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Brendan Hitchens

Tigers Jaw seem to lean on Indie and Pop influences just as much as you do

write shorter songs, and Adam's songs on Two Worlds are shorter than on most

Punk bands. I’ve heard comparisons made to Pavement, Weezer and

previous releases, but it wasn't an intentional thing to make a short album, we

Archer’s Of Loaf and read you're fans of Dinosaur Jnr. Collectively, who

just wrote an album and it happened to be about that long.

are some of your favourite bands?

That being said, we're always writing and working on new stuff. We have a

I'm not sure there is a collective answer to this question as far as "favourites" go.

couple of splits due out this year (details soon), as well as a new song that will

We all seem to like different bands to different degrees. I know that Nirvana,

be on the Run For Cover Records Vinyl Compilation.

Fleetwood Mac, and Pavement are up there, and probably Weezer too. I like Archers of Loaf a lot, but I'm not sure about everyone else. There was a band

Tigers Jaw truly exist in Two Worlds; playing in a band and studying full

from Scranton called Okay Paddy that was a huge influence in the formation of

time. What are you studying and how hard is it to juggle the two?

Tigers Jaw.

I'm currently in a 5 year masters program for Speech Pathology. It is becoming extremely hard to balance the two. This major is incredibly difficult and

Further to that, a unique aspect of the band is the keyboard sound. When

demanding, and school certainly has a huge impact on what we are able to do as

starting out, were there any particular bands or musicians that inspired you

a band, not just for me, but it has been for all of us. We do as much as we can

to adopt the instrument?

with what time we have available to us. Summer classes end for me on July

Not really. When the band started out, it was just guitar and drums, and

30th, we leave for tour August 2nd, tour until August 20th, and then the 22nd I

sometimes bass. When we started to demo the first Tigers Jaw songs, a friend of

start fall semester.

ours came and played some keyboards on the recordings and ended up joining the band for a bit. When we parted ways with him, (and the original bass

What was the experience like opening for Coheed And Cambria?

player), we asked Brianna if she wanted to start playing music with us.

We were incredibly flattered to be asked to be a part of that show. I'll admit none

Meanwhile, Adam had found an old Casiotone in the basement of a church and

of us were too familiar with Coheed and Cambria going into it. We got there and

we really loved the way the organ setting sounded, so we started incorporating

Claudio Sanchez was sound checking on the biggest stage we'd ever seen. The

it. It makes everything sound fuller and more textured. It also has a nice Dead

venue was right off the Hudson river, and the view was amazing, despite the

Radical sticker on it.

rain. We shared a trailer with Adrian Belew, a man who has toured with David Bowie, and the Talking Heads, so it was amazing to hear him talk about some of

The punk scene in Pennsylvania seems to be a hub of activity at the

his experiences. We played some basketball before the show. The set was pretty

moment, with bands like The Menzingers, Title Fight and The Wonder

strange, half deadpan Coheed fans and half people that recognised us in terms

Years all receiving their due attention. Like Gainesville, Florida bands had

other than "not-Coheed," but it was fun. Pat wore a dress and one of the stage

a distinct sound in the late 90s, do you think there is a certain sound or

crew guys did some magic tricks and said a lot of swear words. We got free beer

commonality to bands from your area?

from Brooklyn Brewery, which was really good. We also got pizza and hung out

I'm not sure if there is a certain sound. Maybe to an outsider. I can't really speak

with some old and new friends.

for much of the Philly or western PA scenes, but as far as Northeastern Pennsylvania, I've grown up with a lot of those bands. I suppose this constant

No too long ago the band released a split EP with Balance And Composure.

exposure to the development of those bands has kept me from perceiving any of

Despite being a relatively small band in terms of their fan base here in

them as sounding too similar. I think the commonality with a lot of these bands

Australia, they have just announced a tour of the country. Is Australia on

is just writing really honest, good music. Bands like Captain We're Sinking,

the band’s radar as a tour destination, your tumblr page suggests you have

Three Man Cannon, and Kite Party, are a few more bands that really should be

a substantial Australian audience?

getting more attention too.

Due to our limited opportunities to tour, Australia is not on the immediate radar, but I wouldn't rule it out completely. I'd love to play there at some point.

