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Christmas Project ð&#x;Ž„ 2016


Christmas Project '16 Welcome aboard WMSKL(I)'s Christmas Project for this year! đ&#x;˜Š We are all really excited for what would be coming in the following months and can't wait to see the ways in which your class will contribute towards the project. This year, the project is jointly organised by the 12th Kuala Lumpur Boys' Brigade company together with the school.

What is the purpose of the project?

This project is the school's annual community service eort, an opportunity for the entire school to give back to those who are in need.

So how do we get involved?

We have prepared this short manual to help you and your class get started đ&#x;‘Œ


Introduction For the project this year, classes will be required to choose a beneficiary from a prepared list and assist the beneficiary throughout the duration of the project. We have managed to invite NGO's covering a wide area of causes to participate in the project as beneficiaries. There are beneficiaries for both human (men, women and children) and animal rights. There are a total of 15 groups, which are listed on the following page.

Timeline may






25 Project launch 25/5 - 8/6 Classes choose beneficiary

29 Progress Meeting #1

27 Progress Meeting #2

24 Progress Meeting #3

These meetings involve the organising committee and the class committee and are to check on the status of the project.

15 Project Report 29 Christmas Celebration




3 Simple Steps We have come up with 3 simple steps for the group to follow in order to get started with the project. The steps are listed below: 1) Electing a Group Committee 2) Choosing a Beneficiary 3) Carrying out the Project

step 1: Electing a Group Committee The class monitors from all classes in a group would have to meet and elect a group committee to facilitate the project progress. The roles and responsibilities of the committee are listed below.

leader + Asst. Leaders

Guide the group in choosing a beneficiary. Fill out the form to select the beneficiary. Contact and plan the group's project together with the chosen beneficiary. Co-ordinate the participation of the students in the project.


In charge of all project documentation and reporting. Ensure that the final project report is sent in by the 15th of September (15.9).


In charge of all project finances and accounting.


In charge of all programmes involving the beneficiary during the project.

logistics coordinator

In charge of movement of students/donations to and from the project venue.

collection coordinator

In charge of keeping track of all incoming and outgoing donations throughout the project.

publicity director

In charge of promoting the project and sharing the progress via social networks or other suitable channels.

homeroom teachers

Provide advice and guidance to the committee members.

Together with the homeroom teachers, these students will be the key people in contact with the organising committee (OC) and the beneficiaries. You are free to create additional positions if there is a need.


3 Simple Steps step 2: CHOOSING A BENEFICIARY To choose a beneficiary, the committee has to follow the procedure outlined below:

(1) Visit the project website at

(2) Have a read through all the beneficiary profiles, including their description, ways you can help and their website. Once you have read through everything and made your decision, go to that beneficiary's page to show their profile.

(3) Click the button that says ''CONFIRM NOW' to go to the selection form. Fill up the form and submit.

The choices of beneficiaries are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. You will be notified should all your choices be unavailable and hence, your group will be required to choose once more.


3 Simple Steps step 3: carrying out the project As soon as your beneficiary choice has been approved, your group's details will be sent to the chosen beneficiary and you may begin carrying out your project. It is recommended that the group committee schedule a visit to the beneficiary or at least contact them before starting to plan the project to ensure that the contributions from the project are aligned with the needs of the beneficiary. Once all the above has been completed, your group is all set and ready to start!

100 days

The number of days you have to conduct the project.

PROJECT REPORTING Pictures and/or video should be captured throughout the project for reporting and documentation purposes. The project report should be submitted to the organising committee by the 15th of September, two weeks before the Christmas Celebration of the project, the 29th of September.


contact details All correspondance, including any enquries and report submission, regarding the project can be directed to the following e-mail address : The following people can also be contacted for details regarding the project: Mr Nicholas Yeap, Captain, 12th KL Boys' Brigade 016-205 4801

Jason Pereira, Warrant OďŹ&#x20AC;icer, 12th KL Boys' Brigade 016-220 9685


beneficiary list Below is a list of all beneďŹ ciaries participating in the project: Agathians Shelter is a welfare home for boys who are either orphaned, abandoned or from broken homes. Breast Cancer Welfare Association is an organisation which provides emotional, social and material support for individuals with breast cancer. CADS Enhancement Centre is a special education centre which provides a holistic education system for special needs children, teenagers and adults. DUMC Street Ministry reaches out to the homeless, the hungry and those who are poor and needy in our community by extending a hand of help and friendship to them. dignity for children aims to empower underprivileged urban poor children to break the cycle of poverty through quality education, Early Steps Care Centre is a community project initiated by Cheras Baptist Church in response to the increasing need for early intervention services. Grace Community Services A non-proďŹ t organization founded expressly to serve the needs of the marginalized sectors of our community.


Malaysian Foundation for the Blind is here to make life better for blind and partially sighted people in Malaysia.

Malaysia Lysosomal Disease Association advocates for patients' rights to a sustainable healthcare and support system.

Pandawas Academy is solely focused on providing quality education to refugee children. PAWS Animal Welfare Society is an animal shelter that receives the surrender of unwanted dogs and cats which are vaccinated, dewormed, neutered/spayed and put up for adoption. Pertiwi Soup Kitchen project was established to provide regular meals at various locations around Kuala Lumpur on a regular basis. SPCA Selangor is an animal welfare organisation with the aim of protecting defenseless animals and to alleviate their suďŹ&#x20AC;ering. Voice of the Children was incorporated in 2008 as a child advocacy group to address a gap in children's services. Women's Aid Organisation's mission is to promote and create respect, protection and fulďŹ llment of equal rights for women.


Christmas Project Manual  
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