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Deva Kane surfing portfolio

“Deva is super professional and hard working, not to mention, he absolutely tears in the water! He is a quick learner and would be a great rep or ambassador. I give Deva two thumbs up!�

Tyler Fox

CEO/Founder of santacruzwaves.com 831-239-2339

2 Deva Kane

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4 Deva Kane

“Deva’s passion and dedication to surfing has really paid off over the past few years. I have first- hand seen vast improvements in his surfing and expect to see a lot more out of this kid.”

Peter Mel

2011/2012 Big Wave World Champion (Deva’s first sponsor) 831-419-9798 Surfing portfolio 5

6 Deva Kane


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8 Deva Kane

“First and foremost, Deva is a good kid. No ego, easy going, trustworthy and responsible. Very refreshing to see a person of his age with those qualities. Deva’s talents in the water are equally impressive. He has the qualities a coach looks for in young talent. Strong bottom turn, smooth cutbacks and good style (not to mention a solid above the lip game) Great fundamentals that every kid his age needs for building on. In my opinion, Deva has the head and talent to go as far as he chooses in surfing and would make a great addition to any team or working environment. Feel free to contact me for questions about Deva.”

cj nelson

world champion longboarder 831-325-8626

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10 Deva Kane

“Deva is a super respectful kid. He is a hard worker and that shows in his surfing through fast progression when learning new moves.�

Austin Smith-Ford Professional Surfer 831-345-6221

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12 Deva Kane

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“I remember when Deva first started surfing, just shy of six years ago. He was a friend of one of my friends and all I really knew about him was that he was good at skateboarding. I watched him go from a softop to a shortboard in a matter of months. He just kept progressing so fast. A few more years went by and he started doing contests and next thing I knew we would be in the finals together. He is just one of those kids that has excellent board-control, put him on a board and he will figure out how to shred it. Now he is a good friend of mine. Anytime I’m home we go surfing, and he never fails to get my psyched to surf, even when the waves turn to shit - he still froths out.”

nic hdez

WQS competitor 831-332-1900

14 Deva Kane

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16 Deva Kane

My goal is to work hard every day to continue to support my passion””

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“Thank you for taking a look at my surfing portfolio! If you’d like to get in touch with me, here are some ways you can reach me: itsdevakane@gmail.com 831-706-1551 @devakane

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Deva Kane Surfing Portfolio  

Deva Kane Surfing Portfolio