Your most recent album, Two Worlds came out in November of last year. Given the album goes for just 25 minutes, have you begun work on a follow up release? I've encountered similarly phrased questions, and it's an interesting that people try to connect these concepts, but I'll start by saying the length of an album does not dictate anything with regards to how soon another release will happen. True, Two Worlds is a relatively shorter album, but that doesn't mean we were sitting on 40 minutes of material and just chose 25 of it or something like that. I tend to

You guys have recently been in the studio with J.Robbins, recording your second full length for No Idea Records. J has handled the production duties for bands like Against Me!, Jawbreaker, Lemuria and None More Black to name a few. Was there a particular record of his that you used as a

it did affect the dynamic. I think whenever you have a core member of a project leave, that will always happen. Also having another lady was something that was important to us, so it worked out great when Alison decided to join.

The band has played at The Fest in Gainesville a number of times now. For people in Australia who know it only as a large showcase of punk bands, can you describe what it’s like being one of the many bands on the bill and what kind of impact the me, Braid's Frame and Canvas was a record that I have always shows have on the community? really enjoyed and thought sounded great. Bridge and Tunnel has The Fest is like a weekend of drunk kids running up and down definitely taken some pointers from them musically in the past and what’s basically one long strip of road in Gainesville. It can I know I was really excited to record with the same engineer. definitely be overwhelming sometimes. There is just so much going on at once. I have played every year since 2005 so for me it may be Have you experienced the “difficult second album syndrome” at something I take for granted because I know lots of kids from all over save up to come every year. As far as the community aspect, all? The Fest brings in a lot of business for the town so in that respect The biggest issue for us was the member changes we have gone its actually helpful to smaller food establishments/bars/venues. As through over the last year. With every new person, we basically had for crusty punks begging for spare change, I don’t know how much to start all over. Once we set a deadline for the record to be the community (or other punks for that matter) are very stoked on finished, things started to fall together. As far as the songs go, I that aspect of Fest.  reference point for the sound you were after? J has done a lot of bands we all really like. I think for

think these new ones are some of the strongest stuff we have done as a band so far. Some are a little shaved down parts wise, not really simpler but some more straight forward. The vocal harmonies and choruses really stand out and Im stoked to start getting more of the new songs into rotation at our live shows. Now the band is several years old, do you still notice people stumbling across your music because of the Latterman connection? Im sure it comes up once in a while but B&T is a pretty different band sound wise. Probably when we first started that may have got some people listening but I don’t think as much anymore. Having a vast amount of experience from previous bands it seems there was a clear goal and direction in what Bridge And Tunnel wanted to achieve early. By that I mean recording a demo before even playing a show and then releasing it on a prominent label. Is that a fair observation? Sure, I think thats a natural progression for people that have been playing music in bands for a while. Me and Jeff have been in bands since we were probably 18 years old, so when we started B&T it just seemed like that was the way to go. Write, record and tour. Yeah. The band formed as an extension of long lasting friendships. Does a line up change affect this dynamic in any way? Of course. Tia (our first bass player) leaving was really hard. She just had a lot of stuff going on and couldn’t really commit to the large amount of touring we wanted to do at the time. When she left finding someone to take over her spot was really difficult. Not only was she a great friend but also an amazing bass player. Im sure some bands can have tryouts and just get a random person to play an instrument, but our band has never really been like that. So it took us a bit to find someone that could work on all those levels but

Conversely, what have you heard about the music scene in Australia? Are there any particular band’s you are interested in seeing when in the country? I don’t really know very much besides that some white power people don’t really like Propagandhi. Haha. This tour we are doing will be with Paper Arms and we have some other friends bands we hope to play with while over there.


Make Do And Mend was a philosophy started in World War II referring to repairing items that would normally be discarded and doing the best with what you had; a pre-punk DIY mantra if you will. Am I reading too much into it by saying the values expressed then are very much aligned with those of the band now, figuratively at least? I think that you're right on. At the beginning it was definitely just a name that we thought sounded cool, but the idea behind it definitely reflects the way we operate as a band and as people in a lot of different ways.  

Lyrically some of the issues on your most recent record End Measured Mile centre around working full time and the pressures associated with it, namely the track Oak Square.  Has the success of the album afforded you the luxury of now being full time musicians? We definitely have the opportunity to tour full time, which is an incredible gift, but any dude in a touring band will tell you that 9 times out of 10 touring full time doesn't pay the bills back home.  So we all have to make certain accommodations for the short stretches that we are home for in order to keep ourselves afloat financially.

The band is associated with what seems to be two down to earth labels. Panic Records run by Tim from Trial and Paper + Plastik run by Vinnie from Less Than Jake. Aside from the publicity/promotions side of things, what kind of support and mentoring have these labels given you? I mean they were willing to put out our records, which to me is a huge gesture in and of itself. Both dudes have been people that we have been able to turn to for help, for advice, and really anything else, and they always come through for us.  That's a pretty rad thing in my book.

