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Natural Female Libido Pills Women can get frigid or have a low libido, mostly, due to fear, insecurity of job or money, lack of trust in the relationship or

some everyday concerns. Female frigidity can become persistent and recurrent condition where the women fails to get

stimulated or satisfied with partner and the partner may complain ‘she has no desire'.

Natural Female Libido Pills A number of women face ongoing stress or physical problems e.g. monthly bleeding and period pain, endocrine imbalance, and relationship issues, and in certain phases of life such as childbearing and parenting, she may remain aloof of such intimate relation due to emotional factors. Men with a frigid woman may worry about the lackluster partnership and some try to help by helping in everyday work e.g. doing the dishes or spending on luxury outings but to no avail.

Natural Female Libido Pills There are certain health conditions such as joint pain, diabetes, loss of immune functions, loss of general stamina, fatigue,

anxiety and depression which can hamper desire. Women need to change attitude towards lovemaking, take time out to spend

with partner and adopt healthy eating habits to fire up your sex drive.

Natural Female Libido Pills Some studies find men need such intimate experience more than women and depriving them of such may affect their mood and emotional state. If the wife is not putting in, it can be because she is not comfortable into it. There are alternative ways to raise libido and certain plant based extracts can help in improving general constitution of the reproductive organ, which enhances the outflow from endocrine to increase libido in women.

Lady Fire Capsules

Natural female libido pills Lady Fire capsules contain extracts of herbs which have properties to improve the

constitution of human body tissues. These herbs reduce the impact of stress on glands to fire up your sex drive.

Ingredients In Lady Fire Capsules Nagbala or Grewia hirsute in the natural female libido pills has

metal chelating, hydroxyl radical scavenging properties, and it contains phenolics, flavonoids, alkaloids, carbohydrates and

tannins in high amount which can protect the skin tissues from free radicals.

Ingredients In Lady Fire Capsules Herbologists recommend ashwagandha for a number of health issues including frigidity as it can stimulate the production of DHEA - which simultaneously causes the release of testosterone to raise mood, and this is a proven stress reliever. It can get rid of dryness of organs caused by poor secretions from the glands. It can cure psychiatric disorders in women.

Ingredients In Lady Fire Capsules Ashwagandha was in use as a vitalizer by both men and women in India for more than 2500 years because it contains alkaloids, and has a great reputation as libido booster. Vidarikand is another herb in the natural female libido pills - Lady Fire capsules, known as Pueraria tuberose, and is widely used to regulate blood pressure, oxidative stress and fibrinolysis in people suffering from stage I hypertension.

Ingredients In Lady Fire Capsules Vidarikand is effective in regulating blood pressure and

preventing risks of excess bleeding during the monthly cycle. It contains bio-compounds - genistein, daidzein,

puerarin and these can induce vasodilatation which has strong impact on the K+ channels and this can attenuate

hypertension caused by Na Cl.

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Natural female libido pills to fire up your sex drive effectively