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PROJECT PROPOSAL My project proposal is to design a space in which people can arrive in groups, or just on there own. Whether there purpose is to study, or to just waste time. The areas should be designed in a way, in which it is open, but yet it should still separate the noise, from the quiet, and the groups of people, from the people that want to study. This design will need to incorporate a number of functions, to provide for the variety of people that will experience this design. It should be both a library, and an internet cafĂŠ, that may provide both shopping and eating. The longer people stay, the more of an experience they gain.


Quiet Study area

Computer space

Place to eat Study

Design needs


Large open space

Internet cafe

SITE AND LOCATION The site is based in Romford. The site is originally and abandoned park, that at the moment just acts as a short cut. The park isn't used due to its deterioration and failure to be kept in a nice condition. It is in a prime spot, very close to the city centre of Romford, which is highlighted by the blue circle. It is also very close to Romford's main hospital, queens hospital, which is highlighted by the red circle. Because this site is so close to the hospital it opens up a few possible functions, such as it being a place to relax and wait, and to take a break from the hospital, as many people do. The green circles highlight the mass of residential are that the site is surrounded by. There are many easy access points to the site, which makes its functionality a lot more easier. Due to the surrounding buildings, the design can go to a certain height, but beyond that it becomes to look out of place and may gain some objections from the surrounding community. Its location is in a place where traffic stops because of traffic lights, this means that there attention will be attracted toward the new design, the better it looks the better the whole community looks. The site also has a very nice and forgiving shape. It provides me with the opportunity to be very ambitious with my design, even with the height restriction. There are a number of features on the Site that we could keep in the design, such as the main pathway, this will help invite pedestrians in, and It also provides a shortcut.

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PEER REVIEW My design has both a number of strengths and a number of weaknesses. For example, its strengths are: 1. Its in a very prime location. 2.Its caters for a wide variety of people. 3.It assists in the local community. 4.It provide a nice open area to study and learn, whilst still providing and area to gather with friends. 5.It provides an area to wait, to help with the overcrowding of the hospital. 6.It provides a clear space to use a computer for those who cannot get access to one. But it still has its weaknesses, such as: 1. It has some restrictions such as height due to the impact on the local community. 2. It can be at times surrounded by traffic. 3. It may become overcrowded due to it being in such a dense location. 4. The spacing may not work out perfectly and people trying to study may be disturbed by the noise factor. After considering both my strengths and weaknesses I took my proposal to my peers and asked for their opinions, I got a good response with some interesting ideas. Some Ideas that I received include that I should categorise the floors, this way it separates the different type of people who are coming to the building for all of there different needs, I like this idea and will include it in my design. Another Idea was to include a parking area, because the site is mostly surrounded by roads, this means that the car may become someone's main way of travelling to the building. One of the ideas that I decided to reject was to include multiple main entrances all around the building to help with the flow of people. I rejected this idea because it may become confusing, and by creating one main entrance and exit, it helps provide security and concentrates the flow of people. It also helps with noise pollution from the traffic outside.

Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness. Frank Gehry


THE SHARD The shard is a magnificent contrast to its old historical surroundings in London. It really emphasises modernism, and it does this with its increased use of glass. It showcases current trends in architecture. This ice shard that illuminates London helps improve its local area, bringing in a lot of tourists. At night it reminds me of a massive computer. But its not just the architecture of this building that inspires me it also how it’s a multi-functional building. The shard does not just provides office space, but also a restaurant and residential space and a hotel. I feel that if I can integrate at least one aspect of this design into my own then it will help create the innovative design that I'm looking for.

THE GHERKIN Designed by Norman Foster, the gherkin was a substantial step forward in architecture at its time. This original design looked as if it was out of place, when actually it was, like the shard, very well located. It provides this very nice contrast which helps enrich London with this magnificent architecture. Each window is custom made curved to create this wonderful, organic shape. I like how you can see the structure of its outer shell. Its completely surrounded by straight lines and jagged corners, which helps to highlight these smooth curves. The dome on the top offers a space for many functions. The office floors are turned slightly towards each other, creating this vertical village effect. I would like embrace this shape in my own design.