Each review of the record seems to mention the honesty of the band’s lyrics. Has the content of your songs ever gotten you into trouble, be it friends or family? Not any serious trouble. My mom has sat me down a few times and tried to get me to talk about what the more religiously (or lack there of) inspired lyrics are all about, but I've never really bad mouthed anyone in the songs that we write.  Well except for myself of course. What kind of dynamic exists in the band as a result of having brothers working together? Being in a band with your brother is a very interesting thing. It presents a very distinct set of advantages as well as problems.  It is great because we get to share these

with singer/guitarist James Carroll

incredible experiences with one another, but at the same time playing in a band put's a serious pressure on any relationship. So that sort of pressure on our brotherhood is something that I don't think many siblings have to deal with.  It is very tough sometimes. You seem to come from a close knit community of bands like La Dispute and The Wonder Years. Have these guys told you anything about Australia? All of our friends who have been over already have told us that it is the best touring experience of all time.  Like touring paradise. Matt Brasch from TWY ate Kangaroo meat the last time they were over. Fuck him. In the space of 12 months the band will have played alongside Hot Water Music, Lifetime and Small Brown Bike and toured Australia. Are you constantly reassessing the goals for the band and if so what’s next?  That is a great question.  It's something that we have joked about before, because every goal that we set for ourselves as a young band we have already surpassed. So we are constantly having our minds blown.  Our goal right now is to keep on having fun and making music.  We want to take this thing wherever it will go.

interview with Brandon

You’re currently writing an LP at the moment. How is it going so far? So far so good! Thanks for asking. We have about 6 tunes nailed down, and another grip of songs in the works.

Being signed to Fat Wreck, is there ever a sense that you are competing against label mates like Chixdiggit or Screeching Weasel? Not really no. I think there's plenty of room for bands to do their thing.

What dynamic does having identical twins in the band create? Ray and I have always been on the same page when it comes to being in a band. That is probably our biggest asset as twins. Its tough to get people together to start a band, much less start recording and playing shows. I always knew Ray was into playing shows, and recording.

The EP from earlier this year was recorded at the famous Blasting Room. I hear that Rise Against were there at the time and you used all their gear...? Totally! They had all their gear set up for their End Game sessions, and we poached all their gear. It made the recording process quite a bit easier to say the least.

Taking nothing away from the band’s sound, you are heavily influenced by the Ramones 3 chord mantra. How hard is it to find a unique take on it...? Honestly I would say that it is tough. Aside from playing an old school sound, and trying to bring your own take on the idea there are other challenges. I would say the biggest is playing 3 chord pop punk, and trying not to come off as hoaky. There are quite a few pop punk bands that sound juvenile to me. lorem met When we'reipsum writing dolor songs we try set to take an approach with the lyrics are quam nunc parum fun and silly, but not too silly. Thats always a challenge for me.


The band are influenced by the early sounds of Green Day. What was it like then putting out a split of Billie Joe’s label Adeline Records? It was rad! We've always looked up to Green Day, and doing a release on their label was kinda like putting our own little foot print on their planet. It was quite exciting for us. In the last few years Teenage Bottlerocket have released splits with Broadway Calls and The Ergs. Any chance of a Frenzal Rhomb split? That would rule! Love those guys!

What has touring extensively with NOFX taught you about what to and not to do as a band? I would say the most important thing we've learned from NOFX is not to take your band too seriously. You can record, tour, and repeat without having a big head. None of those guys are rock stars, and that in itself has been the biggest lesson we've learned from NOFX. It seems Teenage Bottlerocket have been smashing so many goals recently. Not just the Adeline and Fat connection, but also playing alongside heroes in The Descendants and being on festival bills for Leeds and Reading. Where did an Australian tour sit on the band’s list of ambitions? Honestly, we are completely blown away by the idea that we are heading to Australia. I wouldn't say it was on our list of ambitions, because it seemed like such an impossible goal. Now that it is actually happening, the feeling is completely surreal. We feel very lucky to do all of the things we've been able to with this band. Touring Australia is at the top of that list.

