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The Value in Buying a Honda

Honda’s Value Accolades  Honda is listed as a valued brand by Kelley Blue Book year after year.

 It has also been recognized as the “greenest” carmaker in the US.  Car and Driver,, and USA Today all recognize Honda as a leader in value and reliability.

Which Honda Models Have High Resale Values?  Many of Honda’s models receive consistent ratings for high resale value.

 The Civic, Fit, and CR-V are leaders in their classes for resale value.  Honda drivers can expect to get a higher trade-in value for their cars across the board.

The CR-V and You  The CR-V is one of the best-selling compact SUVs on the market.

 Its roomy interior and comfort features make it a great buy.  The power and handling offer more than many drivers expect from a smaller SUV.

The Honda Fit: Eco Friendly and Smart  The Honda fit is affordable and fuel efficient.  The eco-conscious design makes it one of the best cars on the market.  Despite the value and affordable sticker price, this car offers plenty of great features.

The Honda Civic’s Undeniable Value  For decades, the Civic has been listed as one of the most reliable cars on the market.  The Civic is listed as one of the cars with the best resale value year after year.  Although it is a small car, the Civic offers power, handling, and convenience that outpaces the rest of its class.

Understanding Resale Value  Resale value is calculated using several different components of a car.

 Fuel economy and safety play heavily into a car’s value.  Other considerations to look for at your El Paso Honda dealership include convenience features, powertrain, and body style.

Why is Resale Value Important?  A car loses 20 percent of its value the second you drive it off the dealer lot.

 You want to find a car that will offer you a high trade in value.  The features that give a car a high resale value are often the same as what insurers look for when providing lower rates.

Trust Honda for Value and Reliability  Honda is one of the most respected brands around the world.

 Whether you want a sedan or an SUV, you can take comfort knowing your car is affordable and has a great resale value.  Visit your El Paso Honda dealership to see all of the value-added vehicles on the lot.

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Description  Honda’s are consistently one of the best selling cars in America. This is because of their reliability, value and high resale value. If you are looking for a car that will last for years and then allow you to sell it for a reasonable price, Honda should be your go to vehicle of choice.

The Value in Buying a Honda Honda’s are consistently one of the best selling cars in America. This is because of their reliability, value and...