans to pay off. On top of that the report showed that 37.8 percent of recent college graduates are working jobs that do not require college degrees. This means lower wages for those people. Students

are running up a tab trying to get educated and not even coming out with the knowledge needed to pay off that tab easily. It worries me thinking about all these things that I have no idea how to do. I notice that many colleges aren’t offering classes to teach you these important life skills. Skills that will help save you lots of money, time, and stress over the years. So what skills are they really focusing on? If I am a Religious Studies major what skills will I learn that will prepare me for the working class. Other then the fancy diploma I will earn what will I have gained? Research skills and writing skills I assume would be a big part of what I build on but those are not the only skills I am going to need. !

Internships can help you build your resume and also give you insight to what

different career paths are like. The importance of internships has seems have grown recently. Getting an internship means building up your resume before graduating. It gives you an advantage when applying for your first job when you can show that you already have experience in that field. The experience can be an eye opener to what you are going to have to do in the future. Dan Yeom said to me when I asked about internships, “I think internships are very important. Over this past summer I did one in Korea for one of the news papers. It gave me a sense of what the job was like and what it takes to really be a journalist. Now if I choose to take that career path I have something to show the places I apply.” He wasn’t sure that NYU offered any programs

to help find internships for students but said it would be very useful as he wants to get one in the states. !

Dan is thinking of being a Metropolitan Studies major. I asked him what kind of

job he could see that landing him and his response was “ummm. . .” In terms of life skills I was wondering if NYU offered any classes for him to take so he could learn about taking out loans and so on. He wasn’t exactly sure about classes but said “I will be getting into that this spring. I am applying for a learn so I am going to have to learn about how that works.” Shouldn’t their be classes for that? It seems to me that schools should be teaching us about stuff like that. !

College is no doubt a great learning experience. Sometimes however when I look

at the cost of a college education today I feel like I am getting ripped off. I feel like colleges need to be offering us more. When making my decision on what college I apply to I will have to consider all of these factors. I want a school that will help me build a resume and get an internship. I also want to find a place that can help me learn about doing taxes and getting loans. Their are so many things to consider but I think I’ll be ok.


An article about college today and what it really does for you.