POUR HABIT Can you tell us how your affiliation with Fat Wreck Chords came about? I’ve read Jordan from Strung Out initiated it? Sup Australia!!!! Yeah dude we definitely owe a tremendous amount of thanks to Jordan. He really believed in us and took us under his wing. He acted as a mentor and had to crack the whip on us because honestly we are the equivalent of five year olds with too much sugar. Fat Mike produced your latest album Got Your Back. What’s it like having him as a critical friend? He is a very critical friend in the fact that I don't think he likes our bands music haha!! No Fat Mike is awesome to us. It is pretty amazing having him come in and help us. I love the dynamic between Chuck and Mike. They should make a sitcom. Mike has a lot of talent and I like how he wants to get things done quick. Partying with Mike is fun too. The band play a distinct style of 90s punk that is synonymous with the label and add to that have supported bands like NOFX, The Flatliners and the aforementioned Strung Out. You recently toured with reggae band Pepper. Was that a conscious decision to step out of the Fat Wreck pigeonhole? Not really. We are a new band that no one really knows about so we are grateful to get offered tours. Pepper rules! Such awesome and crew. Before that we toured with The Expendables Iration and Passafire. So yeah it is different types of music but we are super close to those guys. Plus I hate to say it but those guys rage harder than half of these pussy "punk bands." Got Your Back has been described as everything from a metal version of The Offspring to a popreggae version of Sublime. Given it delves into punk, metal and reggae, what were some of the band’s influences at the time of writing the album? Pretty much Four Loko and Hennessey mixed with a little Miller High Life. We just write what we like. Me and Eric like to blast some Lamb Of God or Machine Head, Steve jams Propaghandi, Chuck is stylin’ James brown

and Gregory Isaacs, Matt has a lot of punk. We listen to whatever and just play stuff we think rocks. The album shifts between political prose and party anthems. Was there a particular concept or theme you wanted to embrace when writing the songs? We have all been through a bunch of stuff personally and together as a band. Each song has a meaning to us. For example the song 'For All Who Have Given' is about the sacrifices made in our lives and dealing with decisions made. And of course we have serious songs like ‘Party’ that discuss the plight of the liver. It’s seems to be played up in press releases, but how does Compton in 2011 compare to back in ’88 when N.W.A dropped their first record? It is totally played up in press releases. Me and Eric are from the valley. Chuck grew up there. When we started out, we practiced and wrote songs at Chuck’s house for a few years. That was headquarters. People get all fired up about the whole Compton thing. I don't really get it, I mean it is just people trying to live. I definitely think there has been a huge reduction in jheri curls since ‘88 though. Your stint on The Warped Tour serves as a precursor to the Australian tour. Given that both are in aid of promoting the new record, will you approach the sets any differently? We will probably be a lot less hammered on Warped! Warped tour is a grind. Especially if you are in a van like us. You gotta be up at 7am everyday. But anyone who bitches about being on Warped Tour is a pussy. You get fed, they give you drink, and you hang out. If your tired go to sleep. Australia is amazing. We are counting down the days. Last time we were there with NOFX and Bad Religion we didn't want to come back home.

For this album you literally lived in the recording studio. Compared to the two previous album sessions, did this help relieve the stress of recording or just compound it? I think it probably intensified the stresses of the whole "workplace" atmosphere that come with working in the studio because there was no "off time" so to speak. Normally there's your work day in the studio, then you're off for the night and you can hang out and do whatever to take your mind off of things. Constantly being in the work environment made for a crazier time in the studio for us but at the same time it was also much more productive because anytime we had an idea for a part, we could just walk downstairs and track it. With two stand alone singers in the band how does the songwriting process usually work? Do you both write lyrics and just sing your own words? Jordan writes most of the guitar for the band and is therefore responsible for a lot of the music writing process. We all give input and contribute other ideas to build on from his basic song skeletons. As far as lyrics, we typically will split the songs half & half, where Jordan and myself sit down and decide which songs each of us will "helm." For Burning At Both Ends, however, I probably helmed about 80% of the songs. Once the thesis for each song is chosen and one of us has written the bulk of the lyrics for a song, whichever one of us is helming it will bring it to the other person and we'll exchange ideas, go over any rough spots, and contribute to the song's thesis until it's complete and we're both happy with it. Against Me! have recently reissued demos from their previous recording sessions. I read that you recorded up to five versions of each song that appears on the album. Will these ever be heard?

