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Jack and Laura Ghost Series – The Magazine – Issue 2


Welcome to Issue 2! Princess Diana’s Ghost Caught on Film? Series 2: What’s to be expected? An interview with Paranormal GI. Does the paranormal industry need sex appeal? Contact us

The next generation of ghost hunters are back with a new issue of their own online paranormal magazine!

Welcome to Issue 2 We’re happy to be bringing you Issue 2 of our free online magazine! We couldn’t believe how successful the first issue did, and we were glad when we heard people were enjoying what we had worked hard on. With the success of the first issue, we bring you issue 2 packed with lots of paranormal news and history! Enjoy!

Jack & Laura

Princess Diana Ghost: Real or Illusion? A ghost sighting of Princess Diana has been reported after Chinese tourists filmed a stained glass window in a church in Scotland. Michael Cohen, a paranormal enthusiast, is reviewing the footage to see if it is in fact Princess Diana’s ghost, or just an illusion. The video filmed by the tourists shows them filming inside the church. As the camera pans down a stained glass window, the figure of Diana clearly appears in the window before disappearing again. Michael Cohen believes this footage can prove that there really is life after death, saying ‘Scientists tell us that ghosts don't exist, and yet people around the world keep seeing them. While we might not want nothing to do with the dead, perhaps some ghosts have unfinished business with us.’ He went on to say that the footage could have caught the most clearest ghostly image yet. ‘The footage is currently being examined by myself and other researchers to ascertain if it is a genuine ghost capture. It might be a bizarre optical illusion, but then again, it could be a ghost - possibly Princess Diana's. Ghosts often appear in places connected to their lives and families. Ghosts might appear to warn individuals, groups and even entire nations of possible impending danger.’ Princess Diana spent a lot of time in Scotland, passing away there in 2004. What do you think of these images?

What’s to be expected in Series 2? Series 2 is on the way, and we both know you really want to know what’s to be expected from us and the new series… Well, who cares if you don’t? We’ll tell you anyway! •

• •

This series, we aim to bring in a few other people. We want to do this for many reasons; to increase our team and to let other people experience what we experience. We would love people to see what ghost hunting is really like! A lot more effects – We believe we’ve improved the opening of our episodes, but this series we hope to bring in a lot more spooky effects. Will this happen? Guess you’ll have to watch to see. (And we’ll have to find effect software…) More evidence – We got quite a lot of evidence in Series 1, and this series we’re hoping to give you all a whole lot more. Better locations – Will we travel away from South Wales? Hopefully! We’d love to investigate with another well known paranormal name/team/investigator. We think this would be a great experience for the both of us!

Series 1 went well, and we just hope that Series 2 does even better! We’re going to work really hard on it, and bring you the best episodes we’ve ever done. Work begins soon on the new series, so get ready!

An interview with PARANORMAL GI Paranormal GI are a paranormal investigation team that aim to bring you the facts of the paranormal. We decided it would be good to get to know them better‌

Who's in your team and what do you do for the team? Leroy Kincaide (Team Leader), Jo Tweddle (Investigator) and Mark Freeman (Equipment Tech).

What do you do as a team? As a team we investigate haunted locations and aim to not prove or disprove any haunting... But to only provide the facts of what’s found.

When did you form as a team? The team was formed back in Feb 2010.

When did you realize you wanted to be ghost hunters? Would you consider yourself ghost hunters? Leroy: We have always had a curiosity about the paranormal some more then others. I have always had an interest in the paranormal ever since I was a young child. I wouldn't call us ghost hunters even though many would. I don't like the term in the hunt part of Ghost Hunters. I feel that is a little too harsh of a word. So I like to call us Paranormal Ghost Investigators.

What has been your favourite location to investigate? I think we would all agree that our first training location was our best one to date. It was a disused mental asylum. Was huge, the structure of the location and the scary feel of it also was crazy. Is their a location you all really want to go to? I think out of all locations we could think of off the top of my head, I would say we would want to go somewhere with a massive tunnel or underground system... But a very scary one I would say would have to be Proveglia Island. What's the most scariest thing that has happened on your investigations? The weirdest and most scariest thing would be from our first official investigation in Flaming Henry's in Kent. We were finishing off the last part of our investigation when Jo's walkie-talkie started emitting static interference. It continued to do it for a period of around 2 minuets; none of us could come up with any logical expansion for what we experienced.

