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Simple Ideas For Staying Strong And Healthy During Chemo Being diagnosed with cancer can be a scary and frustrating experience filled with trips to the hospital and a variety of treatments. When undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, patients may experience additional and unpleasant symptoms. However by following a few simple steps, overcoming side effects of chemo and radiation can be accomplished by any brave and determined cancer patient. One of the most common side effects during cancer treatment is chemo induced diarrhea. This happens when the chemotherapy damages the healthy cells that usually line the small and large intestines. Chemo treatments can also speed up the intestinal tract, causing loose, watery, and very soft bowel movements. Fortunately, by following a proper diet and eating schedule, patients can help their bodies get back on track. Healthy nutrition for those suffering from chemo induced diarrhea include low fiber foods such as plain yogurt, white rice, white bread and toast, and bananas. Patients can also increase their uptake of potassium and sodium, as these are quickly lost during episodes of diarrhea. Foods high in these nutrients include boiled potatoes, bananas, and the nectar of apricots and peaches.

Another common side effect of chemotherapy and radiation is excessive fatigue. For patients undergoing these treatments, it can be difficult to maintain their daily routines and activities. However, there are several easy ways for patients to increase their energy levels and continue to enjoy life. Many people undergoing treatment for cancer find it helpful to be involved in daily prayer, meditation, visualizations and even gentle walks. These activities can release stress and revitalize the body and soul. It is also helpful to maintain a healthy diet full of highly nutritious and caloric foods. Lean proteins, whole grains and brightly colored fruits and vegetables will give patients’ bodies the nutrition they need to heal and recover. In addition to diarrhea and fatigue, another typical side effect of any cancer treatment is hair loss. To lessen the emotional pain of this process, many patients decide to shave their head as soon as they start the chemo. It can also be helpful to pick out a wig that matches a person’s natural hair color, as this can help a person maintain their identify and pride.

Overcoming side effects of chemo and radiation may seem like a daunting task for anyone undergoing the treatments. Therefore, it is also important for cancer patients to utilize help from a variety of sources that includes up to date research, educational books, and of course support from family, friends and medical professionals. Anyone being treated for cancer should know they are not alone and should never be afraid to reach out for help.

Simple ideas for staying strong and healthy during chemo  

One of the most common side effects during cancer treatment is chemo induced diarrhea. This happens when the chemotherapy damages the health...

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