TOWER 42 The structure of this building looks quite conventional from the exterior, but I particularly like how the interior is not what you expect. It’s as if it a completely different building inside. I also like how it creates this effect of layers, how the core of the building exceeds is exterior walls. If I can include this effect in my design, it will give it originality.

Notre Dame du Haut (Ronchamp, France) I drew this building because I like how the roof is so unusual. The contrast between the curves of the roof, and the straight, vertical walls.

I think the future of architecture does not lie so much in continuing to fill up the landscape as in bringing back life and order to our cities and towns. Gottfried Boehm


The process of folding paper is enjoyable, but in some cases very difficult to get to the end product. This was a step that I took when trying to create a different shape, but I much preferred this one.

When close up the folds create this ravine sort of shape. It’s quite durable, and would be a good way direct water and attention.

I found that by folding paper, it opens up more possible shapes. The curves are really defined in this model. Its interesting how folding straight lines, can create curves.

This shelter is really remarkable because its made from one piece of paper yet creates such depth.

Turning a plain wall into one with a texture is the cure to make a building more interesting, and less of an eye-sore.

These shapes can easily have a function. I like how they split up an open area, creating a calm and quiet space.

These spaces are really interesting in the way that they divide the space. “I don't think that architecture is only about shelter, or only about a very simple enclosure. It should be able to excite you, to calm you, to make you think.� Zaha Hadid This quote by Zaha Hadid inspired me to create something interesting and original. The texture that this model created could be a way in which I achieve this goal.

Those who look for the laws of Nature as a support for their new works collaborate with the creator. Antonio Gaudi


I like how the structure of this horn creates this Cave-like effect. How the necessary supports create spaces which are both enclosed, yet still very open. “Organic architecture seeks superior sense of use and a finer sense of comfort, expressed in organic simplicity.� Frank Lloyd Wright.

It was really interesting to see how far back it went, with a bit of light it creates a completely different atmosphere. From this I can see that letting more light in with make the structure look so much bigger. Also I want the same sort idea where there are different sections which are both open but private.


I like the bone that I found and how it made section open but yet it still obscured what was in the many different cavities. I wanted to expose the sectors and reveal the actual depth.

To create architecture is to put in order. Put what in order? Function and objects. Le Corbusier


This is a computer component, I especially like how this tiny component is repeated within the whole module, creating a city of the future effect. Some of the components have given me inspiration into possible ways of fitting certain shapes into over cramped spaces.

On a module such as motherboard, there are components which are repeated like resistors. But within the mass of repeated component, an unusual one placed, I like how this placement really made this one element stand out. I will take this effect into account when designing so that it doesn’t stand out too much.

Here is an example of what I have previously been explaining. This single coil really stands out.

The good building is not one that hurts the landscape, but one which makes the landscape more beautiful than it was before the building was built. Frank Lloyd Wright


Here I have just highlighted the lines which stood out the most to me. These were mostly the lines that I saw first when looking at this piece by Oscar Murillo. These curved lines can easily be turned into a structure.

Shenzhen bao’an international airport Studio Fuksas expand Shenzhen bao’an international airport by adding this huge terminal. The roof is extraordinary, in the way that it uses light to its advantage. It create a cloud on the ground, making the interior heaven like. I mostly like how it curves, and the very fluid lines that are shaped. I hope to integrate some of the best features from this design into my own.

INSPIRATION Charles Dupin discovered this odd shape, in which all of the lines seen are circles. Its called a Dupin Cyclide. I have also taken inspiration from this shape as well, because of its curvature.

This is an example of a red blood cell. They are a biconcave (donut) shape with a thin central disc. This shape is important because the disc increases the surface-area-to-volume ratio for faster exchange of gases and it allows red blood cells to stack, one on another, as they flow through very narrow vessels. I took inspiration from this sort of shape as they are strong and durable, as well as they are willing to change in order to adapt to its situation.

Southcape owner's club

Mass studies connects southcape owner’s club with sweeping roof. Located on changseon island at the southern tip of the Korean peninsula. This curve building has an interesting yet still very function design. I want to use this concept. I also like the dip in the centre, so that the building surrounds you as you walk in.