Are you all believers in ghosts? Yes, all of us believe that there is more to this life than what we know. Have you had your own experiences? Leroy: Separately Mark and Jo haven't had any experiences outside of the team. Myself, on the other hand, I have had a few strange events happen that I cant explain. The most prominent one was when I was 9yrs old. I had some very disturbing encounters with night terrors. A man would enter my room and swing a rope with a boomerang looking thing at the end of it. It would make a really strange whirling sound. All while this episode persisted I would be paralyzed and unable to move. This affected me up until the age of 15yrs old.

What are your future ambitions as a team? Our main ambition as a team, is to become a full on production and present our passion for the paranormal through a TV show. What would you say your biggest achievement has been? Aww, that would be telling. At this moment in time things are going very well for us and we have got some very positive potential to fulfil our actual ambition we set out to achieve. So watch this space and you never know Paranormal GI could be coming to a TV station near you.

If you would like to find out more about Paranormal GI and watch their episodes, you can! Their website: Their Youtube: Their Facebook: And twitter:

Does the paranormal industry need sex appeal? Lately we’ve noticed that a lot of people working in the paranormal have been making the industry look a lot more ‘sexually appealing’…but do we really need that? While the paranormal industry is well known, it’s not exactly something a lot of people consider to be big in our society. The work in the paranormal is very underground, but still very successful – a lot of it without sex appeal. What do we mean by sex appeal? Well, girls wearing barely nothing advertising a paranormal product or TV show or pictures of pretty models, both male and female, again advertising a paranormal product. Do we really need it? If you look at a successful show like Most Haunted, you will see they rely very little on sex appeal. I guess you could say that if you are trying to prove the evidence of ghosts, you are trying to stick to reality. Paranormal teams go out to dis-prove a haunted location, or prove that it is haunted. In our opinions, people rolling around in their underwear looking seductive while advertising something in the paranormal is not reality. What happened to the spooky backgrounds of graveyards and churches? They did the job – you looked at a photo like that and thought of ghosts, horror, fear…look at photos of sexy girls holding an EVP meter and you’re probably thinking of other things. Not everyone is model material, and when you’re out investigating you shouldn’t really care what you look like. You should be more focused on the work involved and what you set out to achieve. It’s understandable that people are trying to be unique and do something different in the paranormal industry, but surely there’s a much more classy way?

Think of who your target audience is. Do you want you paranormal TV show to be successful? Yes, of course you do. But paranormal TV shows generally are for family viewing, and parents aren’t going to be too happy letting their kids watch a paranormal TV show where the girls are barely dressed. Fair enough if your target audience is adults, but in general, are you making a paranormal product or adult entertainment? Some photos we see are not very classy and very close to belonging in an adult magazine. There’s a saying, ‘Sex sells’, and indeed it does. But it shouldn’t in the paranormal industry. There are ways to be unique and push the boundaries without losing what you are meant to be doing – and that is to advertise the paranormal in the right way.

We’re not saying you have to agree exactly with what we say, and we’re definitely not saying that a little sex appeal doesn’t help…but there is definitely a way for it to be done. Some people don’t even have to try and some people know where to stop.

We don’t rely on sex appeal at all, and if we’re honest we don’t think we have any. We like to think we are still doing pretty well without it. So do we really need sex appeal? Our answer is no.

CONTACT We would love to hear from our readers what you think of our magazine and our episodes, so why not contact us? Do you agree with what we wrote about ‘sex appeal’ in the paranormal sector? Want to find out more about series 2 or Paranormal GI? Do you want to feature in the next issue? Email: Do you want to know more about us? Visit: Do you want to get our updates? Twitter: @JLGhostEps Facebook: You can also buy HAUNTED magazine, which we regularly feature in. Thank you for reading,

Jack and Laura

COMING SOON: M.C.P.R.S paranormal investigation team from Kansas.

Jack & Laura

Jack and Laura: The Magazine - Issue 2  

Jack and Laura bring you issue 2 of their very own magazine, packed with news on the paranormal and an interview with paranormal team Parano...

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