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How To Be Certified Green When Washing Your Trucks

Jack’s Facts Follow us on: Jack Jackson is the President of Awash Systems Corp that provides large vehicle washing systems. “We at Awash, believe we can help everyone in the industry understand the most efficient way to wash their vehicles”.

How to be Certified Green When Washing Your Trucks We have been approached recently by companies to comply with environmental requests from their customers on how to wash their trucks. Evidently there are now customer RFP’s (Request for Proposals) asking what are your environmental and sustainable methods for cleaning. This is most obvious in the transportation of food products, however, we had a company in the financial industry approach our company and ask how to become environmentally certified on washing. Sustainability is moving across all sectors of business. There are a number of factors that can help your company comply with the reduction of water use and the certified chemical use to ensure all is compliant in methods of cleaning. Proper use of equipment is first on the list of water usage. By analyzing the method you use today to the newest technology available, you can see a dramatic decrease in gallons per minute usage. This math can be easily applied to washing thousands of times a year, resulting in hundreds of gallons of water savings. Apply this to your customer’s request and you can show green savings of your water footprint.

Customer Comments: Melvin L. Ladson Dakota Trailways Spearfish, South Dakota Upon using the EcoPower Brush now for 3 years I wouldn't be without it. We have had no problems with it and we use it continuously every day.

Next is the proper use of chemicals. First analysis is the types of chemicals you are currently using. Since all products today must meet minimum government standards, can you actually say you exceed these standards? There are ways to exceed and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Is proper dispensing of these chemicals ensuring maximum efficiencies with minimal usage? Only dispensing with proper equipment can ensure this happens. Not only does this allow efficiencies to your usage, you save money by not wasting or over using chemicals. Next is the application of chemicals. Utilizing the proper equipment will ensure no WSIB claims from staff injuries and will ensure it is ergonomically accepted.

Volume 2 Article 17 May 2014

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Below is a sample of wash bay set up for the efficient use of equipment and dispensing.

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Customer Comments: Would your staff benefit with equipment that is color coded and readily accessible to utilize? Also, notice the placements of drop wands to ensure no safety issue of hoses all over the floor. One WSIB claim would pay for this equipment. Have you toured your wash bay lately? Jack Jackson is President of Awash Systems Corp. “We solve vehicle washing issues where no one else can.� Email: or call 1 800 265 7405. Visit our website .

Kent Moore XVIII Wheeler Truck Washes Fulton, Missouri Awash has produced a machine that not only improved our wash efficiency on trailers, but also cut labor costs. Their machine is backed by an experienced and dedicated support staff, who have helped us achieve our ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.

Awash Systems Corp 1 800 265 7405

Volume 2 Article 17 May 2014

Find out how to reduce your water costs.  

Proper equipment brings other benefits beyond accurate dispensing.

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