These are the stages of development I went through when designing this model. I took inspiration from my previous sketch. The last stage is the one I am most pleased with. I enjoy how all of the edges are curves, I feel it gives it more depth.

I like this sideways egg shape look because the curves don’t define the building as much as vertical walls do.

This is the proposed and soon to be new apple headquarters. This 2.8 million square feet spaceship has some excellent feature that I would like to include in some of my designs. I like how it creates this layering effect, by using the wings around the outside. I also like it transparency, by using so much glass and surrounding it by nature, it blends in nicely, and yet still shows off its features.

DRAWING By using the same technique I came up with my second drawing. By randomly drawing straight lines instead of curved lines. I they tried to pick out the lines that stood out most in my mind.

I drew this picture from the inspiration that I got from both Oscar Murillos’ drawings, from the Dupin cyclide, and from the red blood cells. I first started with basic curved lines, putting on layers and layers. Finally I tried making out a shape using these layers.

Korean architects, iroje khm, design a contempory house in Gangnam. This structure uses the space acquired very well and efficiently. The most interesting feature of this building is the roof. The roof creates this pointed shell which relates to a number of objects such as a tent. It droops down creating shelter and an interesting atmosphere. It provides a private area which is both open. It stands out design wise but its shape is softened by the surrounding greenery.

‘Ga on jai’ house: contemporary vernacular

MODEL I made this model by chopping up some sticks. I then used the drawing that I had done previously and the research that I had done so far to take inspiration for the shape. I like the jagged corners, it really defines the structure and the space.

MODEL I decided to take my previous model and idea, a step further, but this time using a different medium. By using Google Sketch Up I managed to carry the shape on but this time giving it a function. Its function was to provide shelter in a local park. In the centre is an old trumpet stand. I wanted to take this space and develop it. This was my proposed design. It still creates this pointed shell, but it provides shelter. The way that the glass is angled in so many different ways, was meant to spread light in all different directions. The tinted glass was to vary the colour of the light.

INSPIRATION My design before was quite crystal like, the Sharpe jagged edges, and pointing corners far and wide. I liked this idea and I wanted to study the shape and include it somehow. I noticed that there was a main structure in the centre which is supported by other smaller crystals.

MODEL: DEVELOPEMENT My response to the crystal idea was to create these sculpture like structures around the main design. These create a landmark, and are very interesting in the way that they resemble crystals shooting out of the ground. I like this Idea of these crystal like structures shooting out of the ground.

This was a design Idea I had in mind. After looking at some very interesting shapes and existing buildings, I feel that this sort of shape is the direction that I should be heading in.

MODEL Here I tried to create something that incorporates something organic and exposes its structure. I liked this diamond like shape, it gives nature an edge and a point. This sharp shape covered with curves.

Rossignol global headquarters This building has the same sort of function as the building that I am designing, and so I have taken great inspiration from this structure. Every time I look at it I discover something else that I like about it. It uses creative ways to let in natural light through the ceiling. Its roof is both curved and pointed, I like this contrast. I also like how the roof flows of the side.



FRONT “Light, God’s eldest daughter, is a principal beauty in a building.” I tried to absorb as much light into this structure by creating wall of glass. That was the function of these gigantic windows.


FINAL DESIGN:EXPLAINED In my final design I tried to collaborate all of and ideas that I have created into on structure. of my favourites features from existing building structures I have created, I have designed to my

the research By using many and from specification.



I wanted to create a structure that provides for different people. People who want to study and people who want to socialize with friends. But I wanted to keep these areas from clashing. I feel that I did this successfully by putting the in the position they are. I positioned the furniture as it is because I took inspiration from how the computer components are laid out.

EVALUATION I feel that I have successfully achieved what I initially set out to do. By looking and a site and location of interest I realised what the area needed. I then went through the process of taking inspiration from different artist and architects and developing my ideas from dynamic, free flowing designs to something with more of a point.


Quiet Study area

Computer space

Place to eat Study

Design needs


Large open space

Internet cafe

“Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light.� Le Corbusier

A2 3d design  

Jack Hastie. A2 3D DESIGN.