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How to Give a Blow Job: The right attitude more advanced tips at Well if you haven't wondered about how you can learn to give your man a blowjob that will make him shudder with sheer ecstasy; you are probably living with a sexually dissatisfied man. Lets get real, not all men have the balls to say that they would like a little bit of sucking action but they all want it you bet your life on it. For a man and to a large extent even for a woman sexual gratification often forms the basis of a happy relationship but most men bite their tongue when mentioning a blowjob because they do not want their partners to be grossed out. However, if you have enjoyed a little bit of tongue action down there, you know how mind blowing that feels, no pun intended. If you can feel that way, why cant a guy feel great to feel a woman's warm mouth or her hands sucking and stroking the one organ of his body that has the maximum nerve endings? So let's talk about how to give a blowjob or great oral; it all starts with the right attitude; whether you are in the bedroom or the boardroom, the right attitude can take you places in this case it will take your partner to blowjob heaven. So what attitude do you really need if you want to master the art of blowing? The answer to this question is very simple; the first step of how to give a great blow job lesson is to enjoy it as much as your partner. Sex should be about mutual pleasure besides there is something incredibly hot and empowering about hearing your man moan as you give him the best blowjob of his life. Sex is more than just about arousing the sense of touch, if you want to give your partner a never before sexual experience, you will need to indulge all his senses; there's a reason why men are so crazy about porn flicks, after all they are simply indulging their sense of sight when watching those porn stars do their jobs and the sense of touch can be taken care of with their own hands. So let's talk about what you can do to entice your man's senses. Dress up slutty, if you haven't got sexy lingerie, its time to pay Victoria' Secret a visit, choose cuts and colors that suit your body type and your skin tone and make all the right parts stand out. Another way to indulge your man's visual sense is to show him that you are enjoying sucking his member, so take his shaft in your mouth just the head while you are on your knees in front of him; look up at him, look him in the eye; show him that you love giving him head. Moan for him with his shaft still in your mouth, not only will this tingle the nerve endings on the head but it will also arouse his auditory senses, use a distinctive perfume every time you intend to give him a little mouth action, eventually, he will associate the fragrance with the amazing head that you give him and can you imagine the effect that just smelling the fragrance will have on him? As far as the sense of taste is concerned, we will leave that for later because if you satisfy him, he will be happy to return in kind. Now lets talk about the most important sense; that of touch. Unfortunately many girls assume that a blow job is just about

sucking, so simply plop that penis in your mouth and suck away while you ogle at the carpet, if you harbor any such misconceptions you are so wrong. Use all your tools, start by blowing warm air on your man' shaft, take his member in your hands and stroke it as you kiss it from base to head and back. Lubricate the member with your saliva and then roll your tongue on the head before you finally take it in your mouth and start sucking on it.

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How to Give a Blow Job - The right attitude