I actually reviewed all the demos of the songs last time we were home and most of them are either instrumental or with joke lyrics as a blueprint for how the vocal melodies would go. There were about four or five versions of songs that were different from the album versions that we did in pre-production that could be used for a B-sides album or deluxe edition (like Eulogy did with Mutiny!), were we to release something like that in the future. I'm sure they'll see the light of day in one form or another at some point. There is a constant energy and enthusiasm to the new record. How hard is it to maintain that beyond the songs, given touring schedules, life on the road, label expectations etc...? I genuinely enjoy playing music so it's not very difficult for me to get into it when we perform each night. Granted everyone has a bad day every once in a while and we all have days where we don't feel like doing anything, but I find that if I'm

stressed out about something on the road or life in general, it's not hard to channel those frustrations into energy onstage and still put on a good show. On that, along with your lyrics and of course name, there seems to be a real ambition driving Set Your Goals.Having achieved so much in a relatively short space of time, are you constantly reevaluating the goals for the band? Definitely. If we were a weak-willed band we would've thrown in the towel long ago. We've had all kinds of bad luck over the years (and still do to this day) but with every year things seem to be getting better so our goals are constantly being reevaluated. We always want to stick to doing what we do for the right reasons and never forget why we chose to make this band the main priority in our lives in the first place. There's still plenty of ground for us to cover and many hurdles for us to overcome, so we're going to continue to do it full-time for as long as we're afforded the means of doing so.

You’ve just released a great video for the song ‘Certain’. Are there any plans to do a video for ‘Product Of The 80’s’? A homage to Madonna or Punky Brewster perhaps?

(courtesy of our friend Malika Rose) on our first trip out there with Silverstein in 2008. Needless to say we're all very excited about coming back and touring with so many great bands.

Thanks! We'll see. We haven't determined which song(s) will be used for the next video(s), but right now I think "The Last American Virgin," "Product of the 80's," and "Unconditional" would all be fun to do.

The band have developed a close bond with Parkway Drive. How did the friendship come about?

It seems the release of the album is set up perfectly, with a run of Warped Tour dates just as the album comes out. You must be dying to play the songs live? It's very exciting. To me, the most rewarding part of releasing new music is playing it for the first time and having the crowd sing the words back. We're on the fourth day today and it's been a blast so far! Soundwave Revolution will be the band’s fourth trip to Australia, after touring with Silverstein in 2008, All Time Low in 2009 and the Soundwave Festival in 2010. What are your best memories of your time in Australia? Australia is everyone in Set Your Goals' favourite country to visit and tour. To commemorate this, we all got koala tattoos

We met the Parkway guys on Warped Tour 2007 when we noticed they were into hardcore music and that some of them were straight edge. We bonded instantly and had a great time with them on Warped again last year, so when they asked to take us out on a U.S. tour last winter, we gladly accepted. Hopefully we can do it again sometime! Finally, what is the best post-Dude Ranch pop punk record and why? In my opinion, Enema of the State is and always will be the best Blink-182 record. It has all their best songs and it represents a certain place and time in my life, so there's a bit of sentimental attachment for me as well. After that the song tempos sort of slowed down a bit and weren't as energetic in the later records.

Interview with singer Matt Wilson.

with Buddy

The band has just released a great new EP titled Greetings From Less Than Jake, which one reviewer referred to as “embodying the classic LTJ sound.” Was it a conscious decision to return to the more ska inspired, horn-driven sounds of the 90s or purely a coincidence? We are always conscious of what were are writing. We are aware what types of songs we can perform well, so to say we wrote songs based off of that as a base would be a fair assessment. The goal was to sound like us but not sound dated. I hope we accomplished that. With the new release the band "wrote the music, recorded the music, and are selling the music." What has your time on a major label taught you about running a record label? That people who are running record labels have different concerns than the artists they promote. Also that the blueprint of 'how to release a record' does NOT fit in with the new landscape of the music industry. The track Goodbye, Mr Personality alludes to it, but do you think there is a lack of personality in musicians these days? I think there is more a lack of identity than anything. Younger acts are pushed through 'the machine' before they ever really have a chance to grow up, both physically and artistically. So when they sound like their contemporaries instead of standing out, it's not that surprising to us. There are so many Less Than Jake side projects happening at the moment in Rehasher, Coffee Project and Sleep it Off and Paper + Plastick records. How does the band find time to rehearse and play, let alone put out 287 releases? We just don't rehearse :)

