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3 Oral Sex Tips He'll Love You For more advanced tips at It’s not a secret that men adore getting oral sex. They basically think about it every single day. As shallow as it may sound to you, whenever I look at an attractive female – the first thing that pops into my head is “how would she look while giving me head?” – that usually makes me smile. I know many of you might think I’m the only “jerk” thinking like that, but believe me, every guy does. Just not everyone has the OO’s to say it. Anyway – the only time I don’t think about it, is when I already got an amazing bj from my girlfriend (or she wouldn’t be in that position) – so, if you don’t want your man thinking about other women, it’s better if you give it to him – or someone else will, sooner or later. One – The first oral sex tip he’ll love you for is a smile. Nothing says “i’m enjoying it” more than a playful, seductive and naughty smile at the same time. Many of you just forget to smile and view it as a job. That’s just not attractive, no matter how hot you may be. It’s just not hot. I, and other men, don’t want to look at a boring, dull face that’s screaming “Oh, I hate doing this”. We don’t want you to do it if you don’t feel good about it – but we DO want you to feel good about it. If you know what I mean :) Two – Be more seductive. Hey, hello – it’s not a job, saying that one more time so it sinks in better. Be naughty and playful, have fun with it, make a nice atmosphere, seduce him. Light some candles. When giving a guy oral, you’re the one that’s in control – so, iniciate. Do what you gotta do to capture his senses – everything counts. Three – Fear has no place in giving head. Fear is just not allowed. “yeah, but what if I gag” – hey, you won’t die from it. You don’t have to deep throat, it’s not all about that. “what if he doesn’t like it?” so what. I never heard a guy being angry at a girl for trying and practicing. Make it fun – tell him “hey, mind if I practice my blowjob skills on you?” :) If he says no, well... he has to be crazy :) (or you seriously need to hit the gym ;) ). Good luck, Jack

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3 Oral Sex Tips He'll Love You For