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Skincare Tips from Skin Specialists – Skin Specialists in Johor Bahru. Knowing the secret of young, youthful skin is on the mind of every woman, young or old. Ever wonder what the experts do to keep their skin glowing every day? So we set out to ask the skin specialists in Johor Bahru to tell us a few skin secrets.

1. An application of sunscreen a day keeps ageing away. The natural environment around us can do nasty things to our skin. Excessive UV radiation can do more than just damage skin but cancer and other serious diseases. Skin specialists recommend that always apply a layer of sunscreen especially when going out. Apply a uniform layer of sunscreen protection of SPF 30 (like be stingy – always apply a generous coating. Your skin is way too important to save a few bucks on.

2. Use tanners to even out skin tone. While most of us would prefer to look fairer, a trick that can help cover up blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles is to even out the skin tone. Sunless tanners are perfect for this, many of which also come with some UV protection. Convenient, as you’ll need sunscreen protection whenever you go out anyway. Skin specialists in Johor Bahru will tell you that humidity of the tropics means that you could probably do without daily moisturizer unless you spend a lot of time in air conditioned spaces.

A tanner will fix this.

3. Include more fatty acids and omega-3 in your diet. Many nuts contain the fatty acids and oils that we need to keep our skin healthy, but none are better than almonds! These nutrients slow inflammatory action in skin that cause fine lines, sagging and blemishing. If nuts are not your thing, however, you can always find rich sources fatty acids and omega oils in salmon oil, tuna and other cold sea water fish.

4. Spray on some Thermal Spring Water. Skin specialists vouch for the effectiveness of Thermal Spring Water, or eau thermal. “Originating as a pure rain mixed with sea-spray rich in mineral salts” is what’s written on the official Avène website. One of its active ingredients, selenium, also protects against UV radiation. I’m sure that the evaporation effect of the water helps to remove some heat as well, which probably contributes to its popularity in no small way.

5. Don’t worry, be happy. Eh, was it Bobby McFerrin or Bob Marley again? Regardless, science tells us that it’s in our best interest to stop stressing out all the time. Stress causes stress hormone levels to rise, which then causes our skin break out in acne. It doesn’t help conditions like psoriasis, either. There are plenty

of ways that can help us control our stress; moderate exercise and friendly sports work wonders to improve both mood and fitness. However, you may want to avoid long stretches of high impact exercise, which can damage the collagen layers in skin and cause premature sagging. Conversely, strength training helps firm muscles, which support the skin. A relaxing day at the spa with a face mask on or hot spa pool is also amazing for the nerves.

Looking for a skin specialist in Johor Bahru? Contact Medi Aesthetic at +60167109576. 6. Wear a cold press. You don’t have to wait for inflammation to strike before you consider putting on a cold press. Cold presses help reduce swelling and pigmentation. Skin specialists recommend frozen peas, which are round and conform to the shape of your face, unlike solid ice packs. Plus you’ll also be obliged to cook and eat them after they’ve thawed out over your face. Don’t just wait for your veggies to thaw – put them to good use, on your face!

7. Avoid washing with water that’s too hot or too cold. I’ll admit that I for the longest time I thought that pores opened up when rinsed with hot water and closed in cold water. However, warm water (not hot water, which is damaging and will strip your skin of necessary natural oil) does help draw out oil from pores and while cool water slows it. So it still makes sense to wet your face with warm water first, then rinse with cool water.

8. Hands off. Your hands are typically the point of contact with the outside world, and is full of germs, dirt and chemicals. The last thing you want to do is to transfer all that junk to your delicate face! Avoid touching or rubbing your face or eyes before washing your hands. In fact you should just make it a habit to not touch your face with your hands at all, except when washing up. Even then you should always wash your hands with soap and water first.

If you have to, be sure to wash your hands (with soap, of course) before touching your face.

9. Cultivate your chi. Or do yoga, if that suits your fancy. Moderate, whole-body movement and exercise helps improve blood circulation, which brings more oxygen to every corner of your body, and responsible for healthy, glowing skin. Other benefits include reduced inflammation and swelling, as well as stress that causes skin to age quicker.

10. Develop a love for Green Tea. Green tea contains lots of Epigallocatechin gallate, anti-oxidants and theaflavins – protective compounds that not only keep your skin healthy and its collagen from breaking down, but also has strong anti-cancer properties. Drink it, it’s good for you.

Green tea is touted as almost magical drink by doctors and health experts. Regardless, it’s a tasty beverage!

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Skincare tips from skin specialists

Skincare tips from skin specialists