The tour goes for almost 2 months. How do you intended to spend the down time between playing Do you write when on the road? We intend to stay on the bus and out of the oppressive heat. We will be writing this Summer. Late last year the band released an EP of covers of TV themes and jingles. Have you had any correspondence from the networks or people involved in the shows? None that we know of and if they do I think they'll be talking to our answering machine. Earlier this year the band re-released both Losing Streak and Hello Rockview. Given they both came out over a decade ago, are you still finding people discovering them just now? Yes. It's kinda crazy to say but there are people who write us daily and say 'I just heard of you guys!' I like to tell people we're a new band! On that, you played an under 18s show in Dublin this year. With the band forming in 1992, you were older than everyone in the audience. How do you approach a show like this? Is it blow them away with a ‘greatest hits’ set, or keep with the times and play only the newest music? We don't think about it honestly. We just get on stage and play. I know that's probably not the answer you want, but it's the truth. When you've done it this long (20 years) you just do it. When can we expect the eight full-length from Less Than Jake? 2020 ;)

The band is currently taking part in the Warped tour? How many times have you played the tour now, and how have you seen it change over the years? More times than we can count! (12, I think). The changes are really the artists. Younger bands than us for sure. Also less sports (bmx, motocross) than the older days. Also the catering is by FAR better than ever.

THE STORY SO FAR Firstly, on the name, I like how it doesn’t

people are listening to it and supporting

confine you to a particular sound or

it. All of our friends at home back us hard

mood. Where did it come from? Was it

and enjoy it, it makes it a lot more fun

the best of Rod Stewart record, the New

when the homies are digging it.

Found Glory DVD or something completely unrelated?

Alt Press wrote of the album: “Imagine

We would walk around downtown Walnut

Dashboard Confessional’s Chris

Creek with I-pods and scroll through bands

Carrabba fronting Taking Back Sunday,

and found The Story So Far and we all

and you get a rough sense of what the

agreed on that.

debut album from California’s the Story So Far sounds like.” Personally, I can’t

Your debut album Under Soil And Dirt has hear it, but what are the major just come out, following a string of EPs

influences on the band’s sound?

and split releases. Given a few of you are

downloading the album. I noticed you are

Yeah that was weird haha. Um my

in college and the drummer is still in

touring Japan later this year. Have you

influences range from Third Eye Blind to The

high-school, what was the recording

had much of a response to the record

Warriors or Saves The Day. We all just listen

process like for this album and how does

from overseas fans due to the internet?

to different types of music that it's hard to

it feel to finally have a full length out?

Yeah, we have people from Europe

pinpoint exact bands. Ryan is super into

contacting us and bummed that we're going

The recording process was difficult when we hip-hop and dance shit, Kelen sucks, Parker

to Japan and not Europe or Australia. It's

were home or at work or in class. We loved

likes to mosh, Kevin likes to listen to

exciting, it's new for us, we're from

going to the studio. Kevin and I worked

acoustic music and lights candles in his

California and people overseas care about

about halfway in between our home and the

room with his cats.

our music. It's really cool.

drive to work, then drive to the studio and

2011 seems to be the year of pop punk, with releases from The Wonder Years,

On your Tumblr lots of people were

then drive home around 2am and do it all over again for about a month. We had some

Title Fight, Set Your Goals, Fireworks and

time off on weekends or a day in the week,

so many more. What’s the scene like over

but it was rough. Sam hosted David Bazaan

in California, and who are some bands

in his studio and some of us went to that for

people in Australia should be on the

a nice break at the studio. Overall, Sam

lookout for?

pushed us all in the studio, we played a lot

The scene is cool, we have friends in

legal site are essentially the same thing.

of soccer, and ate a lot of In ‘N Out and

Stickup Kid from San Jose, they are the

Well, we wanted to hold on to the record for

Chipotle. We also could not be happier that

fastest and heaviest punk band, Seahaven

as long as we could, and by the week

the record is finally out and people are

from Souther California is awesome, Ghosts

studio. We'd go to class in the morning,

listening to it. Luckily we didn't have to hold on to it for too long, but the month and half

saying they downloaded the leak of your album. It was also streaming in full on the Alt Press website. Where do you sit on the idea of piracy? I guess you could argue that downloading an album leak and streaming it several times from a

before of it being released, we got impatient is one of my most played, and All Teeth from and wanted people to hear it. So we didn't the North Bay is tight. really care how people heard it, we just

we had to, it was a slow period. We just practiced the songs everyday after work

I basically discovered the band from

and kept listening. We are happy that

reading a review on a blog and then

wanted people to hear it, simple as that. So what I'm saying is that it's fine that it leaks, that's how it is these days, can't really do much about it. It sucks, but oh well.

Jackknife Zine August 2011  

Jackknife Zine August 2011 featuring cover artist Set Your Goals.

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