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I know a lot of girls struggle with this and they're not sure if they're good enough well, here's a little guide for you girls so you can make your man happier :) Giving a great blow job is an art - an art you need to practice if you want to get really good at it. Step number one is having a good attitude - what's a good "blow job attitude" - well, you need to be completely into it - and I mean REALLY into it. If you enjoy giving it, he'll enjoy receiving it. So now that you know what's a good "blow job attitude" - the next question is - how to convey it? There are a few ways - first of all, maintain eye contact naturally, the more you look up at him, the better. This way you'll not only create a connection - but you'll also see his reactions and get feedback from him. The next thing you can to for conveying a good attitude is making sounds - moan a lot, talk dirty to him and even tell him you enjoy/love doing it. As I've said, the more you enjoy giving him a blow job, the more he will love receiving it. Step number four is - smiling. Nothing will convey a good blow job attitude than a nice smile - so once you get a bit tired, smile, then keep on going, or giggle in a naughty way. This is all just basic stuff - there is a lot of psychology behind a good blow job, some girls know it, some don't - the best part of it all is that it's learn-able, and you MUST learn How to Give Your Boyfriend The Best Head to keep him and make him want you more than any other girl. Learn more at

Giving Great Head to a Guy