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Circle of

Native Artists November 18th, 2016


The artists and volunteers began to set up the artwork, merchandise, and signs for the event.

Native Artwork

Meet One of the Artists:

This artist’s name is Tessa Sayers (pictured in the upper right corner). She’s a designer, beadwork artist, and a poet. She makes her work by hand with such detail. It’s breathtaking. Her inspiration comes from her culture.




Students arrived and started chatting about the workshop that was going to happen shortly. Once the workshop started the Native American dancers introduced themselves. Like where they came from, how long they’ve been dancing and a little bit about their life. They gave an example of drum rhythm that is only used in movies about Native Americans and compared it to traditional rhythm used in many songs. As they talked the student participating got even more excited to take part.

After learning several dances and their footwork, everyone sat in a circle. As a microphone was passed around. Everyone had the chance to talk a little about themselves and how this experience was for them. Once the members of the Native dance team got the microphone, they talked about their culture and what it meant to dance. Then everyone got back up and joined hands for one last dance. Then the auditorium was cleared out so the dancers and musician can prep for the show.

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As audience members began to arrive and take their seats. Mark Cleveland tested the microphone levels for when he’s going to perform.

Joseph Podlasek welcomes everyone to the event that his gallery is sponsoring. A film called “THE UNTOLD STORY� began playing on-screen. The dancers were getting ready to perform for the crowd. Before the show started they were talking to their manager and Paul Teruel (a director with CCAP). Shortly after that the dancers started the show. Each headdress was given to them after they earned it by piercing their bodies are giving something up. Like fasting for days or not drinking water for several days. The dances were also taught to them by someone who it was passed down too.

Once again Lary Yazzie invited all the members on stage to learn a dance. Many of the students that participated in the workshop went on stage. Along with some of the Native artist’s that were featured. Mark Cleveland ended the show with traditional flute playing.

Many of the audience members stayed to listen to the panel of Native artists whose artwork was featured in the lobby and in Trickster Gallery. After each member of the panel introduced themselves the audience got the chance to ask questions. Only a few questions were asked by random audience members. After the panel discussion was over, there was fry bread for everyone to take home with them. Everyone enjoyed the show till the very end.

Native Circle  

An event I covered from beginning to end for a class.