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Can Women Use Musli Capsules And What Are The Health Benefits?

ď ś Men and Women coexist to enjoy the bounties of nature with contributing their might to earn and live happily.

ď ś The contribution varies with women and men, with the former bear the progeny for men, and later work hard to

earn for the living of the family. ď ś Women looks after the progeny as well as shares her

mind and body to men so as both enjoy life.

ď ś The times have a change with women; as she contribute her skill and ability, which are equal to men, so as her duty turn manifold with earning income for her family as well as to bear progeny. ď ś When women responsibility doubles, her ability to tackle the pressures as well as pleasures of life lags, a fillip is in requirement, which is ideally in fulfillment with

the musli, an herbal in fame for its power.

ď ś Musli turns on men to enjoy life, is also sure to help women too, with lots of health benefits with a more

powerful name as Musli Strong capsules. ď ś The inner strength needs no amplification with respect

to women, as the need for an equal or even more strength in her health and body is the need of the hour.

ď ś Musli Strong capsules aptly assess the requirements of women in need of health with inclusion of Musli Safed (Asparagus adscendens) in it. ď ś The Musli Strong capsules is special in preparation with the inclusion of Musli Sya (Curculigo Orchioides),

Bombax Malabaricum (Musli Semal), and Gokhru (Pedalium Murex).

 The requirement of good nourishment in all ages of women is high, as she gets ready to bear a healthy progeny for the mankind not withstanding her own family.  The Musli Safed has a rich history in cure problems in women’s health which change with her ages, with adolescence has the menstruation problems, with the

childbirth issues like gestational diabetes etc.

 Women, as she grow with ages, the menopause sets in with associated issues like dryness of vagina, hot

flashes, brittleness in bone etc.  Musli Safed offer goodness to women’s health with its

proactive properties to stimulate insulin secretion as well as delay the starch digestion in times of pregnancy.

ď ś Such an property of Musi Safed in Musli Strong capsules go a long way in assisting women to get

away from gestational diabetes in the pregnancy periods as well as reduce obesity in all times with its

slow starch digestive feature.

ď ś A research study in the British Journal of Nutrition (2006), 95, 576–581 says Quote Aqueous extract of the

powdered rhizome of Asparagus adscendens, also known as Shweta musali, stimulated insulin secretion

from BRIN-BD11 cells at levels of 5 mg/ml and above Unquote.

ď ś As in the case of starch digestion, the study says Quote Incubation with aqueous extract (50 mg/ml) resulted in a 21 %decrease in glucose liberated from starch Unquote. ď ś The health benefits of Musli Strong capsules reach to women in full with her constant endeavor to not only cook well for her family but also eat a timely meals that

couples with regular exercise.

 The fallacy among women as “to take care of their families will satiate her hunger on itself”, which tend her to forget to attend her health and well-being.  When women form the backbone of the family, it is appropriate to every man to present Musli Strong capsules to her along with her gifts they plan for their memorable occasions in life.

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Can Women Use Musli Capsules And What Are The Health Benefits?