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Jack Bailey Constructed Space Materials and Making WSA 5

The Bird Box_

Viollet-le-Duc’s model Steam Bent Coffee Stirrers Designed to be an inticate and elegant modern take on the idea of enclosure. I like the irony involved in making a ‘bird box’ out of mass produced man made wooden sticks. A bird will inticately and painstakingly select twigs and bend them for a nest or enclosure but I have decided to do what a bird does in a more graphic and linear fashion by steam bending coffee stirrers to a form. No glue is used in the making of this piece, However one cocktail stick is used to pin the sticks together. This design aims to celebrate and express the material which makes it.

Firstly I made three wooden jigs of various circumferences. These jigs were used to bend the wooden sticks into shape after being steamed. Wood becomes very supple after it has been saturated with water and heated, it can then be bent into almost any shape then left to dry and it will hold the bent form it was given. A small hole was drilled in the middle of each piece through which a coctail stick fastens the wood together

The Bird Box_

Genius + Peasant model Flat Into Form This design takes advantage of the elastic properties of wood when thinly cut. The form comes from one single piece of wood 140mm x 280mm x 18mm. This is inspired by the ‘genius and peasant model in the way I have tried to come up with something that is inginuative yet simple from one crude raw material. No glue is used in the making of this piece, However four cocktail sticks are used to pin the two halves together. In theory when the wood is pulled out to create a volume the coil should stay in place but I had problems with this so created a simple wire frame to hold its shape.

The wood was cut into 140mm x 140mm pieces and a spiral pattern marked on the surface. Using a scroll saw i carefully followed the spiraling lines enabling this spring-like form. The two pieces come together to create a volume in which a bird could dwell

Jack Bailey Constructed Space  

Material and Making Investigations

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