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PRESS GALLERY OF LIGHT GALLERY & WORKSHOP AUSTIN, USA Vertical studio work at school Design date: 02. 2012 -- 06. 2012 Total floor area: 19300 sqft

Tilting wall as a light filter

Light casting to the courtyard from interior





5 4

IMMATERIAL GREENHOUSE GREENHOUSE AUSTIN, USA Vertical studio work at school Design date: 09. 2012 -- 01. 2013 Total floor area: 32200 sqft

Floor II 1. Main lobby 2. Rest room 3. Administration room 4. Conference room 5. Green house 5'







Greenhouse blends into landscape

CLOUD IMMATERIAL INTERIOR Inspiration came from the cloudy and rainy forest deep in our site. The cloud creates a sense of mystery and blends itself into its surroundings seamlessly. The design tries to recreate this, since the greenhouse program and the surrounding botanical garden should be connected.

FOREST COLUMNS WITH LIGHT SLOTS ON THE CEILING One of the main goals in this project is to create a ground level with abundant natural light as well as a connection with nature. Therefore, I used a slotted floor on the second and third levels to allow light to penetrate completely through. When lit the columns channel the light and blend into the forest scene.

Rain collector and pots

Column forest on the first level

Immaterial Facade Two glass boxes with randomly placed cactus pots forms an immaterial pattern on the facade and creates a mysterious atmosphere inside.

Immaterial Light Effect When light hits the greenhouse, it is reflected, refracted, blocked, filtered, etc. The light not only renders the building immaterial but also blurs the building's form.

Immaterial Paper Cloud Facade The model is made of velum, allowing for a flexible and translucent design. Undulations in the roof were produced using Grasshopper based on the surrounding tree canopy as well as the inside height of the cactus and their varied need for light. Seen from different angles, it shows the variable light density commonly found in a cloud. This waffle grid was originally intended to be the ceiling of the greenhouse project, though it was not included in the final version.

Developing Model: section view

Timber In the City Residence+Factory, NYC, USA Competition Design date: 02. 2013 -- 05. 2013

[1]. FLOOD RESISTING BUILDING A key point in the design was the protection of the building and valuable equipment against flood. This was accomplished by placing sacrificial supporting programs on the ground floor and the main programs, such as wood production, digital fabrication, and residence, above. [2]. STREET-FRIENDLY FACTORY The impact of the factory on the community is minimized by lifting the manufacturing space above street level. Below, the street is activated by two plazas and a series of commercial spaces. [3]. COMMUNITY PLAZA SPACE The extensive program could have easily pushed against the limits of the site, easily turning the parcel of land into a solid mass. Instead, two large plaza spaces are given back to the community to promote social interaction by lifting the factory off the ground floor. An added benefit is the prevention against flood, as only support programs would be sacrificed.

Residential Tower & Reinforced Timber Structural System The use of timber in high-rise construction has a number of limitations. Traditional manufacturing processes restrict the size of timber members. Complex connections are can be challenging. Structural rigidity and stability are difficult to obtain without reinforcement. The introduction of steel as an additional material can improve the use of timber. Members can be manufactured as long as the design requires them to be. Steel connection plates all for a number of different joint conditions. Reinforcement bars stabilize the whole building system. The reinforced timber construction method incorporates steel into the wood members, allowing timber high-rise construction to happen.

IMMATERIAL GREENHOUSE GREENHOUSE AUSTIN, USA Studio work at school Design date: 09. 2012 -- 01. 2013 Total floor area: 32200 sqft

Floor II 1. Main lobby 2. Rest room 3. Administration room 4. Conference room 5. Green house





24 Apartment Interior

[1]. INTERLOCKING COLUMN ----- The interlocking-column system is inspired by the ancient Chinese Dougong structure, which utilizes short-length timber members to achieve long spans. The resulting massive capitol serves here to support the roof structure. [2]. MODULAR COLUMN ----- The columns in the factory space are of the same size in plan and come in two height variations. This flexibility allows for great efficiency as well as structural consistency. [3]. PREFABRICATED MEMBERS ----- Construction of the capitols consists of only three types of members. Each member is fabricated on site and can be quickly assembled since no additional parts are required. Each member is constructed using the Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) system, which has good structural characteristics in both tension and compression.

Factory Interior

NEW LIFE LUTHERAN CHURCH CHURCH DRIPPING SPRINGS, USA Tech-com studio work at school Design period: 09. 2013 -- 12. 2013 Total floor area: 5850 sqft Design partner: James Nie My responsibility: Site plan, floor plan, two wall secions, door details rendering, rainwater collection, structural plans

Dripping Springs, TX

New life Lutheran Mission Church

Reseved trees Existing buildings Roads 200 feet circle from tree Desirable entrance Desirable location Desirable views

City limit Existing street Proposed roads Public parks Potential subdivisions

Vehicle Road Pedestrian/Fire Meditation Circle Meditation Route

High-dense Forest Mid-dense Forest Native Grass Vineyard / Orchard Hidden Parking Lots

Major Destination Tall Visual Attraction Visual Connections


0 30ft

150ft 90ft




0 5ft


1. Kitchen 2. Worship 3. Baptism 25ft 4. Storage 5. Office

6. Sacristy 7. Meditation 8. Labyrinth 9.Rain Water Collection



2nd Floor Plan

Roof Plan

1st Floor Electric Plan

2nd Floor Electric Plan

Basement / Foundation Plan

Basement Structural Plan

1st Floor Structural Plan

2nd Floor Structural Plan

Sacred Oak Trees Going further, people would approach the sacred oak trees.

Church The curving walls and roof represent the inward universe of us.

Exterior Worship/Labyrinth

Rainwater Landscape

The labyrinth is combined with the use of exterior worship to make the service more flexible

The rainwater creates a sense of quietness and helps the irrigation.

Proceeding Sequence Partial Model Meditation Circle The meditaiton routes connect all 12 stations of cross on site.

Parking Lots It's hidden in the forest and close to the church, easy access for all.

Water Truff Using the collected rainwater, this waterscape activate the area.

Bell Tower The height and sound of it draw people to the center of the site itself.

Labyrinth/Exterior Worship & Church

Meditation Room


Sishuo (Jack) Liu Portfolio