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Graphic Design & Illustration PORTFOLIO

fifty fifty skateboards Fifty Fifty Skateboards is a new brand concept i came up with for my final major project. The hole idea was to create a new skateboard brand which would appeal to both the contemporary skater and the tradtional skaters who ride old school skateboards. The main part of this project was a website design, but branding and product design played a major part. I wanted to create a new browsing and shopping experience so I created a double website, one half being for contemporary skateboarding merchandise and the other for retro style skateboarding products. The contemporary website I designed in a slick and minimal way sticking to a strick grid. For the vintage half of the brand I designed it with a retro feel with destressed wood and a slightly more unorganised layout to fit with vintage theme. Aswell as the website i designed all the products. Decks, Wheels, Tees, and stickers. Contemporary products i design with contemporary illustrations based around the theme of half and half. The vintage produst i deisnged using typography as this fit with the 70s theme i was going with.

AWKWARD POSTERS For this project we were given a series of words to give us a starting point to create a magazine of some kind. I was given the words, ‘Turf’ ‘Creative Student’ and ‘Handmade’. I focused on the idea of turf meaning Turf war and then looked a creating a magazine based around Mods and Rockers. I felt this also covered my secon word ‘Creative Student’ as i felt they would find the fashion and music a subject of interest. I created hand drawn illustrations and hand made stickers and packaged it all together in a descorated evelope which made.

AWKWARD POSTERS A university project about personal space. I focused on awkward situations people get into in life and what makes them feel uncomfortable. I asked people awkward situations they had been in or heard about. I then created five large posters to illustrate the five awkward situations i focused on and The five posters are all held together with a nicely folded package which i created.

D&ad Little white lies brief This was my final piece I entered into the D&AD student awards. The brief was to create an original illustration based on the main character for one of five films for the Little White Lies magazine. I chose to illustrate Super 8. I focused on using colours which reflected the mood and colours used in the film. Also I wanted the piece to remind us of the iconic E.T image of the silhouette across the moon as there was alot of connections between Super 8 and E.T.

Screenprints This was a small project i did based around the theme of hybrid and hybridity. I chose to take a fun approach to this project and my love for silly animal picture. I chose to create prints which illustrated the humanisation of animals.

Folk Culture magazine This was a self intiated project. My love for magazine deisgning and my great interest in subcultures and music heavily influenced this project. I wanted to combine these two intereted and create a magazine based around a subculture. I decided I wanted to focus on a subculture which wasn’t well known. Folk culture magazine focuses on the culture around folk music as well as folklore and tradition. I designed the whole magazine in a folk style using illustrations and Typography influenced by traditional folk art and hand painted signs. I magazine also includes a seven inch recod with a playlist of contemporary folk music

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Jack Gilliland Portfolio  

Jack Gilliland Graphic Design & Illustration Porfolio of work.

Jack Gilliland Portfolio  

Jack Gilliland Graphic Design & Illustration Porfolio of work.